Cedar Point Halloweekends Take 2

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Sunday, September 28, 2008 11:35 PM

Started out from Kent State, meeting up with some people in the Dive. Went over to my friends house for breakfast and were on our way by 10:15.
Arrived around 11:30, but had to wait for the rest of our group who had coupons for the tickets, so didn't actually walk through the gate until 1:30.

It was raining a little bit to start out, but cleared up rather quickly so we were pleased. Tried riding Raptor, but it wasn't running at the time, so we headed toward the middle and back of the park. We wanted a "warm-up" coaster, so we started out with the Corkscrew.

Corkscrew-10 min.
I actually enjoyed my ride on Corkscrew, and my head didn't get banged around really at all, there was a smoothness to the ride which was actually very nice. Normally avoid this coaster, but since I haven't rode it for a while, gave it a go and was pleased. 9/10

Headed over to Magnum, where the line was out onto the midway.

Magnum-10 minutes.
Even though the line was out onto the Midway, it was only a 10 min wait. The ques weren't being used so the line was just one single line and didn't wind around. After they started winding the ques, the line moved quicker. 10/10

Gemini-20 minute wait
They were racing with all 4 trains, so the wait wasn't really that long. My friend and I boarded the red side, while the others in our group went on blue. The ride ops really take their jobs seriously on this coaster, and noticed someone had a camera out when we were on the lift. We were stopped on the lift, while the blue side got to enjoy their ride. I felt a little bit deprived, but that's thanks to a douche that doesn't know how to follow the rules. Some stupid high school girls thought it would be cool to take pictures of themselves while on the roller coaster. Good for them though, because they won't see that camera ever again. Otherwise the ride was amazing as I remember. 10/10

Stopped for lunch in Frontier Town and our group split up 4 and 4. The others went to ride Cedar Creek Mine Ride, while the real troopers went to wait for Maverick.

Maverick-1.5 hr wait
I was expecting a long wait, but I wasn't expecting the whole que to be filled, and the line spilling out onto the midway. Even with all that though, the line moved extremely well. One of my friends had never been on the ride, so it was really cool. We got up to the station and decided to ride the last and second to last seats. Also my friend had the ride op ask if he was excited to ride, and she said she was excited for him too ride as well. The whole ride, it seemed to be going faster than I remember, and I know it was going faster than normal because the trains were shimmying along the track. Seemed like they were kind of pulling themselves apart. Probably gotta replace the wheels soon. 10/10

We headed back toward the front of the park, and the group ended up splitting up even further so there was 2 and 2, then the other 4. The other two went and rode Top Thrill Dragster, while my riding buddy and I went to meet up with the rest of the group.

Iron Dragon-10 Minutes
Went on the "draggin iron" with the rest of the group just for kicks and giggles. Seemed like the ride was running a bit faster than normal and hit the braking section a bit hard. Had some pretty bad spots for head banging. 8/10.

Mantis-1hr 15 minutes
I really was not keen on waiting in line for this coaster, especially not an hour and 15 minutes, but my riding buddy had not been on this ride in several years so I made the committment and sacrifice for him. I actually had a better ride than last time, and I think it has something to do with sitting in the middle. Still ended up getting off in a little bit of pain, but it wasn't that bad. 7/10

We headed up toward the front of the park to hit up the coasters there, and to possibly hit up some of the "scare zones", but it had all depended on the time.

Raptor-1/2 hour
The sign said it was an hour wait, but it ended up being a half hour wait, as the line was moving extremely quickly. Also they were not using up a lot of queing space within the ride. Started off fast, and ended fast. The trims for the second half the ride were not on, and we ended up hitting the last helix pretty close to full speed. Freaked out my riding partner a lot and he was like, "Oh My God, We're Going Too Fast!" It was really funny. Hitting the brakes actually wasn't that bad this time either. 10/10

Disaster Transport-5 minute wait
There was almost no one in line for Disaster, and the line was moving extremely quickly. Always a fun ride to go on, and just act all crazy. I love this coaster, even if it may be a bit lame to some, it always has a place in my heart. However I think it would be nice for the building to be removed and it turned back into Avalanche Run. 10/10

Wicked Twister-10 Min. Wait
Hopped on the back seat of this bad boy. Train was definitely running faster, you could tell just because it went all the way up the back spike. On the second time through the station going backwards and up the spike, my buddy was like "I Want My Mommy!" It was funny yet again. 10/10

Blue Streak-Walk on
Went on the second to last seat, and just had fun. This coaster seemed to be running faster than normal as well, and it was awesome going through the fog from Fear Faire. 10/10

Met up and talked to my season pass buddies, Lance and Randy by Magnum, then headed over to Millennium Force. By this time, I did not know if I was going to be able to stand in line that long, as I was really tired and my knees had started bothering me, but I decided to troop it out yet again for my riding buddy.

Millennium Force-1 hour
The sign was wrong yet again, and said 1.5 hour wait. Also the que was moving extremely well, they had some awesome ride ops working. Ended up going on the second to last seat, still in the back car though. This was awesome riding through the fog from Terror Island, as you could not see where you were going at some points. Also it was going faster than usual, and the picture we took was so awesome we actually bought it. Plus there was a Saturday special so the photo was only $7. 10/10

I was a little disappointed I did not get to see any of the *scare zones*, but I did get to hit up almost all of the coasters, and had an awesome riding buddy so it was a great day. Plus I woke up with no voice, so I know that the rides did their job of scaring me. 95/100

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Monday, October 6, 2008 3:53 AM

Sounds like you had an excellent time. I wish I could head back out to Cedar Point for one more visit before the end of the season. Such is life, right?

How does the Halloweekends theme work at Cedar Point? I remember Dorney's being very family oriented...I'd like to visit a park with a more adult Halloween theme, but I haven't had any luck with that.

"Look at us spinning out in the madness of a roller coaster" - Dave Matthews Band


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