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I am going to Cedar Point soon. I would like suggestions concerning what are the best places/foods to eat. Thank you for your help.

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Backbeat Cue over by Magnum/Gemini is my favorite spot in the park. It's not comparable to BBQ from a real BBQ place outside of the park, but it's very good for what it is.

The food, although improved over past years, is nothing notable. Unless I have a dining package, I generally will get a big breakfast before going in, eat at the BBQ place for a late lunch, and get dinner after I leave.


Melt: Sitdown crazy grilled cheese restaurant and bar out of Cleveland. By far the best food on the point.

Otherwise, the Raptor Fry stand is now offering Cheese on a Stick with hot potato fries so you can get two “classic Cedar Point” items. The BBQ place by Magnum is good, as is the similar Farmhouse in Frontiertown.

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Melt is pretty good, though they don't do fresh-cut fries like they do at their regular locations (or at least used to that last time I went to one years ago). The Farm House thing in Frontier Town is exceptional though. I think they leveled up there.

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I always forget about Melt being there even though I've eaten there a couple times.

The other nice thing about Melt (not sure if they still do this) is that they do free refills on soft drinks while you're seated. At CP prices, that's a big deal.

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Still do.

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Is Famous Dave’s still open at the marina? If you don’t mind the extra time it would be a better option than the fast food BBQ in the park, no?

No, not really. And I’m not sure if I’m trying to say that CP bbq rises above fast food quality or Dave’s sinks down toward it. I mean CP is no longer serving up the McRib everywhere but Dave’s pretty much belongs in an out building at the mall.
YMMV, but these days (and under varying conditions) I’d say CP is the better choice.

One thing that changed this year which is inexplicable to me is that the BBQ places aren’t serving pulled pork (sandwiches or otherwise) at CP, KI does but not CP. I feel like that’s like a typical fast food joint not serving burgers, it’s the default option. Instead they have fried chicken tenders which is not bbq. It’s the one thing that makes no sense.

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Does CP have burnt ends? I had a bite of a friend’s at KI this year and they were pretty good.

They did add burnt ends at Backbeat. The first time I had them they were very good, but the second time chewy and not overly palatable. I miss the pulled pork.


It’s the one thing that makes no sense.

Nothing at Cedar Point makes sense anymore.

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If you like hot dogs, the new Derby Dogs (right next to Cedar Downs) is actually really good; at least the footlong version.

My daughters went through 3 feet (each) of hot dog in two days a couple weeks ago.

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My first job was in that place. It was The Surrey, aka Hot Dogs with the Works. It was a good place to be on the main Funway and situated between Cadillacs, Guessing Game, and Cedar Downs wasn’t hateful. I was so happy to see that the original fare was coming back to that little stand.

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About three seasons ago, we were at Cedar Point and the kids were hungry. All they wanted was a hot dog. I figured (naively) that this would be no problem. We went from stand to stand to stand, and all we could find was "hot dog on a stick" (corndogs). That's not a hot dog.

Eventually we settled on one of the food trucks that was in the park, but I thought it was kind've silly there wasn't a place to find a hot dog at an amusement park.

How hard is it to build this?

Here's a peek at the Derby Dog's Dog:

NOTE: This is not my wiener. It's a friend's wiener.

Sometimes you just want a hot dog.

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I need to know the name of your friend. Please.

The pretzel stand by Magnum used to be Gulliver's Grill back when Magnum was new and the had the Colossal Dog, a 1/4 lb hot dog. They were the bomb! I know we all complain about food choices. But would have to agree it is sometimes nice to have a simple item like a hot hog. They did have Pinks for a short time. But they were waayyyy overpriced for mediocre hot dogs.

I would normally suggest Famous Dave's. But having not been there in several years, I can't comment on recent reviews there. Typical CP...have something good and screw it up!

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Onions? Why would you do such a thing? Poor hot dog. 😂

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Hugo's isn't a bad option if they have everything available. The quality is good, the price is decent, and the pasta fills you up.

The mac and cheese place is also good food, but we didn't like the portion sizes.

I agree with the others above, Backbeat is probably the best I have tried so far at CP inside the park.

Side note.... avoid Coasters... way too expensive for a little chicken sandwich that is barely bigger than a slider.

We call hotdogs like that Homewreckers.

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