Cedar Point for Father's Day

So I thought it would be a cool idea to head up to Cedar Point with my father, for Father's Day. It had been a while since we hung out or that I was even at home.

After getting off work and hanging out with Chris for a bit Saturday, I made the trek back to Newburgh. Stayed up late watching The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones with my mom. And still managed to get up around 8am.

Sunday (yesterday) was a different story all together. Having had a relaxing evening it was time to make the rounds and figure out which price/place was cheaper, Discount Drug Mart, Meijers, or our $7/per person off coupon. The coupon ended up winning and we headed straight to the park.

Treated my dad to Sonic for his breakfast around 10:30/11am. Then we headed toward the park and parked back in the Soak City lot, which was fairly crowded...but not horrible.

Walked around to make Windseeker our first ride. And in my most recent style of Trip Reports, I'll post good, bad, ugly, and mention a little blurp at the end.


Windseeker mentioned below.

Millennium Force: had a half hour 45 min. wait, so we shoved stuff in our locker and hopped on. Got up to the platform, two trains from riding (front seat), and they shut it down because it's pouring rain. Rain passes, with light drizzle still around for the train before ours...and then ours. Must say NOT a fan of riding this in ANY precipitation. Hurts like hell, but feels like a facial at the same time.

Magnum: Rode around the time it started getting darker, and gave up the very front to some coaster enthusiasts from Worlds of Fun area, who bought the Platinum Pass. People were kind enough to do that for my dad and I at World's of Fun, so we returned the favor.

TTD: Rain kept shutting this down, but once it cleared out, we had our chance. Waited 30-45 mins. For the back seat. Beautiful watching sunset as you clear the top on this as well.

Disaster Transport: Oh man where do I begin? They FIXED the lights on the lift (about time). And they fixed the "star time travel" lights at the very top. The ride was PITCH BLACK the whole way through. Never been on it when all the lights were off...amazing.

MaXair: Note to self, NEVER ride this in shorts or rain. Oh boy did this ever sting....but hey there was NO line as it opened up right after the storm passed. We were in line for it before, and saw lighting right over the Lake.

Skyhawk: Again NOT one to ride in the rain...OUCH! This hurt worse that MaxAir did in the rain...not fun. Plus we got drenched with them slowing it down.

Wicked Twister: Front Seat, near walk on. This baby is getting a bit rough, or might just be front seat. But you can feel all the vibrations of the coaster.

Blue Streak: Whatever they did to this coaster, it PAYED OFF big time. The greased wheels, and fixed trains make this baby FLY. My only concern is if one of the guide wheels underneath were to break off, the way this coaster runs, it would have a de-rail issue for sure.

Raptor: No trims, No trims! Rode the back seat, and TRIMLESS! :) I have a love/hate relationship with this coaster. Some days I'll enjoy some days I'll hate. After it rains I love to go on because they run it trimless...but I hate it because the brakes are always harder at the end.


Windseeker: I can not enthuse how much this ride both terrifies(height), and relaxes me at the same time. Rode twice, once when we first arrived, and the second at sunset. It was amazing both times, first time I rode on the inside car, second I rode on the outside. Sunset on this ride is one of the beautiful things I've seen at the park.

Pinks: Aside from my dad still being upset about the opening day incident, we had a good experience. Some onion rings and a 32 oz. Snoopy Cup.

Short lines, friendly staff, and epic music, this park seems to be on the upswing. Oh and I really LOVE the light show on Windseeker. Rumor has it that every ride being built from here on out will have a light show. The park needs to upgrade first some of the old rides to those LED light bars.

Bad: Hit and miss rain, the fact that Gay Pride and Fathers have to share their day, instead of EACH having their own special day. I don't think people thought too much about that one, and I don't think it's fair for either party.

Ugly: Rain. It rained about 3 times before it let up, and once we got soaked.

Overall it was a good day, I had fun, and hope my dad did too. He seemed to really enjoy windseeker.

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Good TR.

I'd love to see Cedar Point install these light packages on practically every ride. The recent lighting system to the games are looks great, I wish they would spend some money on getting the whole park to be one big party at night.

Does anyone know why Father's Day is typically chosen to be Gay Day at amusement parks? I looked it up online and found no reason. I would assume that it is a big day for families, and the purpose is to allow these families to become accustomed to gay people in a public place, or something.

I can humor the idea of having Gay Day on a different day other than Father's Day, but I think that there is a good reason for the two to be shared. Maybe it's just easier to remember.

Disaster Transport ... They FIXED the lights on the lift (about time).

Wow. I never thought I'd see the day!

Windseeker ... this ride both terrifies(height), and relaxes me at the same time.

That was exactly my reaction, as well.

The Gay Pride day has always been on Father's Day. It is done, since it seems to be a lighter day for crowds in the park. I personally don't have a problem with that, because they get to enjoy the same things that others do.

However, it was nice to see that you and your dad had a great time. Still looking for a Windseeker day.

The Blue Streak has been pretty much insane this year, but then again i like riding it in the back. It seems to give a much better ride in the second to last seat.

Sure the Raptor isn't what it used to be, but its still pretty good.

Millennium Force in the rain to me is a blast had a ride in a torrential downpour opening week, and i have to say I rather enjoyed it. I mean the fact that you have to struggle to keep your eyes open gives the ride a bit more of a scary feel to it, but man what a ride.

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"E"Coster Gurl said:
Fathers have to share their day, instead of EACH having their own special day. I don't think people thought too much about that one, and I don't think it's fair for either party.

O noes!!1!!!! The gays make it impossible to be a father!

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Not if they have a 'special friend' and a turkey baster they don't! :)

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Dammit, Jim. You almost killed me. I was taking a drink of water when I read that.

Hahahaha. Good 'un.

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Damn Jim, I was doing the same thing Raven-Phile was doing when I saw that!!

These security folks at this conference have no sense of humor that for sure (they asked why was I laughing/choking, so I told em. They weren't amused).

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