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For the most part Friday the 13th turned out to be a nice short trip to CP. I met up with Chris, Mark, and Nick (Zima) and Nick’s house and by 3.00 we were on our way. I was the only person in the group who had a season pass, so to save a little money everyone else decided to go for starlight tickets. It doesn’t take 2 hours to get there, but we planned for traffic and other delays anyway.

After a quick stop at McDonalds on the way we were at the park and waiting at the gate by 4.45. Chris and Mark hadn’t been at the park in over two years, so they weren’t too sure they wanted to ride everything, but I figured I’d be able to talk them into it anyway. We finally got into the park at 5.00 and headed over to Blue Streak. But as we were walking there, the first thing I saw was a train crest the hill of TTD. I was really excited, and was hoping that maybe there would be a stroke of luck and it would open sometime tonight. Anyway, Blue Streak only had a 5 minute wait and we sat in the last two rows. Having ridden more toward the front last weekend, I’d have to say that I like the back because it’s faster, but the airtime seems like it’s more toward the front.

We headed over to Disaster Transport next, which as always, had a fairly long line, and after about a half an hour we got on. It’s a pretty fun ride although I still think it’s a little too short. The fact that it was air-conditioned and out of the sun though, made it really not too bad at all. Afterward we headed straight over to Wicked Twister, but right before we could get in line the ride-op chained off the q-line and told us the ride was down for mechanical difficulties.

Zima and I decided to head over to Raptor, but Chris and Mark didn’t want to ride that, so we agreed to meet up with them in an hour and a half at the arcade for some DDR. Raptor’s line was about 20-25 minutes long, and the only thing I could do during the entire time was watch TTD hoping that another train would go over the hill and they would open it up tonight, unfortunately, I didn’t see any others the rest of the night. Of course, I really did stop paying attention after we rode Raptor.

We were getting a little hungry, and decided it was time for a park favorite, cheese on a stick. The biggest problem with cheese on a stick is that it seems like they only cook them when you order them, so you always have to wait to get it, and then its never as good because they rush it and its not as good as it potentially could be. We noticed WT was up and running as we finished our food, so we jumped in line, which seemed surprisingly short to me. We only waited about 20 minutes, and that includes the wait for the back seat.

We had about 25 minutes before we were supposed to meet back up with Chris and Mark at the arcade, so we took a walk back to Magnum hoping the line wouldn’t be too bad. It was about 20 minutes long, but still nothing unbearable, and I’d have to say that it was probably my best magnum ride this year. We sat in the ejector seat and the air time didn’t feel jerky or painful, but rather very smooth.

I stopped at a food stand after the ride for some water and then we headed over to the arcade. Last weekend I played DDR during some of the downtime during Coastermania and they were some of the best games I’ve ever played. I think I played 4 or 5 games before my legs felt like Jello and I had to stop for a while. We realized that we just spent about an hour playing DDR so figured we’d spend the rest of our time actually riding.

We hit corkscrew next, which was a walk-on, and I’m going to give my personal award for best crew to the corkscrew crew. We probably weren’t sitting in the station for more than 10 seconds before the ride off. I really give credit to this crew, as it’s easily the best I’ve seen this year, if not the best I’ve seen ever.

Gemini was only a station wait and we had a pretty good ride on it. It didn’t seem to be running quite as well as on Coastermania, but it really was running really well nevertheless. Afterward we took a walk back toward Mean Streak, at first people kept telling us it was closed as they were walking away, but right as we got to the entrance it re-opened. Mark didn’t want to ride because he didn’t feel safe since it had just broken down. So he and Chris went over to CCMR.

Mean Streak was running pretty well, but it was hard to enjoy the ride with the insane amount of muffleheads swarming the track. It was actually pretty hilarious to see the pictures, where everyone is just trying to fight off the bugs. Zima wanted to ride again, but I couldn’t take the bugs, so we went over to CCMR to find Chris and Mark. Zima and I ended up riding it once before we finally found them, and by that time it was already about 9.40, so we started walking toward Millennium Force for one last ride of the night.

After standing in line arguing over whether Chris and Mark should ride, we all got into line about 9.50. The line went back to about the pop machines, so it was a good 45 minute wait. By the time we got to the base of the ramp it started to rain, but you could tell they wanted to just cycle the rest of the people through so they could call it a night. By the time we got past the unload station it started pouring and they had to shut the ride down. They told everyone it would be down temporarily and they would cycle the rest of the people through as soon as it stopped.

We definitely didn’t want to leave because we came to CP and stood in line for MF for 45 minutes, so there was no way we were leaving without riding it. Unfortunately, for some reason, and I still don’t know why this is, they wouldn’t let anyone stand and wait in the loading station. There were hardly any people behind us, I’d guess maybe 40, so its not like everyone couldn’t have easily fit. Rather they said if we wanted to ride we had to stand out on the ramp in the pouring rain. After about 3 huge lightning bolts and a period of 15 minutes they got the call to shut it down and kicked everybody out of the line.

I was a little disappointed we didn’t get to ride because we were so close, but I guess there wasn’t much we could do about it. Overall another great trip to Cedar Point, hopefully next time I go TTD will be working. :)

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The muffleheads... Oh my. While riding Gemini yesterday, I happened to notice the front end of the red train... it was just coated in dead ones. Ick.

TheRealCP :)

hehe muffleheads... I rode Magnum for my last two rides of the night... I basically held my breath and kept my eyes closed to protect myself. Oh yea, i've heard of the "ejector seat" but i can't remember which it is.... though, i'm pretty sure its the front car
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Ejector on Magnum is 1-3, which TheRealCP and I rode. The muffleheads were out in force, especially in the Aquatic Stadium.

Glad we left at 7 pm. We had a few sprinkles while on Route 2, but after I got home, a check of the weather channel showed that CP was getting hit with rain and thunderstorms.

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Overall it was a great trip but I just don't understand why CP didn't just give us some exit passes like they did for Coastermania. After waiting all that time in the poring rain to leave with absolutly nothing is a little dissappointing considering this is Cedar Point we are talking about. In a lesser park I wouldn't be surprised but Cedar Point has a reputation to uphold. I would expect CP to be trying to please its guests in every way possible especially because their biggest attraction has been out of operation for a long time. I have to admit that the best part of the trip was wating in the line for MF. Waiting in that line is always fun. Robby(Millennium Forced), Chris, Lygis, and I played games from the show Whose Line Is It Anyway. Robby and I also tried to convince Lygis and Chris to ride the MF and I'm sure they would have if the ride had stayed open.

By the way I saw a story on the news about TTD and they said the problem was with the system computers. I don't know if that is accurate or not but there was a big story on the news when I watched it a few days ago. It made the park look terrible because the premier attraction at the park was down with no scheduled reopening date.

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I have always thought that ejector was the back seat. Red train.

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