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Tuesday, October 28, 2003 4:14 PM
Okay, I won't belabour the closing day issue at Cedar Point - I know there are a couple of other trip reports on here right now, but I thought a couple of mentionables are, well, mentionable.....

HIGH MARKS go to MAGNUM, a coaster I have NEVER ridden minus the brake block going into the pretzel turnaround. I can say that without the brakes this is a TRULY VIOLENT YET EXCELLENT rollercoaster - the sweeping turn that exits the pretzel loop and dives into the second tunnel was absolutely amazing - it was like a religious epiphany. The bunny hops at the end of the coaster were that much better. I was with my sister on this visit to Cedar Point, and even she had difficulty ranking any of this park's other coasters above Magnum. I guess I am a firm believer that there is just no place for brakes in the middle of a rollercoaster.

High marks also go to Top Thrill Dragster, which was up and running fairly regularly on Sunday; there were no rollbacks, and when one almost occurred, the last car was emptied on subsequent trains, and the line still moved fairly well. I waited near the end of the day for only about 1 hour for my second ride of the day. Also, high marks go to the 10 minute wait for Millennium Force, and a surprisingly thrilling Raptor back seat ride - my sister had the right outer seat (last row), which really accentuates the coaster's beautiful sweeping first drop.

This park is the most re-visitable park I have ever been to - I have just as much, if not, more fun each time I visit, and the coasters each have their own unique personality. I also enjoyed the "Gypsy Fortune Tellers," the great Halloweekends decorations, the excellent weather, and of course, my great ride on Blue Streak.

I only visited CP three times this year, but I still think I am going to get a season pass next year. Well done, excellent park, and a darn good day!

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Tuesday, October 28, 2003 4:21 PM

I know of two rollbacks that took place during the morning hours. Other than that though, I didn't see any others and Dragster was running pretty well that day.


Tuesday, October 28, 2003 5:39 PM
Yea, It rolled back a few times when they opened it up and then it ran great, until my ride. It went down for about 20 minutes and I was stuck in the brake run until they got it back up.

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