Cedar Point announces Cedar Point Shores Water Park, more Express rooms, new tower for Breakers

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The press release:

The world’s best amusement park destination is getting bigger with a multi-year investment to further demonstrate Cedar Point as a complete vacation choice for families and thrill seekers. The major highlight of fun to come is an extensive transformation of Soak City to the brand-new, 18-acre Cedar Point Shores Water Park.

With a nod to its lakeside surroundings, Cedar Point Shores will feature three completely new water attractions, new and upgraded food and merchandise locations and more. All-new amenities will be added for guests to enjoy the one-of-a-kind setting of beautiful Lake Erie and Cedar Point’s mile-long beach.

New attractions for water lovers of all ages are coming ashore in 2017. They include:

  • Point Plummet – a six-story-tall, four-person aqua-drop body slide that will simultaneously send four guests on a nearly vertical free fall when the floor drops out from under them. The four separate 400-foot-long slides will send riders through a series of flat loops and s-curves for an amazing water rush.
  • Starboard Surge & Portside Plunge – located on the same structure as Point Plummet, these two, five-story tube slides can accommodate guests riding alone or with a friend and will send them through an enclosed tunnel before shooting them out into the sun through intense drops and turns.
  • Lakeslide Landing – a new family splashground with 12 kid-sized water slides that line the perimeter of a zero-depth-entry pool, giving kids their own mini water thrills while parents can relax under shade structures and enjoy an oversized lounge and sun deck area.

The water park’s existing slides and attractions will receive makeovers as well, with most receiving new names highlighting the unique beachside location.

For food lovers, the new Crystal Rock Café will cook up delicious food items guests won’t be able to resist. The menu includes items like: fresh-baked flat breads with options such as caprese or buffalo mac & cheese; farm stand salad options like crispy chicken BLT, Asian chicken and chicken Caesar; pesto-glazed grilled chicken sandwiches; fresh-breaded chicken tenders; cheeseburgers; bratwurst; waffle fries; tater tots and more.

Cedar Point Shores will also boast a completely new main entrance, a new poolside bar, new family changing/showering areas, more lounge chairs, additional shade, improved landscaping and unobstructed views of Lake Erie.

Updated cabanas on either side of the massive 500,000-gallon wave pool will be the perfect place to relax for large groups or families. Upgrades include free Wi-Fi, charging stations, ceiling fans, TVs and dedicated food and beverage service.

Guests who want to get the most out of their summer with repeat visits to Cedar Point Shores will want to purchase a 2017 Platinum Pass. The Platinum Pass includes unlimited admission to Cedar Point and Cedar Point Shores, Early Entry, free parking, exclusive ride nights, in-park discounts and more. Guests can purchase their 2017 Platinum Pass beginning Saturday, Aug. 20 at cedarpoint.com.

In addition to the exciting new Cedar Point Shores Water Park, Cedar Point also announced several enhancements to its overnight accommodations.

In 2017, Breakers Express will transform into Cedar Point’s Express Hotel, adding 69 new rooms to the popular overnight haven. All guest rooms feature two queen beds and will be completely renovated with new bathrooms and bedding, mini fridges, microwaves and connecting family suites for additional time to spend together.

In the center of the property, a new splash pad and an outdoor courtyard featuring conversational living spaces will join the whimsical swimming pool and relaxing deck area.

Construction on Cedar Point’s Express Hotel is already in progress and will last throughout the winter.

The Hotel Breakers, Cedar Point’s signature hotel located right next to Cedar Point Shores, is also growing. Fresh off of a complete renovation in 2015, an additional six-story tower will be added to the classic beachfront property. The new tower will match the beautiful exterior of the existing hotel and will house 158 guest rooms with many of them configured as connecting family suites. A new outdoor pool area will also make its debut alongside the tower. Construction on the addition will begin after Labor Day and will continue through the 2017 season. It will open to new guests in time for the summer of 2018.

With the new tower, Hotel Breakers will have a total of 669 rooms, making it one of the largest hotels on the Great Lakes – and the love for the property keeps growing. Hotel Breakers has been voted one of the “Top 25 Hotels for Families” by readers of TripAdvisor and is just steps away from both Cedar Point and the new Cedar Point Shores Water Park.

Guests who stay at Cedar Point’s Express Hotel, Hotel Breakers and the park’s three additional properties receive the best benefits – Early Entry, allowing access to Cedar Point one hour before the general public to ride some of the biggest attractions, the best deal on park admission tickets (tickets that include free admission to Cedar Point Shores for the length of their chosen 1-day, 2-day or 3-day ticket) and of course, the closest rooms to the world’s greatest collection of rides.

“There’s so much more to Cedar Point than most realize,” said Jason McClure, Cedar Point’s vice president and general manager. “No other amusement park can claim a mile-long beach and fresh water lake just steps away from the largest collection of rides on Earth. With the transformation of our water park and investment in our hotel properties, we invite families and friends to make Cedar Point their choice for thrills next summer and beyond.”

Also making its debut in 2017 will be the previously-announced Sports Force Parks at Cedar Point Sports Center. Located approximately three miles from Cedar Point, the state-of-the-art youth sporting complex will feature multiple fields for soccer, baseball and lacrosse. It will also provide fun for families who attend tournaments, like miniature golf, a ropes challenge course, trampoline structures, food & merchandise options and more.

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I am confused - I read this, and went to the CP website, but still cannot figure this out...Is the CP Shores waterpark going where Mean Streak was, or is it an addition to Soak City? Is Soak City going away?

Anyone else have additional info that I am missing from reading the press releases?

--George H

The major highlight of fun to come is an extensive transformation of Soak City to the brand-new, 18-acre Cedar Point Shores Water Park.

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Yeah, I don't think it's even implied that it goes outside of the existing footprint, except maybe to the beach side (under Magnum).

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Three thoughts:

  1. Will the new park entrance include a Gatekeeper-esque lazy river flyover? (joke)

  2. Is beach access included with water park admission? I'm not familiar with that section of the peninsula so not sure if it's even feasible but seems like a no brainer.

  3. Overall sounds like a nice investment that will pay off down the road. Glad the resort-side is getting some love.

Neuski said:

The major highlight of fun to come is an extensive transformation of Soak City to the brand-new, 18-acre Cedar Point Shores Water Park.

Derp. I missed that line... LOL

--George H

^^ 2. The beach is open access to anyone via the exit near Windseeker and the hotel entrance/exit.

True but that's not part of the waterpark experience though. If the shore connected via the waterpark where people are already in swimwear and the space was activated (lifeguards, DJs, beach balls, volleyball, etc) it would be a great add-on to the waterpark experience.

And, to be clear, the beach is free, save for toll and parking. Anyone can use the CP beach, a ticket to either park isn't required.

And the beach is right there, steps away from the water park. Special access to the beach isn't necessary. What do you mean you aren't familiar with that part of the peninsula?

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I haven't been to Soak City and have only encountered the beach near Windseeker. Thus, I'm not familiar with that part of the peninsula.

I guess I knew anyone could use the beach but in my visits it has always appeared pretty dead. I think Cedar Point wants to take further advantage of their location and activate the beach so encouraging people in the waterpark to use it (via improved direct access, better placemaking and recreation activities that serve as an extension of their waterpark experience) would seem like a good strategy. My question remains, is this the plan?

Really awesome to see all this ambition with the resort side of things. The new Breakers must be doing very well.

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The beach is open to the public, so I don't see how they could provide access to it from the water park without some sort of "beach gate". I expect they will modify that side of the water park to provide much better views of the beach, but there will likely remain a fence/barrier of some sort.

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The beach is a lot busier now with activities. And at nite they have DJs, a glow party, live bands. It was fairly busy Memorial Day weekend. It was nice.

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Also now that they removed the swimming restrictions.

I'd rather be in my boat with a drink on the rocks, than in the drink with a boat on the rocks.

Jetsetter said:

I think Cedar Point wants to take further advantage of their location and activate the beach so encouraging people in the waterpark to use it (via improved direct access, better placemaking and recreation activities that serve as an extension of their waterpark experience) would seem like a good strategy. My question remains, is this the plan?

I doubt it.

Food/beverage options are much more attractive when you finish your trip down the slide than if you have to go to shore, get out of the water, etc. Or if you don't have to get out of the water at all. I doubt they would put a swim up bar in Lake Erie.

Also, if you charge admission to the beach you cannot disclaim liability--your insurance co will require lifeguards, an extra expense.

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The beach is a great resource, but I don't think you go out of your way to draw people to it unless they're already there spending money, primarily as a hotel guest. In the course of two years, they went from kind of crappy places to sleep to a true resort with comfortable rooms and lots to do in and around the building. The beach is not just a place to get in the water, it's a place to do stuff, eat, drink and have fun.

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When I worked at CP in the 70's the beach was a huge draw. There were actually two, one end for Breakers guests, and one end for CP guests down where Gatekeeper and Wicked Twister are now. They were separated by a fence to keep folks from accessing CP for free. The bath house was huge and was next to the Upsidedown Fun House. Many CP guests took part of their day to enjoy the beach and we had lots of locals who came every day via a special beach pass. I managed a refreshment stand that had windows on both the midway side and the beach side, and on weekends especially, both sides were busy. My place was demolished to make room for Avalanche Run and life on the beach changed around then.

Of course, that was before water parks were invented and bathers had few options other than beaches and municipal pools.

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Historical note: the beach was the original draw for Cedar Point. All that followed -- beer gardens, hotels, rides, french fries -- came along because people were flocking to the Point to go swimming.

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Copying my post from PointBuzz, so sorry for those of you who frequent both:

High-res reference image displayed at the park yesterday: http://rollercoasterfreak.com/shores.jpg

Credit to Sam Natcher II for the photo. I have looked over everything and as best I can tell, here is everything that's happening (according to the photo)

Repaint Eerie Falls

Repaint Splash Pad Equipment

Gel-coat and repaint Zoom Flume

New Landscaping between to renegade river and magnum

New Landscaping between to renegade river and adventure cove

New Landscaping between the existing and new slide complexes

New Cabanas on either side of breakers bay

New family restroom between breakers bay and renegade river

New Beach Bar between renegade river and eerie falls

New main gate on opposite side of magnum from where it is now

New family restroom inside new main gate

New shade and seating next to splash zone

Improve stairs for the recently painted slide complex adjacent to Dragster H2O

Existing men's changing room to become first aid

Existing women's changing room to become family changing room

Subway to be torn down and rebuilt next to existing women's changing room

New Coke Refresh between Dragster H2O and Magnum

New foods building to replace existing

New slide complex between magnum and existing changing rooms

New kiddie splash pad and kids slides to replace choo choo lagoon, tadpole town and toddler river

Existing parking lot is 980 spaces and will become 968

Most of challenge park will become a handicapped and preferred lot of 195 spaces

Challenge golf and the old subway will become new hotel parking

Bridge/Tunnel (can't tell if it's going or staying)

Magnum/resort being relocated between the existing tunnel and magnum, which would obviously mean the magnum exit and photo booth would need to be redesigned.

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You missed a new preferred parking lot, guess the secret is out about how nice it is to park there. Guess I'll be walking a little further to enter the park next year.

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