Cedar Point, August 11th!

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Sorry this is a little late, I just got back. What a great day at CP! We get to the park and take the Sky Ride towards ID and WC. Take a quick ride on ID and take the train back to Frontier Town. Next up was MS and we sat in the front. We actually had a great ride! Front row on MS is the way to go! Next up was Mine Ride and had another good ride. Now it was time for lunch and we at at some place in FT that I have never eaten at before. We got pizza, pop, and salad. It was pretty good. Now it was time for Thunder Canyon and I actually didn't get too wet. My shorts did but my shirt didn't really. Then we walked over to Gemini and rode that and then after that we rode Magnum. TTD, MF, and Maverick had long waits all day. So sadly we didn't ride any of them. MF was actually down for the first hour or two of the day. Next up was Paddlewheel, then after Paddlewheel we went over to the dodgems and rode those. After Dodgems was Snoopy's Big Bow Wow. What a great show! All the families seemed to be enjoying! After that we took a quick ride on ID and then headed to Famous Daves for dinner. We had some great ribs there! After dinner we wanted to ride TTD or MF but never got too, because the lines were both two hours! So we rode WC and Raptor. Front row on Raptor is so amazing! So before we left I bought a CP t-shirt and we got some ice cream at tofts. Man do they give you a lot of ice cream there! Another great time at CP!
^^OH God!!! Another biased CP TR from ya'!! ;)

I was there with a friend on July 27 & 28 and it was very busy as well. Even though the line was long at Maverick it was still only an hour wait for us. They move 'em through pretty quick.
I agree with you Parker17 Raptor is simply an amazing ride. The front seat on it is one of my favorite places to be in the world! Each time I ride it it only gets better.
Yeah the Maverick line moves very fast. And if you really don't want to wait, the singles line can be a good option to save a good 10 minutes (and if they can't find a single for you, they usually just let you go at some point).

Mean Streak in the front is less rickety?


Yes, it was for me. This was my first experience in the front and it was pretty good!

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