Cedar Point, July 11th, 2000

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Friday, July 14, 2000 8:36 PM
I went to Cedar point in Ohio on 7-11, and I drove there from Minnesota. The lines were incredibly long. I rode Raptor front seat and this being my 2nd time at the park, front seat is WAY better. Raptor is my #2 coaster. I rode demon drop which had a fair line. FUN. I rode Mantis afterwards, waiting for 1 1/2 hours. my #4 fave. Then I waited an hour or so for Magnum XL-200, #3. Then Mean Streak. I LOVE that ride! #5. after a horrible ride with a 5 minute wait, Cedar Creek Mine Ride, we rode MILLENIUM FORCE!!!! This is truly amazing and outdoes every other ride on the planet. An hour waiting for "first come first serve" to start, and an Hour and a half wait in line was STILL worth it!! Then Power Tower (downshot) an another 1 hour 15 min wait for Raptor. A Great day makes me proud to say all of my top 5 coasters are at Cedar Point:

5. Mean Streak
4. Mantis
3. Magnum XL-200
2. Raptor

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