Cedar Point closed Monday (June 6) because of down power lines on causeway

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Cedar Point suffered storm damage Sunday night that knocked down power lines on the causeway into the park. They made this statement on Facebook at 8:23 p.m.:

As a result of the severe wind damage to power lines and poles on the Cedar Point Causeway, and the lack of adequate power to operate rides at full capacity, Cedar Point and Soak City will not open on Monday, June 6. Crews from Ohio Edison are working diligently to repair Causeway power lines as quickly as possible. We anticipate we will reopen on Tuesday, June 7.

See the statement on Facebook.

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What a mess.

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Wow, at this time of year, that's a huge profit loss for them. And they obviously don't employ government workers, because those power lines would take weeks to repair if that were the case, lol.

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It's the CoasterMania weekend curse.

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Bet they wish they had torn down some trees and built a solar power plant... oh right, there aren't any trees....

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For my entire life, I have been anticipating the day when power lines are a thing of the past. They are ugly, even when they are not falling over in the streets after a storm.

Mini rant over. The picture just reminded me of my strong dislike of power lines.

I'm sure someone will show up at the park tomorrow looking for an exciting experience for their family.

Oh, this is too perfect.
Today, as I might do, I randomly pulled up the CP webcams just to see how things were going and after a minute or two of gazing I realized rides weren't running. I wondered why, as the sky looked clear enough, so... huh...
I switched to the main midway cam and could see people (everyone, really) walking to the gate, then they started running, THEN the most hellacious storm blew in. Huge raindrops, (it looked for all the world like hail) then finally two of the cams went out altogether. I could tell on the one remaining it was extremely windy.
I've been through many storms at parks and at the fair and it can be terrifying and fascinating at the same time.

Once I was at Kennywood and a storm was so bad they had to close early. But it seems CP has had its share of days where they must remain closed for an entire upcoming day (or more), doesn't it?

This only proves, once again, that the outdoor entertainment industry is first and foremost dependent on weather. The play I'm in is outdoors in a park amphitheater, and so far three out of eight performances have been rainouts and we lost an entire weekend. It's free to attend, but we rely on donations, and if no one comes no one makes any money. Cedar Point can probably stand to manage better with a lost day than our theatre company can, but still- it sucks the worst for anyone who can't do business.

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According to Ohio Edison, there were 35 poles knocked down on the causeway.


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LostKause said: For my entire life, I have been anticipating the day when power lines are a thing of the past.

You'll likely never see that day. The cost of under-grounding existing utility lines is astronomical.

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Apparently it was a micro burst. Same thing that destroyed Kennywood's whip building a killed a woman back in 2002. Scary stuff.

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