Cedar Point Halloweekend in the rain and snow...

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Today at Cedar Point, was a little chilly, but nonetheless coaster riding worth.
Working at the Point is awesome, riding the rides even better.

Magnum is running really great, and today was one of the best days I've seen it run. The rain did numbers for the ride, they weren't even running the trims.

Gemini, Wildcat, and even the Raptor closed due to weather conditions....

I rode Dragster before it went down for weather in the front seat and got not one but 2 rollbacks in a Row. I was going 125mph on the radar during 1st launch, 123 during second and they removed about 4 people, leaving 4 on for the 3rd launch. The train made it over and it was a great day with triple launches.

Skyhawk and MaxAir were awesome as usual, and even disaster Transport was running a little nicer than usual.

Millenium Force was a 2 ride worthy ride since the line was walk-on for back, and about a 20 minute wait for the front. I can say with that wind blowing in from the Bay/Lake, and the rain, it made for a pretty crazy ride.

Cedar Creek Mine Ride was running pretty aweful. It's a family ride that needs a lot of TLC, it's run pretty aweful this whole season and I really hope that CP does some work to this ride.

Pretty good trip for the 5 hours spent in the park.

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Nice tr, Ellen.

I thought you worked at GL?

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The park was pretty empty...like night and day from Saturday to Sunday, but although it was cold and damp, it was well worth staying to get some of the riding in I couldn't do on Saturday after Boobuzz.

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