Cedar Point August 16th & 17th. Pretty good time overall.

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My friend and I left London Ontario at 2:50am Monday morning, and we arrived in Sandusky at 6:45am. If you want to travel on the road and make great time you wont go wrong doing so in middle of the night. I payed for that later when I couldn't keep my eyes open in the park from pulling the all-nighter.

My friend and I left the park many times throughout the two days because we were blown away at the price of food and the quality of it. No problem here though, we had the exempt parking pass which granted us access to any parking lot. I for one really enjoyed driving by millie all the time, and looking up the drop from the ground, this was pretty cool.

Here is our ride count:

Maverick - 1
Millenium Force - 2
Mantis - 2
Top Thrill Dragster - 2
Power Tower - 3
Magnum - 4
Mean Streak - 1

I'm not sure if I would like to ride wicked twister, but we never got to ride Wicked Twister or Raptor. I was pretty bummed out about missing out on Raptor. The park was unusually busy for a Monday and Tuesday.

I have nothing bad to say about MF in which we rode the front and back. The first drop for me is still impressive even after it being over 10 years since my last visit. The ride was running exceptionally fast and just hauled through the course. MF does need a new paint job, she looks a little faded and dull.

Mantis is awesome! This ride is fourteen years old and is running like it did when it first opened. Smooth as glass, which for me is really nice when your on a ride that goes upside down. I also have to mention the roar that comes from from it. Awesome! I really really enjoyed mantis.

Top Thrill Dragster! I'm not gonna lie, but when I saw how fast the train goes by at the end of the launch when I entered the park, I was in aw. Even after the two days we were at the park I could not stop looking at the ride and how big it is. I just couldn't wrap my head around it.

We got two rides in and I have to say the first time around I did not enjoy it at all. One I was scared, two I felt like complete crap from eating garbage food at the park which was the only time we ever ate anything from park, and three it was extremely hot out. My hands were sweeting and I felt like I was going to puke. I did it anyways. The second time was the last day on the tuesday. We waited 2 hours in total to get on the ride and we rode the front. Most amazing experience I have ever had on a ride in my life. The launch was unbelievable, I fell in love with the ride. I will say no more.

Magnum was great, this ride was always a ten or fifteen minute wait. Good long drop and tones of airtime off the bunny hills in the second half. Trains and seating are a bit rough but I really liked it as-well.

Maverick is just a nine out of ten or even a ten out of ten minus the downtime it has. Everything about this ride is good. The drop, transitions, launch, theming etc. Fantastic! The ride was always the longest wait in the park, so unfortunately we only got one ride, which was on the first day early ride entry.

Included with our tickets for only five bucks more was Soak City tickets. What a great water park. One it was great because beating the heat was a must, and the slides are just freaken awesome. I was laughing so hard on some of them people were starting to wonder I think. I was completely air-born on some of them, it was priceless. Lazy river was good to. Waterfalls, fountains, buckets that spill water. Very cool!

We stayed at the Breakers Express hotel in Cedar Point Causeway outside the park. Not bad but deff not good. The rooms stunk like chlorine and pool water and there was no mini fridge, but the rooms were clean and had great air conditioning.

I had a really good time and cant wait to head back next year. The park service was pretty good as-well, you could see some workers looking a little tired and getting a bit lazy here and there but I cant really blame them. The ride staff was really really good to. Always getting the riders excited and keeping them on their toes.

My two most favorite things about the entire trip was TTD and Soak City.

I apologize for some of the grammatical spelling errors or lack of constructive writing skills, I whipped this TR up in about 10 minutes.

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