Cedar Point, August 10th!

What a great day at CP. I was expecting a big crowd as there was a lot of traffic on 250 and with hearing about the huge crowds all of last week, I was surprised to see it was not a very crowded day!

So got there at like 11 and entered at the side entrance by Famous Dave's and the employee dorms. We rode ID dragon first what was about a 15 minute wait. Someone threw up so it made the wait a little longer. How do you throw up on Iron Dragon?? Good ride. Next we did Mantis and we waited like an hour and again someone threw up so it made the wait a little longer. I had not ridden Mantis in ages so it was fun to try it out again. Overall the ride is OK. Time to eat! So we went to coasters and I got that kiddie corn dog basket and a drink for like $9.04. It was yumm. We were hoping to sit inside because of the heat, but every seat was taken in the restaurant so we ate outside.

Next we took the train to Frontier Town (noticed Maverick was down) to ride Thunder Canyon. TC was like a 10 minute wait and got a little drenched. It felt good though, because of the heat! Next we did Mine Ride and waited maybe like 10 minutes. We did the front row. Fun little ride. Then we did Mean Streak. Line was at the bottom of the stairs, probably since Maverick was down. It was funny though, because we waited for the front so we were in a line for that and while waiting the station totally cleared out probably because Maverick opened while in line. Now I try to defend Mean Streak, but I can't anymore. It was so rough and we were in the front. As we were getting off lots of people were warning the people getting on about how rough it is. I think MS needs to be retired or re-tracked to make it in good shape like other woodies. Do something with it! After MS, I bought a water bottle at The Roundup and we sat for a little bit away from the heat!

Maverick had a line coming out of the entrance so we passed on that. We walked over to Paddlewheel and rode that. Not much going on at the "mystery site". Then we walked all the way over to Disaster Transport for the air and ride. The line was not being air conditioned today so we just walked out of line. It was hotter in there than it was outside! Next we played a basketball game. My sister tried 3 times ($2 each) and missed all 3 times. She was trying to win something for her BF. I finally said "let me do it!" and I made it on the first shot. So we walked over to Raptor and waited maybe like 10 minutes. Awesome ride as usual. Then we ran through the new fountain. It was fun. Next we did Dodgems, Cadillac Cars, and Iron Dragon again and went over to TGI Friday's on the beach at Hotel Breakers for dinner. We met the rest of the fam there and had a good dinner. It was crowded and lots were in line to check into the hotel.

After dinner we rode Magnum which was like a 20 minute wait and then we did MF which was like an hour wait. We had great rides on both and then rode the Cadillac Cars one more time with the fam, then decided to leave. We had a really good day!

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Hey Parker123, Thanks for the TR! My Dad and I are going to Cedar Point this Thursday and Friday. How long was the wait for TTD? You said the wait for MF was like an hour (which is about standard I guess on most days). I am guessing Maverick had over an hour wait as well? What about Wicked Twister? Just curious. Thanks!

Collin Aynes

Hey Collin Aynes! Well CP was surprisingly not crowded yesterday. Lately they have had big crowds but not yesterday. TTD was like a 45 minute wait, yes Maverick was over an hour, and WT I'm not so sure about, but it is usually a pretty short wait. Not sure how crowds will be when you go, but have fun!!

WT was down when I went a few weeks ago...I was totally bummed. That's a shockingly intense ride...shame it's not longer.

Only an hour wait for Millie? I'm so jealous. 45 minutes for TTD? Also jealous! I just wish Maverick would calm down with the lines. It's great and everything, but it does suck to wait two hours every single time you want to ride it. It kills a huge chunk of your day if you want more than one ride. Even with four or five trains running (I still haven't determined the amount of trains that thing has) it still doesn't move any faster.

Well, my brain is fried and I forgot what I wanted to say. Have a good night, and thanks for the trip report!

"Look at us spinning out in the madness of a roller coaster" - Dave Matthews Band

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