Cedar Point Employee Reunion 9-5-09

[url][url]So I found out Cedar Point was having another employee reunion andhopped on the bandwagon. I convinced another former employee as well asformer Geauga [url][url] employee to come along with my father and myself.

We started out the day at 6:45am, so we could go for registration. Theother former employee and myself received our T-shirts, paid for the$10 meal, and enjoyed some early entry rides on Raptor, 3 in total.

In meeting up with the rest of our party, we headed toward the Wildcat midway, hitting up the dodgems first.

Some kid kept getting out of the car on the dodgems and pushing hissister or cousins car. Two ride ops came along and yelled at the kid,but didn't remove him from the ride. If that was me, I would have givenhim two chances then he would have been gone. Otherwise it was a goodride on the Dodgems.

Next stop was Wildcat.

Wildcat (15 Minute Wait)
Even with the wait, this ride was worth it. I love the tummy tickles onthis coaster, and it would be a nice coaster for my back yard,eventually.

Iron Dragon had a ridiculously long wait, and we decided to head backto Frontiertown. Stopped in the petting farm for a little bit, then thetown hall museum. Next ride was the Cedar Creek Mine Ride.

Cedar Creek Mine Ride: (10 Minute wait)
We had the whole the train[url][url] (us) were doing. It was awesome.

Onto the Maverick, but first a quick stop at the arcade, which they hadGuitar Hero games. And a stop at the Sweet Shoppe, where they hadDippin Dots shakes, and floats. The root beer dippin dots float wasamazing!

Maverick (1 hour wait)
As usual this ride was faster than the wait time said, and we hadentertainment from a guy who had his headphones on and was singing iniine. It was amazingly awesome and funny. Bad thing was our group wassplit up. My friend Josh and I rode, the 2nd to last row. Amazing asusual!

We took the train up to the group photo on the Wildcat midway, where wealmost missed being in it. After the photo we headed over toMantis...aka LEG KILLER!

Mantis (10 Minute Wait)
I do not know why I continue to ride this beast of a coaster, it alwayskills my thighs. It was no exception on a reasonably warm SeptemberSaturday either. Got off with jelly like legs, and no intent on ridingfor a long time.

Headed up toward the luncheon and ballroom. Had lunch at the CoralCourt Yard, and being in the ballroom was my very first time. Afterthose [url][url], and Maxair. Before the luncheon we hit up Magnum.

Magnum (10 Minute wait)
There was a kid from the University of Akron,and since my fiance Chris, Josh, and I all go to Kent State we decidedto entertain ourselves for a bit. Also we had no preference where toride, and chose a semi-rear seat on the train. I love this coaster todeath, and the amazing delieverance of airtime.

Wicked Twister (10 Minute Wait)
Middle of the train ride, yet again. This coaster delievers someawesome speed, and I love riding anywhere. Such a fine ride, and one Iwould totally marathon.

Disaster Transport (10 Minute Wait)
Okay so I had an epic fail moment on this ride. I totally thought thislady and her son were line jumping, so I yelled at them, but they cameout of the ride area like 5 minutes later carrying a glow thing. Ididn't care though they could have waited in line like everyoneelse...lol Anyhow my dad and fiance rode the front of the train whileJosh and I got the back. I was screaming stupidly and these guys whorode with us were like "Who was yellin like that?" It was amazing.

MaxAir (10 Minute Wait)
So this ride I could pretty much fall asleep on. I love riding it, butto me it is more relaxing than thrilling. It's a great ride though.

We headed to hit up Raptor, Blue Streak and Millennium Force.

Raptor (10 Minute Wait)
Well I added my 4th ride of the day on this coaster. And it made mejust as dizzy as the other 3 times. But I love this coaster, and thebrakes seemed to be a bit smoother. It was great.

Blue Streak (5 Minute Wait) Front and Back
Well Josh and I took 2 laps on this coaster, and I must say it isrunning super fast. It seems like they retracked the coaster orsomething, also the brakes were a lot smoother at stopping than inprevious seasons. It was running amazingly.

Millennium Force (1 Hour Wait)
My dad rode this, everyone else needed a break from the long day, plusat 11 they had ERT for the former employees and their families.

MF ERT: In total I got 8 laps on this coaster, 2 up in the front car, 4in the back, and the other 2 just random places. It was amazing, and Iwant to do that all over again. It also helped that they were stillrunning 3 trains, and only about 40 people were doing the ERT. Alsothey just let us get off in unload and walk right back into thestation. No leaving the ride platform at all.

Cedar Point exceeded all my expectations with this reunion. Theydefinitely upgraded everything from last seasons. I loved the time Ihad there! I hope to visit CP one last time before the season is over.So far the park is 2 for 2, this year!

~~~~Coaster Lover~~~~~~~~~~

I worked at CP Group Untility in '05. I haven't been back since.

Sure, the hours were long, the pay was crappy, and I was sick of park food by the end of the summer, but I wouldn't have traded it for all the tea in China.

Besides, having 16 coasters to ride on your day iff isn't that bad.

Heck, I even got to Geuaga Lake one day. :)

Coaster Junkie from NH
I drive in & out of Boston, so I ride coasters to relax!

Sounds like Labor Day weekend is not very busy with all the 10 min. waits. I would like to attend the employee reunion if they have it next year, it sounds fun.

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Employee reunion?? Ok.. I gotta admit.. That is a pretty cool idea.

They have team days for current Team Members at BGW, but not reunion.. I may have to suggest that one.

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I had registered (and paid for) my hubby and I to go to the event and not 5 minutes later realized I had to barn sit for a week starting on that day. I was so disappointed! :(

Sounds like was a good time!
Maybe next year!!

'00 '02 '03 '09 Halloweekends Raptor Crew :)

'00 '02 '03 '09 Raptor Crew
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Sounds like MF and Maverick had the longest waits.

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