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just got back from my trip to cedar point. it was great. got to the park at 5 on sunday night and it was empty. monday i was there all day and same thing (if anythign ti was alil more crowded then on sunday. all the rides were runnign great and no line was longer then 25 mins.

i wanted to focus on one thing: TOP THRILL DRAGSTER. it was my first time on the ride. i am from ny so i have been on kingda ka many of times before this. so anyway:

1-it is amasing how mnay people still think ttd is the talest and fastest coaster still. i was talkign to a few people on the line and they looked at me liek iw as crazy when i told them about kingda ka. and when a ride up was talking in the station about how ttd is the 2nd tallest and 2nd fastest in the world soem poeple looked at him like he had 10 heads.

2- ttd is a lot smoother ride in the last row then kk is. ttd is just as smooth as the front row while kk in the back is like tryign to hold on for dear life.

3- i felt that the launch on ttd is weak. i think kk gives much more of a punch.

4- i noticed that the track sways alot. on the launch track, the turn up and the trun comign back down. i was wathing it moving back nd forth and i guess thats y they gave kk those upside downv shaped supports at those poins.

5- tt looks very old. i know that the paint fades and stuff but the launch track is black. looks liek it could use a good power washing (if they can ever do that).and the launch track seems very short compared to kk.

anyway. i loved the park. it was my second time there. first being the year before they biult ttd.

other thing mm seems to have bit of a bug issue at night. is at in the back and my arms were covered with bugs, whilre these 2 girls that sat in front were covered in them from thier wast up. it was sick.

they seem to be makign alot of progress on the new coaster. its hard to tell what tipe it might be yet though.

so yes trip was great only other thing is ti was extreamly hot. so other then that it was great

Good report, im suprised to hear Kingda Ka is rough in the back seat. I wouldnt know why that would be.

And im not sure what ride your referring to when you say "mm" but if your talking about a bug problem I assume you mean Millennium Force? Yea, I think certain times of the year are worse than others, but you are basically a human winshield in the front row, especially at night. Still, you cant beat a front seat ride one MF :)

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yeah ive seen people spitting up bugs after millenium Force front seat, I think it's pretty funny to be honest.

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I'm suprised you said TTD's launch is weak. I've never been on KK, but from what i heard is that you can't tell the difference between 8 mph at those speeds, but also KK has sort of like three pulls on its launch where as TTD is more starightforward.
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To me, it would make sense that KK has a longer launch track (probably why you feel with launch has "more punch") considering KK needs the extra launch space and speed to go make that extra 36 feet over the top.

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That is really funny that you think the launch is weak. I've heard numerous reports that "KK's launch doesn't even feel like 128 mph, and it feels like the motor struggles to get it that fast"

I have to admit, this year Dragsters Lapbars look old and gross. Millennium's look brand spankin new. I wonder if they replaced them on MF or just deep cleaned them.

I haven't been on KK but I prefer the drag race atmosphere over the jungle atmosphere.

As much as everyone doesn't necessarily consider TTD to be the worlds best coaster, the atmosphere around the ride is insane with the grandstand, "Ready to Go", the revving noises, etc.

Funny thing, I was there the SAME amount of time... got there Sunday morning and stayed with from friends in Sandusky for a few days..

other thing mm seems to have bit of a bug issue at night. is at in the back and my arms were covered with bugs, whilre these 2 girls that sat in front were covered in them from thier wast up. it was sick.

Monday night... Like 3rd to last train of the day of MF.... My WHITE shirt was brown.... NASTY!!

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^ LOVE the SN, SnooSnoo... :)

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Ahhh, muffleheads. Gotta hate them. :) Nothing like having a swarm of them smack your face going 120 MPH. :(


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KK launch is more intense but TTD is the better ride IMO and so much smoother in every seat. KK OTSR suck and make you feel the roughness even more. After 3 or 4 rides on KK I get a headache and I don't enjoy it, but I could ride TTD allday which I did once
yea i agree i love the theme of ttd. with all the music. its like dragracign and these type of ride were made for eachother. i love the theme appose to kk. but i do like the launch on kk better.

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