Cedar Point: July 27-28 (A Little Wet)

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After my family (dad + sister-coaster riders, mom-no) met our good family friends (three kids + dad-coaster riders, mom-no) local Shell gas station, we started the five-hour drive to Cedar Point from Central Indiana. It poured the whole way, and we thought we were in for a wet day at the Point. We got to Cedar Point around 1:30 and since we couldn’t check in at the Breakers until 4, we left our stuff in the van and headed to the entrance by Magnum.

Our first ride was Magnum, which we thought would be a good warm-up for our “inexperienced friends.” We waited about ten minutes and ended up in the last car. Magnum delivered a great ride and our friends thankfully enjoyed it.

While we were standing in line for Magnum we heard TTD testing and decided to get in line for it. The wait turned out to be about an hour. My dad and I had ridden TTD twice in 2004, but had not gotten to ride it in our visits in 2003 and 2005. While we were standing in line, TTD ran flawlessly. The ride itself was very fun, and it was fun watching our TTD-virgin friends’ reaction to the launch.

Next we walked over to Mantis and waited about 20 minutes for the front row. It was really intense, especially in the front row.

After Mantis we checked the wait for MF and saw it was 45 minutes. We decided to go ahead and wait in line. The MF crew was hauling ass and the line moved quickly. My friend and I rode in the back seat and my dad and my friends’ dad rode in front of us. MF delivered as always and I even got quite a bit of airtime from the backseat.

It was getting close to dinnertime, and we decided to head to the front of the park and eat at the GameDay Grill. The food was pretty good, and it was nice to sit down for a little bit.

After eating we walked over to Blue Streak for a walk-on ride. For some reason I really like this ride, it always delivers some serious airtime, although it is relatively short.

With our stomachs settled down a little bit, we went over to Raptor and got on in 30 minutes. We rode in the back row and received an intense ride. After our ride, however, is when the fun began. We were sitting on the brake run when the rainclouds opened up. It was POURING down rain and the raindrops were huge! And there we were, strapped in and stuck in the monsoon. The train in front of us that had just loaded a second ago unloaded, and ride ops walked back to us to release our harnesses. We finally got off and ran into a shop. The rain continued for probably 20 minutes and finally stopped.

While the girls in both families went back to the hotel to dry off and change clothes, the boys headed over to Wicked Twister, which started running immediately after the rain subsided. We walked on the front row and had an awesome ride. Waiting (or not waiting in our case) for the front seat is well worth it on WT. It really looks like the train is going to fly off the track. We got off and decided to ride two more times before a line actually formed.
By that time we were almost dry, and we met the girls over by the entrance near Magnum. We waited 15 minutes for Magnum (great ride as always) and then walked over to Gemini, which was only running the blue train. We had to wait a few trains before getting on. Gemini is really, really fun. It dishes out some serious airtime and is still smooth for its age.

After we got off Gemini, it was nearing 10:00. We decided walk over to MF and get a night ride. On our way over, it started POURING again. By the time we got over to MF, the line was closed and we were drenched. As the employees told everyone the ride was closed for the time being, almost the whole line cleared out. We were among the few who were still waited. We decided we would rather go back to the hotel soaking wet after getting a night ride on MF instead of soaking wet with nothing to show for it. A little after ten, the rain slowed down and the line was reopened. We boarded the last train of the night, in the back seat. Props to the MF crew for reopening the ride! Soaking wet but happy, we returned to the Breakers by 10:30.

Wow, after looking at what I have already written this is really long and I’m not going to go into details about yesterday.

In summary of our second day, we got in at 9:00 and rode MF three times in an hour. We rode pretty much everything we hadn’t ridden the day before (including maXair and Skyhawk). I was surprised at how uncrowded the park was. We all expected heavier lines than what we experienced the day before. We were wrong. The longest we waited on Friday was an hour for TTD. Our trip to CP ended with the obligatory MF night ride in the back seat.

In 19 hours at the park here’s what we rode MF-7, Magnum-6, TTD-2, Raptor-3, WT-5, Mantis-3, Gemini-3, Blue Streak-2, Mean Streak-1, Corkscrew-1, ID-1, DT-1, maXair-2, Skyhawk-1, CCMR-1. Not too bad.

Overall we had a great time. The staff was friendly, the rides operated efficiently, and the crowds were light. I think we turned our friends into roller coaster fans. ? Hopefully we can get them back to the Point next year! Thanks for reading if you got this far.

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