Cedar Point Breakers may lose historic status

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Following the demolition of a section used for employee housing to make room for the tower addition, Cedar Point's Hotel Breakers may be removed from the National Historic Landmark registry. The National Park Service committee will meet next month to determine the building's status.

Read the story from The Sandusky Register.

Link: Guide to The Point

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I think that this is a good thing because than Cedar Point can build more coasters. The Breakers Hotel is to expensive. You can still stay at Lighthouse Point.
The hotel will still be there, they're just saying that it won't be a national historic landmark anymore
Good I am glad because that new addition is disgusting. It pays no respect to what was there. It is a building done as cheaply and quickly as possible without regard to asthetics at all. I think they national park service should make them teare it down and build a better building.
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Cedar Point is starting to disappoint me.

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Fascination and now possibly this? Come on Cedar Point, keep what you can!

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Obviously what they need is 310+ Room Intermin Hotel. That should keep it one step ahead of SFMM in the Hotel stakes. Maybe they the Coast with the Most Hotel rooms.

In case, you are taking this seriously. I am not. And neither is Cedar Point if they're that keen to demolish landmark to increase capacity.

Poor Independence Hall! Boo hoo! ;)

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Bob Dole, what are you talking about? They can't make anyone "teare" down anything.

Get over it, folks. That's progress. There's a need there (and revenue opportunity) for more rooms. The old Breakers wings were nasty and not worthy of a destination resort. Heck, the last one they tore down was employee housing.

The lobby and rotunda are the most important parts of the building, along with the adjacent wings. You can bet they won't disturb those.

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I guess national landmark's and history does not mean as much in the amusement industry, most others try to restore national landmark's not change them.

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I know they can't make CP teare it down. But hopefully this is a reality check for them. There is very few examples of significant architecture in amusement parks. There are disney examples, but those are disney buildings, where they simply try to re-create the feeling of something. But the Breakers hotel was actually someting. The wood was original, the thought behind the design was genuinely from that era, not people in 2001 guessing what it might have been like then. I guess people are more interested in going to a re-creation of the 1920's in Disney's Boardwalk hotel, than the real thing at CP. And yes there is more to the original design than the rotunda and lobby. the wings is what made it so grandiose, and gave it that near perfect symmetery, there is nothing about the new addition that speaks about symmetry to the lobby. it looks like a hospital.

I guess I wouldn't be so mad if the replacement was a modern architecture marvel.
oh, you mean that 10 story prizon compound building on the beach?
Seriously though, look at the bright side...they could be doing what other parks do, the could be tearing down their world-famous roller coasters!
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"Teare" still isn't a word, no matter how many times you use it.

But it does remind me of an ancient rec.roller-coaster joke. Now we have our own...

"Teare it down!"

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The new "East Wing" to Hotel Breakers is beautiful. Granted, The Tower "West Wing" is plain, but my impression is that it allows for expansion. What people are forgeting about the "old" Hotel Breakers is that it was basically a dump and had been remodeled extensively. What good did it do? The rooms were still very small, smelly with very low ceilings...window air conditioning units. Not too appealing to outside travelers.

If I'm going to spend probably $200+ a night, I want superior accommodations. A National Landmark designation means nothing to this business. Heck, the Old Cleveland Stadium was a Historic Landmark, and that place was a true dump!

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Here, Here.
Well Said, Martling.

Still the old Breakers, could have been gut-rehabbed, to make way for modern conviencences, such as a wall mounted HVAC. I don't kow why the ceilings were low in the old buildings. But remember they were employee housing before they were demolished and wasn't "remodled extensively" It was a "dump" because of a lack of maintenace and upkeep, not because of the design.

Yeah I remeber that I forget how tear was spelled then though.
Thank you Martling for putting into words what I was feeling.

Sometimes a "historical" building that his still in use must be updated- including some demolition- to allow it to be continued to be used. Running a "historical landmark" empty dump won't make them money, which is the whole point of the hotel. Now if they had needlessly wiped out the entry, lobby, and rotunda needlessly, then I think there would be a problem. But this is an improvement.

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Bob Dole:

Have you ever been in an old building that may have charm, but the fact of the matter is it's just old? That's what the Breakers was. CP took care of it and they DID REMODEL over the years. But it was still old. It could never supply the amentities that a modern hotel could supply.

Could they have gutted it? Sure. But at what cost? Sometimes it's easier to just start over. If the Breakers stood in a little town miles away, then maybe you save it. But we are talking about an Amusement Park. A bigger, more modern hotel means more guests and therefore more funds to build future roller coasters. Look at it that way.

"Teare it down!"

The correct word is TAER
and the quote is TAER IT DOWN!

this was about the same time as the "bootlegged cheeseburger" came into existence...


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Yeah, I get it... I was eluding to a new one unique to CoasterBuzz.

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A building feeling old means nothing. It feels old because of the lack of maintance. Every building the same age of the Hotel breakers doesn't feel old. You aren't going to demolish the Pantheon in Rome just because it is old. I personally would rather stay in a turn of the century resort than a giant white box. There are ways of making retrofiting old buildings with modern conviences. Look at any old college campus. Look at the White house. The reason Breakers was demolished because they wanted more rooms, hence more money (more roller coasters the good part!) There is a difference between old buildings and dilapidated buildings, one is caused by time and the other caused by human intervention.
I wonder if the historical preservation board can make CP rename the hotel if it is determined to remove it from the national register of Historic places.

I guess i should give it a rest, because after all more money means more rollercoasters and that is why we are all here. *** This post was edited by Bob Dole on 4/10/2001. ***

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