Cedar Point. July 5, 2002

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Ahh, Cedar Point. This is the coaster enthusiasts' Mecca. One must make a visit to this park some time in his or her life. My first and last trip to The Point was in summer 2000, when Millennium Force opened. I didn't get to ride where I wanted to since they assigned seats. I missed out on the front row both times I rode and was greatly disappointed. This year I was going to get that front seat ride.

We got to the park after 5:00 so we could get the Starlight discount. We also had two coupons for free Starlight tickets, so we only paid for two for four people. What a deal! We ran to Millennium Force where I was going to get that so long awaited ride in the front seat and AZ RIDER was going to ride what would soon become his number one roller coaster.

Before going to MF, we searched for Terry Robinson, the former moderator at Thrill Network. We chatted often online and I wanted to meet him. He said that he could get us passes to go ahead of the line for MF. When we finally met him (with the help of a sweep named Jason, I think), he didn't have them. It was nice meeting someone else from the boards, though. We went to MF after that.

We waited for one and a half hours for MF. I won't go into detail, save that for my ride review. Let's just say the front is the best seat and the airtime is incredible. 10/10.

After that we headed over to Wicked Twister. I was the only one in my party to get to ride this since the others didn't fit. I only waited about 30 minutes to ride, which was incredible considering this is a shuttle coaster. I wanted to ride in the back seat, but a very enthusiastic ride op asked for single riders when I was near the station and I got to hop in row three. The launch was pretty powerful and going up the front spike is really nice. After coming off the back spike the first time and not twisting at all, you head into the launch section again and you can really feel it. You don't get anywhere near the top of the tower, though, so it seems like Cedar Point was merely going for a height record with this ride and not a car-reaching-that-height record (ha! Make sense of that!). Backwards the second time is nice and you twist a little bit. You hit the launch track again, go up the forward tower and come back to the station. WT's a nice ride, but a bit of a letdown. 7/10.

After that, we went to Corkscrew since I skipped this last time. We rode in the front seat. At the top of the lift, I told Coaster Boy to "prepare for painful airtime." He was clueless as to what I meant until we hit the airtime hill after the drop. BAM! This wouldn't have been so bad if the ride op didn't staple me! Ouch! My shoulders! This ride's just rough. The corkscrews are rough and the stapling didn't help much. 3/10.

After that we went to Macaroni's and ate. It was pretty darn expensive, but the food was really good. Our waiter was from Poland or something and he was a real funny guy. CP sure has awesome employees.

I wanted a night ride on MF, so we got in line. Right before we got on the ramp leading to the station, MF broke down. We sat around for about 15 minutes and joked with some people in line. After a while, an employee walked up the EZ-Pass line and chatted with us. He saw my X shirt and said that MF would definitely open soon, "unlike the X." Boom! Big slam at SFMM! I love it. That was so funny. Sure enough, MF opened and we rode in the very back at night. It's awesome, but I think I prefer the front seat to the back. This was a nice evening to spend at Cedar Point. 10/10.

I was asked to describe X in one word. The word? -- OhmygoshwhathaveIgottenmyselfintothisisthescariest

Sounds like fun!


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