Cedar Point, Friday 7/10/09

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Even though I had already spent 2 evenings nearly by myself at The Point within the previous 8 days, for various reasons I went again last Friday after work. I got in just after 6:30 and left just before 11:30.

My intention was to focus on coasters I hadn't ridden yet this year due to long lines, namely Disaster Transport and Wildcat. I wasn't sure how busy it would be on a Friday night in July, but kept my expectations low since I was just looking for something to do before going on to Catawba. I managed to nab a parking spot right up front, so for once I actually went in the front gate.

Raptor would have been a walk-on had I not waited for the front; then I casually proceeded geographically around the park:

Blue Streak
Disaster Transport
Wicked Twister
Iron Dragon
Woodstock Express
Mean Streak
Cedar Creek Mine Ride
Millennium Force
Top Thrill Dragster

You may note something interesting about this list.

Sadly, I was not able to procure a child to gain entry to Jr Gemini. And although I did wait at the Dragster exit ramp for a second run, which was the black cherry train* and the last train of the night, I did not get a rollback, which is about the only thing that would have made this evening more awesome. That, and maybe some friends to accompany me on my 16-coaster marathon, but this trip was sort of a last-minute decision.

*Some folks claim the black cherry train rolls back more. {{citation needed}}

It wasn't until I was in line for Maverick that I realized I might actually get on all 16 that night. Unfortunately I had to wait 10 minutes amid swarms of bugs while they removed a train from Mean Streak. The only way I will ride MS is in the front seat leaning forward, but I knew I wouldn't make it to TTD by 11:00 if I waited for the front. Instead I took the back seat of the front car, hoping that would be OK... but it wasn't. Not as painful as the back of the train, but still the polar opposite of fun. But by then I was on a mission, dammit! so I took one for the team.

I ended up having to sprint -- then run -- then jog -- from MilF to TTD, and made it into the queue by 10:58. But since I also waited for the last train of the night, I guess I would have ridden anyway. Ah well. What a night!

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Sounds like a great night. I too love the last train of the night. Something magical about it.

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