Cedar Point July 4th...busy?

I was just wondering if I visit Cedar Point on July 4th what to expect crowdwise. I understand that at night crowds will be higher due to fireworks, but what about the rest of the day?

I'm asking people who know from experience.

Last year, I didn't go into the park, but I went to ride go carts in challenge, and it was fairly growded. More than usual, but it won't be a normal wednesday. As I state the obvious. But just prepare for the 4th to be like a Saturday. But I might even go to CP on the 4th.

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If you do go AJ, don't bother leaving after the fireworks. The rush to get off the peninsula is crazy. Enjoy the park for another two hours.
Been a few years since I visited CP on the fourth. Pretty busy day but the fireworks are among the best in the nation. Get in Raptors line about 45 minutes to fireworks and you can watch em in line and ride the coaster as well :)

Chuck, who also says the park was open till 1am and yes, The line off the causeway is quite long. Have a few softdrinks in a cooler and chill out for a bit.

Bring your Jaws of Life to get through the midway is my advice!!!
You could go to TGIFridays on the beach to kill a few hours after the fireworks as well.

Yes, CP is very busy on the 4th of July.

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I think any place that has fireworks will be busy. ;)

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In 2003 I went up the week after the fourth, and we almost walked on everything. But not on the the 4th, NO WAY!
^^Sweetness!!! That's means when I go next Tuesday and Wednesday (11th and 12th) I should expect a walk-on situation!!

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