Cedar Point announces... wait for it... WindSeeker

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Cedar Point is the third (and not the last) Cedar Fair park to announce its 301-foot Mondial swing tower.

Go to Cedar Point's Facebook page.

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Cool. I s'pose.

I wish it hadn't been ruined by the Register. :-|

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What happened to the 400 foot Kinzel-sized model??? ;)


It's funny. A lot of people were expecting the Cedar Point ride to be 100' taller than the Knott's and Canada Wonderland rides.

Another example of how Cedar Point doesn't always go bigger than her sister parks.

Just a few examples:

1992 - Snake River Falls & sister park Dorney's White Water Landing. Same exact ride, down to the specifications.

1998 - Power Tower loses height record to sister park Knott's Supreme Scream less than 2 months after its opening.

2006 - Skyhawk & sister park Valleyfair's Xtreme Swing. Same exact ride, down to the specifications.

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I'm a bit disappointed for 2 reasons:

#1 - One would think that they could make Cedar Point's version just a bit taller or something. Given that it's their unofficial flagship park, and that it's known for having some of the biggest and best, I'd think they could add an extra 20 feet or so to what they're doing at other parks.

#2 - That they aren't putting one at California's Great America. Come on Cedar Fair....throw us Nor Cal folks a bone. ;-)

I also was expecting a little something "extra" for the CP model. But I knew they wouldn't.

So... What is for 2012???

"Stratosaur"? :)

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^ Knott's 2012 addition. :)

Kings Island is getting one too.

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I for one wasn't surprised on the height - it does make sense from a manufacturing perspective to make them all identical - no additional costs involved and they probably were entitled to some sort of a discount.

301' might be as high as they can go with this type of ride.

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I dunno, I kind of dug the Stratosaur name.

Looks cool! Can't wait to ride it! Bye bye Ocean Motion. You will be missed!


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So where's the KI news thread? Kings Island announces.....yet another...WindSeeker.

I'm going to laugh if Kings Island announces STRATOSOAR - 450' Mondial Winkseeker ride.

They already did announce, it is the same 301' ride at everybody else.

jive2 said:
301' might be as high as they can go with this type of ride.

And keep in mind folks, 301 feet tall and located right next to Wicked Twister near the beach. Yeah 301 ft will be PLENTY to make it thrilling, no question lol

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I honestly wouldn't mind them rolling this out to all the parks eventually.

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SteveWoA said:
They already did announce, it is the same 301' ride at everybody else.

Yep same as Knott's Berry Farm, Canada's Wonderland one too.

I look forward to make fart jokes while in line for these rides.

Interesting as they were giving clues on facebook. One being a picture of the top of Top Thrill. Thus one thinks 400'. Not a picture of the 300' platform... Wonder if they really did want a 400 footer.

The 400 ft could be a clue for 2012 attractions coming to the park ;)

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