Cedar Point guest hit by Top Thrill Dragster part while in queue

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A guest at Cedar Point was injured Sunday afternoon after being hit by a falling part from Top Thrill Dragster, one of the park’s roller coasters. Her condition is unknown. A park spokesman says "a small metal object became disengaged from a train."

Read more from Cleveland.com.

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The kicker wheels contact a flat surface on the bottom of the train that, if it's like Millennium Force, appears to be some kind of alloy.

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Are there any pictures anywhere of Dragster's underbelly?

These coaster upskirt pictures feel so....

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That's not journalism.

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But Zinni knows what she saw.

Jeff said:

That's not journalism.

I have never seen "It's" used in a newspaper article, editorial, feature, etc., more than in that piece. The 12th grade high school newspaper editor in me from almost 20 years ago (yikes) was screaming.

So no word on the status of the injured woman?

This seems highly unlikely…

“Park spokesman Tony Clark responded just once since Aug. 15. He said the park never got the name of the injured woman or didn't otherwise write down her name or document her identity.”

If that is somehow true, they will know her name soon enough when the lawsuits start rolling in.

But then again, what do I know?

There's no way I am buying that. I also feel like they are twisting his words and saying that simply to try and paint the park in a negative light.

I'm actually encouraged by how many people on social media are calling out the Register on the ridiculousness and unprofessionalism of the 3 or 4 pieces they've written on this in the past week.

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Sensationalism and clickbait, got to drive revenue somehow. Print media is a dying relic of the past.

That piece of steel angle just doesn’t appear to be from a coaster train, let alone a coaster track. That crap is used for mounting and bracing and isn’t like a machined part you would expect on a coaster. Maybe to mount the control panels or electronics away from the track. I’m sure the park is well aware of the injured party and if they aren’t already will know soon what exactly failed and how.

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Even the Columbus Dispatch is joining the toilet paper party.

This one is especially cute as the author claims and is adamant in his argument that Cedar Point is doing false advertising because the park isn't telling customers via the website that TTD is closed. Then it's more whining about how the park is not revealing personal info about the injured guest.


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You guys, it says right in the Sandusky Register article what happened. Quoting Zinni:

"Based on my assessment, she had an open scull fracture."

So the object they should be looking for is a small oar that is used at the stern of a boat to propel it forward with a rowing motion.

At this point, they should probably be looking for a goose wielding a video camera. (At least the paper's are)

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It’s a lovely morning in the village, and you are a horrible goose.

"All incidents that occur on the ground are public domain." Say again?

Ohio Department of Agriculture had a press conference today…


But then again, what do I know?

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Summary: The "flag plate" apparently used to interact with proximity sensors on the track came loose, and the inspection showed impact from the plate on several track ties around the "finish line." Some of the bolts that held it in place were still on the train.

That's interesting, because I assumed that the sensors all keyed off some part of the train that was already there, like the wheel bogies or the spine of the car. I'm surprised that there was a plate specifically hanging down for that purpose. I'm also surprised to hear him say it's on the left side, because at least outside of the station, the prox switches are all on the right side of the kicker wheels.

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Another article regarding the update for those who don't use Facebook:


I've seen these plates before, though I can't find a picture of one at the moment. I'm sure someone will find one as there are certainly no shortage of photos taken of these trains by enthusiasts at various stages of assembly during the winter events. My understanding is that these plates only serve that one purpose and therefore the bolts only have to support the self weight of the plate (including g-force) also its and probably also vibration. Seems like an unlikely candidate for failure, but here we are. Perhaps the plate was struck by something else first?

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When the article said "L shaped bracket" I was paying attention to whether or not they said they had the piece in their possession. (Referencing, of course, the post above where the person says they are planning on keeping it. There's no mention of whether they possess the piece and are inspecting it or not.

You'd have to be a real piece of garbage to want to hang on to it rather than turn it in properly.

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