Cedar Point Booking Issues. Help Needed

So it looks like my wife and I are going to be able to spend a weekend at Cedar Point on Sept 15-18. Naturally I went to the website to book a room, but every hotel showed unavailabilty. Am I missing something? Can they all be booked in the middle of Sept. The park is open. I would like to stay onsite, but are there any hotels worthy off point? Money really isnt an issue. Castaway Bay does come up, is that worth it.

I checked all the usual booking sites, but frankly stars really dont cut it for me, Id like to hear from someone who actually stayed there.

Also before anyone freaks out, I tried to search, but nothing came up. Thanks in advance.

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Try calling the hotel and asking thats my suggestion....because those websites aren't usually updated that often/greatest source of information...

You also might be going on a busy weekend, school's are in session and things so they might have that stuff booked up too...I'm not too sure...check it out :)

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I agree with Kyle. Give them a buzz.
There are plenty of rooms available on Cedar Point for September 15-17. Cedar Point isn't open on the 18th of September, that's why you're not finding any rooms available. Try changing your search to September 15-17. You'll have to stay in a hotel off of Cedar Point the night of September 17th. The hotels on Cedar Point aren't open if Cedar Point isn't open.
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Your problem is that the park (and thus the on-property hotels) are not operating on the 18th.

Try booking a room checking in on the 15th and checking out on the 17th. :)

EDIT - D'oh, coastergirl slipped in with the info while I was double checking.

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Ahh, I just realized that. I was thinking since its open on Sunday, we could stay there Sunday night. Thanks for the help. Would it be worth to just stay at Castaway Bay since it is open? *** Edited 8/1/2006 6:32:07 PM UTC by Sugart***

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the north coast and islands have relly been operating with an in and out of season mindset especialy the islands, im pretty sure CP hotels really cut the number of rooms offered after the holiday weekend- i thought all on-site hotels actualy closed but i could be wrong.
The Sleep Inn on US 250 isn't bad. You would also be close to food outlets and the mall...if that interests you. Point Hotels are only open on Friday and Saturday nights during that time of the season.

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Castaway Bay is nice and you would also have access to their indoor waterpark, which is pretty fun. You will have to pay for parking at CP if you stay at Castaway Bay though.
Thanks for the help. I think we are gonna stay Friday and Saturday night at Hotel Breakers, then Sunday night in Clevland, before heading home on Monday.

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