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I was on YouTube a moment ago and came accross a home video of CP back in 1996. Needless to say the skyline of the park looked naked compared to the way it is now, but it made me think of a question.

At what time would most people say, in the coaster fan lifestyle, did CP become the one place you HAD to get to once in lifetime? Like Mecca for Mulims, and Jerusalem for Jews (no religious connotation, just an example).

I know that the park has been there...lets say...forever. But where was the tipping point? with what attraction?





When did it get the status that we know and love today?

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I think Magnum put the Point on the map.
When I became a coaster enthusiast (crossed the line from like of parks to actively seeking them out) was circa 1998-1999 and thanks to those Discovery Channel Specials I knew then that Cedar Point was the roller coaster capital of the world and knew I had to go ride Raptor, Mantis and Magnum. Also those specials were already treating CP as hallowed ground back then, so 1998-1999 at the latest.

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Corkscrew and Gemini were Cedar Point's first "great" coasters. They were the first to really stand out of the normal amusement park. Magnum, Mean Streak, Raptor, etc. all created the whole "America's Roller Coast" type deal.

As for the skyline in 1996. There's only three rides that really shape the park's skyline today. That's of course; MF, TTD, and Power Tower.

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The skyline was still breathtaking in 1996, the first time I saw it.
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WildThingNative said:
I was on YouTube a moment ago and came accross a home video of CP back in 1996. Needless to say the skyline of the park looked naked compared to the way it is now...

Oooh, was it my video!?

Both my wife and I had childhood experiences at CP long before we met. In 1995 we made our first trip together. We had such a good time that in 1996 we stayed at the point for 4 days. (the footage in that video)

We had such a good time then that in 1998 we took a two other couples with us and stayed for four days again.

CP is one of the few parks we try to hit every year.

As far as what was that 'tipping point', I'd almost certainly think Magnum qualifies as the biggest. Other rides have been the first, biggest or whatever of their kind, but the timing of the building of magnum and the sheer size seems like it was the one that garnered the most attention and really got people interested...and it's credited with sparking the 'coaster wars' that lasted a good 12 or 15 years.

I'd have to go with Magnum too. I remember being there with my friends in 1988 and seeing the sign for the upcoming ride for 1989..."on this site will be build the worlds tallest..." and thinking that this was it, it was season pass time. We got our passes the next year on opening day, and from that first May weekend until the last weekend I was there at least once except for 3 weekends the whole summer. From there it just took off with MS in 91, Raptor in 94, Mantis in 96 and so on and so on....


By the way Gonch, I stumbled across your videos on there some time ago and had a blast watching them! If I would just get off my lazy butt and hook up my camera to my computer I'd have some too! *** Edited 4/5/2007 8:01:36 PM UTC by LdScotsman***

You have disturbed the forbidden temple, now-you-will-pay!!!

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When you grow up in Cleveland, it's just a part of your summers anyway.

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Lord Gonchar said:

Oooh, was it my video!?

Why yes...yes it was!

Leading to another question since I have LG's attention:

My first and only time there was when TTD opened. Of course it was still getting the bugs worked out and not operating that day.:(

Anyhoo, the opening scene on the "space needle", I don't recall that ride being there.

Thanks for another great season, VF!

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The Space Spiral is in the front corner of the park by Disaster Transport.

I think it was the tallest ride at the park until Dragster opened. (I'm sure someone will correct that if I'm wrong :) )

I thought both Millenium Force and Power Tower are taller than Space Spiral.

As for me, I remember the intra-Ohio coaster wars between Kings Island and Cedar Point. This was back in the 70's, when every year it seemed one park tried to one up the other. Corkscrew, Screamin' Demon, Gemini, Beast. It was a great time to be a kid. Back then, living in central Ohio, it was kind of like rooting for both the Indians and the Reds.

We would go to KI every year, and CP maybe every other season. Kings Island was my favorite of the two, hands down. It seemed like it had a better atmosphere than the Point, just more of a magical experience. My memory may serve me wrong, but Cedar Point just felt, well, grungier, more run down, during those years.

Then I moved up to Akron, and for quite a few years I didn't get back to Kings Island. When I did, I was shocked what it had become under Paramount. Cedar Point's had my heart ever since. (Along with every other amusement park I visit.)

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I would also agree that Magnum really put CP "on top", but who did it usurp? Kings Island.

When I was younger (the 80's) it was Kings Island, and not Cedar Point, that truly had the best coasters. It had a Stand-up, the Bat, then Vortex...WOW...and then the park...well...changed directions and CP took the lead.

Interesting, though, that Ohio for some reason has been home to such great coaster-capitals.

Space Spiral = 330 (or is it 335) feet

So Gonch is right.

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I always thought that Corkscrew put them on the map. When Corkscrew opened on their brochure it said Coaster Capital of the world.

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The park looks packed back when that video was shot. How about the fact they have so many darn roller coasters? You are saying what they have. When they started having more than 12 roller coasters, it became partially a roller coaster enthusiast park. And the thing is that a lot of coasters over there have the heights. They aren't just kiddie coasters.

To me, I think there are other parks out there that top the point. The Point is pretty darn good, but I found some other parks that beat it.

How many people here ever experienced CP on a record setting day, other than myself, and my father?

Of those who can answer yes, how many of you enjoyed your day, waiting for 2 hours for every ride in the park?

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For it to be considered the one place you HAD to go, that must have been after 2000 and the addition of Millennium Force. One coaster (Magnum) does not a great park make. Yeah, it was awesome, but there really wasn't any other huge draw for the park. But once you had Magnum, Raptor, and Millennium Force, you just had to get there... so I did.

Welcome back, red train, how was your ride?!

matt. said:
The skyline was still breathtaking in 1996, the first time I saw it.

Yep, gonna have to agree here. My first trip ever was in 1996 and I remember when driving away I couldn't stop staring out the back of our car window thinking about how awesome it looked....Raptor/Magnum/Mantis etc.

Now the skyline is total overkill, but still simply amazing.

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Space Spiral has been there since 1965.

"New Heights in Fun!" < < The park's slogan at the time. :)

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