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Hello all, traveling to Cedar Point next week and have a question, myself and my step son are rather large people. I stand 6’5 300 but athletic frame with alittle weight (played college football) , and my step son is 6’0 and 240. We went to Dollywood last year and he was able to ride all rides, I on the other hand struggle not with my stomach but chest and height. Anyone on here can give me advice with roller coasters at Cedar Point? Possibly upgraded seats to accommodate bigger people? Rides I should just stay away from. You would think that studies showing people getting taller would bring in more advances since the dawn of roller coasters, but it’s where we are. I don’t want to travel all the way up there to find myself or my step son cannot ride any of the bigger coasters, Top Thrill and MF are on my list while GateKeeper is his first pick. Just advice, if any? Thanks in advance!

I’m 6’3”+ 290lbs and I can ride every coaster except Wicked Twister. Ride Ops give me a hand with the belt in MF & TTD, my shorts always get caught in the buckle. Maverick is no problem, and has one of my favorite OTSRs now that it has the soft restraints. All the B&Ms have big boy seats (look for double belts on row 4 of Raptor & Rougarou, red belts on row 4 of GateKeeper and all 3 rows of Valravn), I use those seats. Steel Vengeance requires a hefty shove on the lapbar. Blue Streak is uncomfortable because of the slight bend in the lapbar but I rode it with the. boy. Most of the Arrow coasters (Magnum, Iron Dragon, Gemini) are no problem. CCMR is a tight fit because of the one click for everyone trains. Can’t tell you the last time I bothered trying to ride Corkscrew, I just don’t enjoy it. Wicked Twister isn’t even close... Although I did hear the belts magically grew a couple inches after I was there for CoasterMania.

But then again, what do I know?

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I am 6'5" 240 lbs. Dont even attempt Wicked Twister because after I rode it my shoulders were wrecked after. Last time I rode CCMR (about 10 years ago) I barely fit and wasnt worth it. Maverick was a tight fit before the new restraints but when I rode it last year its better but still hard on the shoulders. Be prepared to get measured twice for Maverick, once at the entrance to the ride and once just before entering station, all other rides were bearable.

I still don’t get the Wicked Twister mini-restraints. I rode Possessed at Dorney Park last fall with a little squeezing. Once it’s buckled the belt isn’t under tension afterward; there is a bit of slack. So why the issues on Wicked Twister? I miss riding that coaster!

But then again, what do I know?

They usually put test seats outside of the station, so you can see in reality what it would be like to climb into the seats. Magnum might be an issue, its uncomfortable to ride even for small people with the tiny seats and hard restraints.

Ride Magnum in the front seat of each car. There is a ton of leg room.

Use the test seats. If there are no test seats, you are allowed to walk up the exit and try a seat on the actual ride before you bother waiting in line.

Not only that, but the ride experience in the first or second bench of a car vs the third is literally night and day. Even though the front row is a wheel seat, those two options provide a ride 100x better than the third row.

Thanks all, I was able to
Ride 9 of the coasters, including raptor but it was closed. Tight fits but was able to get into them . Step son could ride all but blue streak. Thanks all

Correction I rode 11

Which 11? Did you need help or big boy seats?

But then again, what do I know?

Pipe Scream, Valravn, Rougarou, Cedar Creek Mine Ride, Rapter, Millinium Force, Top Thrill Dragster, Magnum 200XL, Maverick, Gemini, Iron Dragon

Pipe Scream was fine, just depends on the person sitting beside you.

Valravn, Rougarou, and Rapter all have to be seated in the seats with the red belts and have a attendee to help you.

Cedar Creek was fine, belt fit.

Millinium Force and Top Thrill the attendee has to help Buckle but lap bar came down fine

Maverick was my favorite ride and the seats were extremely comfortable and I could buckle it my own self and pull slack to tighten it

Gemini the belt was fine and could do it myself

Magnum (worst ride there) was fine and could buckle myself

Iron Dragon was fine and could buckle myself.

Scary thing with MF & TTD is the lapbar doesn’t have any sort of go/no go indicator. If the belt fits and the bar hits your thighs, they send the train. I’ve seen several people at TTD with the lapbar resting on their gut and thought to myself “This could end badly...”

But then again, what do I know?

I’m just tall, I wish I would of tried gate keeper but the girl wouldn’t let me go up to try

I've always ridden CCMR and while the lap bar sometimes kills me I've never had a problem even once with the belt until today. Today I almost didn't make it and I'm no bigger now than I was at the beginning of the season.

Same comment I posted in another thread:

Just dropped 15, yes 15 pounds, in the past 7 days by eating hard boiled eggs, chicken breasts and granola bars but gave up soda. Drink lots of water, eat 3 healthy meals and 3 healthy snacks. The more you weigh, the more you eat. As you dropped the pounds, decrease your portions. It's up to you to prioritize being able to ride vs eating a bunch of crappy food. I went from 203 down to 187. Another friend who is a bit larger lost 35 pounds over the past month by doing the Adkins diet. Not only will you be able to fit into more, if not all rides, but your back and legs will thank you for dropping any weight you can and walking around the parks will become much easier and more enjoyable. I was sweating like a pig the week before just standing in line. Hopefully, I get down to 175 and things become much more tolerable during this heat.

I'm 5'7" 264 I do not fit on Dragster, Millie, or Steel vengeance. Wicked Twister wasn't open on opening weekend when I was there.

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