Cedar Point August 24 & 25.

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We arrived in Sandusky about 6pm, and knowing that the park was only open until 8pm we decided to just relax at the pool, and in our room for the evening. This time we stayed at the Comfort Inn right of Route 2 on Milan Road. Good value and decent place overall, and I’ll think that is where we’ll be staying from now on. Like the poolside bar. J

I have stayed both on and off site, and I find myself gravitating more toward staying off site recently. Its much cheaper(wed-sat for $210,) and I always end up eating at the Chili’s or one of the other places on Milan Road. Didn’t the early entry into the park used to be an hour earlier? Why the change to ½ hour?

Got to the park at 10am Thursday morning, and was pleasantly surprised with no crowds. It was nice to not have to walk on a crowded midway. We immediately hopped onto the Sky Ride with no wait, and headed straight to MF.

Rode MF 2X. The wait was much longer then it should have been. They were letting trains stack. I wasn’t going to get myself worked up about it since there wasn’t any crowds in the park and they were still running 3 trains. What’s with the seatbelts from the front to the back seat? The front belts seem shorter then the backs. I had no problem with the belt in the last seat, but was just able to fasten and get the slack I needed in the front seat(I am a 36 in waste)I seen quite a few people getting thrown off which After MF we headed back to Skyhawk.

I really liked Skyhawk. Its nice not having it be an upcharge ride like it is at Dorney. The acceleration is really intense and is my favorite part of the ride. I also found the restraints comfortable. Good addition.

The rest of the day until 2:30pm went in this order. We hit the Mine Ride, Mean Streak, Gemini, Magnum 4X, Corkscrew, Wicked Twister 2X, Disaster Transport, Maxair, Sky Ride, Iron Dragon, Wildcat, Mantis, Sky ride, Demon Drop, and then head back to the hotel for lunch, swimming, and some R&R.

Back in the park at 5:30pm rode in this order. Raptor, Bluestreak, MF, Skyhawk, Gemini, Magnum 2X, and TTD in the back seat to finish the day off. TTD seemed to be running well all the days that I visited the park. I have been lucky, and have been able to ride it at least 1 time on every visit I have made to the park. Guess I am one of the lucky ones. Never got a roll back, but came close. We sat on the top of the tophat for about 12-15 seconds before it finally inched its way over. Damn!

I have ridden TTD, Ka, and Storm Runner, and Storm Runner is by far the superior of the 3 I have ridden. TTD didn’t do much for me this time. I am going to be riding Ka in 3 weeks, so I’ll know if there really is much difference between the 2.

Friday was pretty much the same except the park was a little busier. We just rode everything pretty much in the same order in the morning except skipped Mean Streak(Ouch!) We hit a few more flats that we had missed like the Steeplechase, Troika, and Chaos. Headed back to the hotel room, and went back to the park at 7 so we could get a few night rides on Maggie, MF, and TTD. Rode Magnum 6X, MF(Backseat,) and TTD(backseat.)

We woke up this morning, ate breakfast, and checked out of the room about 10:45. Got back home in the Harrisburg area about 4:15 pm. Made good time both there and back for a change. Overall a great trip. We love Cedar Point, and always go at least once a season. I am thinking of a way to work Boobuzz and Geauga Lake into another weekend.

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I was there on Friday with my 74 year old mom. If Friday was more crowded than Thursday, then Thursday must have been great because the longest line I stood in was for MF at 25 minutes around 11 am.

They were still stacking trains at MF on Friday as well.

Had a great time on Friday, and with the short lines, I was able to ride a good portion of the coasters without making my mom wait very long.

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^ Did your mom enjoy the park? I'm glad she didn't have to wait (too) long! My mother-in-law (70 years old) liked the Skyride and train but "drew the line" at Millennium Force. I think even though she only went on two rides, she had a great time. She did miss the candy apples though (you don't see those anymore!!!)....

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Mom had a great time even though all she rode was Iron Dragon, Antique Cars and the train. We saw two shows, ate at the Game Day Grille (beer and lobster bisque), cotton candy and I won a stuffed toy for her.

If you want to see pictures (including some from Project 2007), I have a Full trip report here

I'd rather die living than live like I'm dead

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