Cedar Point fire burns games warehouse

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A Cedar Point building that houses a restaurant and game storage area caught fire early Friday morning, prompting Sandusky firefighters to call in additional manpower to handle the blaze. The fire itself wasn't large, and the flames were limited mostly to the warehouse area. Johnny Rockets sustained some water and smoke damage.

Read more from The Sandusky Register.

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Wasn't there a similar fire just last year in the same general area?

Walt S said:
Wasn't there a similar fire just last year in the same general area?

This fire was actually in the park. The other fire was just outside behind corkscrew.

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Fire in a maintenance building near Corkscrew 7/6/2010. Small fire near Mean Steak 9/21/2010. Now this.


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Plus the small one on Mean Streak

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If you click the inset photo on the article, you can better see where the fire was, with the Johnny Rocket's facade up behind it.

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I'm just waiting for Cedars or Gold Dorms to go up in the off season - There is a poor or non existent fire suppression system in each - and when no one is there to report the start of a blaze - it will rapidly spread.

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There is an "update" on the story -


Sandusky fire officials say the fire was likely ignighted by a fluorescent sign in a hallway of the building. The blaze is currently being considered accidental.

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Fortunate that it occurred late at night. The firefighters didn't have to deal with traffic or guests in the park at the time.

Guessing a lot of bad luck but that's a run of fires that they are having, and especially at a place like that no need for crowd control with it happening after close.

The small one on Mean Streak was just a test...

I just got back from the park today...I didn't know about this until I get home.

You couldn't tell anything happened. It looked like everything was normal when I was up there today....except for Magnum broke most of the day, top thrill down for awhile, Corkscrew down most of the day, Iron Dragon down for half the day, Space Spiral down for half the day...

Now to think of it, I wonder if Space Spiral was down because of the fire? That would have made for some great and very easy views of any damage?

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Why was everything down?

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I was at the park today as well. I'll echo what RollerCoasterGod said about not seeing any evidence of the fire, nor even hearing about it until getting back on here.

However, I didn't notice any trend of rides going down. I never saw CS or ID down (though to be fair, considerable parts of our day were spent away from eyeshot of those rides). Space Spiral was down at one point, but reopened later -- my daughter, her friend and I took an un-airconditioned spin on it in the evening near dusk.

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All through the day, you could see Magnum's train stopped half way up the hill.

Around 5pm (when I was in in line for Jr. Gemini. You could see about 7 team members just "hanging out" at the VERY top of the hill. Not sure what they were doing, but they were up there for about 30 min or so.

Iron Dragon had a mechanic working in the brake run on a train...all while I was over in that area.

Corkscrew didn't seem to be working until I want to say after 7pm/dusk. (I was hoping to take my daughter on her first upside down ride)

Space Spiral had a mechanic working on the control panel all while I was over in that part (around 3PM.)

Funny thing was Corkscrew, Top Thrill, Magnum were all down at the same time when I was over in that part...which lead to very long lines for Gemini as you can imagine, since there's a big stretch with no coasters.


I did see Magnum's train parked on the lift, and wondered what the malfunction was. As far as Corkscrew, we walked right under one of the running trains about 12:45. So whatever down time it had was limited to a portion of the afternoon and early evening. And Gemini Jr. was running when we rode the Tilt-A-Whirl, around 1:30.

Sounds like you were hounded by the gods of broken down rides. Being a deity yourself, I'm surprised you didn't employ counter measures...

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Ensign Smith said:
Sounds like you were hounded by the gods of broken down rides. Being a deity yourself, I'm surprised you didn't employ counter measures...

Actually not hounded...I had my 3 and 5 year old with me so I got to ride all the kiddie rides and had a great time. All the above it just what I noticed when walking around having a blast with my kids.

No deity here. Just love Roller Coasters and God Almighty. Though I might have been able to help them with my Mechanical Engineering skills fix the rides ;)

I was there this past week and didn't notice anything about a fire. Everything seemed normal also idk why im not sure about that either magnum and corkscrew were down and I was in line when dragster kept breaking down.

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idk why you're not sure about that...either. ;)

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There was one games stall that was closed on Saturday, everything else was business as usual.

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