Cedar point is removing shoot the rapids

I guess the park was trying to keep it a secret.


Sources have told the Register the amusement park operator started to tear down the water ride Tuesday. Cedar Point is not confirming the removal or what will come next.

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The only thing that upsets me about this is that Shoot the Rapids, one of my favorite ride names ever (right after Over the Falls), is going to be retired again.

I guess I should be upset that I never got on the ride, not even once, but I'm kind of not. I guess it'll have to join the only other adult-sized ride at Cedar Point I never took, (well, since 1962, anyway), Swan Boats.

I'm also a little worried how our Shawn Meyer is going to take the news, it's one of his favorites.

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I've only ridden it once and it was just an ok ride IMO. I just wonder why the secrecy, did they not think people would notice it gone? lmfao

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Announcements are planned to be made at certain times, that's all.
I also noticed, in true Sandusky Register fashion, that the ride is located on Pioneer Trail. Sheesh.

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This is what's known as the "long con." Shoot the Rapids was never intended to be a legitimate ride -- it was all a ruse. Look forward to the REAL flume ride next year: Whyte Lightning!

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C'mon, Pioneertown and Pioneer Trail are two of my favorite areas of the park :-)

I don't think it's secrecy, or whether people would notice, or even that it would be announced to the media. They're removing a ride that, I expect, was fairly popular but may never have met their expectations. A high profile ride might warrant an announcement, but not Shoot The Rapids.

RCMAC: It is one of the great ride names. I have fond memories of riding the original -- like the time myself and the absolute strangers in the boat with me broke out in a chorus or two of "Rock the boat, don't rock the boat, baby".

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Looks like Michigan's Adventure or Dorney Park may be getting a new water ride this year.


"So I'd like to know where you keep the lotion?" That one?

And high profile or not, the article didn't fail to mention the accident, so there's that...

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Oops, I just tried submitting this to news before I realized this post was here.

What a bizarre ride this was, in so many ways. How many failed Intamin water rides is this now?

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