Cedar Point and Soak City

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After months of begging my parents, were were off to Cedar Point for about 2 1/2 days (6/20-6/22). All hotel plans were made for Breakers, but they were changed last minute to Breakers Express to save money for an upcoming vacation to the Bahamas.

Living in Park Ridge (A suburb of Chicago), it took roughly 4 1/2-5 hours to get to Sandusky. Our first day at the Point would be a Thursday where we hoped there would be minimal crowds. We arrived at the park around 10:00 to a fairly empty park, despite our late arrival.

While we planned to hit Raptor first, as Millenium force already had a long line. There was one problem...my sister was crabby (my mom smothered he in suntan lotion) and we had do go on something tall enough for. She insisted we headed to Disaster Transport (a dumb descision).

Disaster Transport- We waited five minutes and boarded our "transport". The ride was kind of fun, but was partially spoiled by the awful "theming". I think I've been spoiled by the likes of Space Mountain! C+

Wicked Twister- We went right next door and waited about 15 minutes for this. It was definately worth it! My 52" sister chickened out (she never does that!) It was very intense and somewhat original for an impulse (both spikes twist). B

Millennium Force- After a long walk, we went for a stroll to this giant. We were all scared, but got in line (even my mom!) and waited for an hour and fifteen minutes. What can I say...I loved it, it seemed perfect in every aspect and gave us a long ride with laterals (overnbanks rule!) and airtime. The best in the park! . A+

We sat down for lunch at that saloon place nearby and had some pretty good food.

Iron Dragon- Being my first suspended coaster, I was excited...for what! It seems like there are brakes on the fricken train! The first drop was okay, and the pretzel turn is cool, but nevertheless, I was disapointed at this boring excuse for a "swinging coaster"! C

Wildcat- We waited about ten minutes, with an extremely slow moving line. While it looked like a rotting piece of carnival junk, it was quite enjoyable, especially the drops which had a sensation of flight, and the helix which was also pretty cool. However, it was a bit jerky, especially when it caught the chain on the lift and the abrupt stop at the end. B-

Corkscrew- We were not going to ride it, but since it was a walk on, what the hell! This ride was truly a bad arrow looper. What is with that hill after the first drop? I am not here at Cedar Point to be hanged! The corkscrews were very bumpy also. I highly prefer the Demon at Six Flags Great America. D

Cedar Creek Mine Ride- It was a three train wait for the middle, almost a walk on. That ride was extremely unexiciting and at first we hated it. However we hate hating coasters (besides Arrow loopers), so we just waited 15 minutes for the front. What a difference! There were many suprises and even seemed faster and more in your face. B-

Gemeni- We waited about ten minutes for this. The Cedar Point locals absolutely love this coaster, however I found nothing special about it, but I still liked the layout and smoothness, and medium airtime. My dad thought it was a wooden coaster at first! B

It was nearing 7:00 and we were planning to eat at TGIF at Breakers soon (we were all hungry). We though we could sneek a few more coasters in.

Raptor- My mom went with my sister on some flat rides while me and my dad rode Raptor. We waited about 25 minutes and settled for a middle row. Wow! This coaster is awesome. The inline twists, cobra roll,and helix were totally awesome! The twisting drop was also pretty cool. 3rd best ride in the park. A-

Blue Streak- This well maintained classic was a walk on. I usually like to staple my self in on coasters, but the restraints on this one didn't allow me to, but that was okay since it probably made the ride more enjoyable. There was tons of airtime and was overall a good ride. B

Day 2

We arrived at the park around 10:00 once again, and took the train to Mean Streak.

Mean Streak- A walk on, as some rows were empty on the train. There are so many negative comments about this ride here at CoasterBuzz. While I admit that it is way overbraked, it is still a fun ride with an interesting layout, and looks excellent from the queue line. B+

We took the train and waited 1 1/4 hours for another ride on Millenium Force. See Review above!

We headed to Soak City, but after about an hour, a thunderstorm rolled in, and we had to go back to the hotel. While watching tv for about an few hours, we noticed the sun came out. We headed back to the park towards Magnum XL-200.

Magnum XL-200- We waited about fifteen minutes to board our train. This ride was great! It had good airtime, a great view, a good turnaround, and the tunnels were awesome. It was just a little bumpy but nothing bad. A

Woodstock's Express-While being a one-train wait, it took ten minutes to dispatch a train! It was fairly zippy and provieded and enjoyable ride. The layout is similar to Flying Unicorn at Islands of Adventure, however there are no trees, it is on a flat plot of land! C

Mantis- We waited about 25 minutes for a ride on this. I've heard complaints of headbanging, but I experienced none at all! I found it very well done except for that trim brake on the first drop. It was much smoother than Iron Wolf at Six Flags Great America, as it is a fairly new ride. I loved the diving and incline loops! B+

We took another ride on raptor before heading home. See review above!

Here are some short reviews of water rides:

White Water Landing- A good log flume, better than Logger's Run at Six Flags Great America, as it is more scenic. No Spalsh Mountain, though! Good

Thunder Canyon- Much better landscaping and more scenic than the one at Six Flags Great America, but a little less wild. Popeye and Bluto is the best raft ride! Good

Snake River Falls- A lot taller than the one at Six Flags Great America, and more fun. It even has some theming and has a high capacity. Great

Day 3

We went to Soak City and stayed until about 3:00, and then we headed home. The best slide was the family raft slide (Zoom Flume), and the drop slides were a duzy. The wave pool was also great.

Good TR. I have always liked Mean Streak also. I wish they would take off some of the breaks. Glad you and your family had a great time.

The worst day at Cedar Point is better than the best day at work.

Great TR. Sounds like you had a great time.

Steel: 1)MF, 2)Goliath, 3)Magnum
Wood: 1)Villain, 2)Beast, 3)Roar(SFMW)

My personal opinion is that if they would stop braking Mean Streak to like 2mph in the middle of the ride, the rest of the ride would be awesome. It just doesn't keep up the momentum after the brakes in the middle.
As of Saturday 27 Jul 2002, Mean Streak is now the only coaster on my "Never Ride Again" list. It is just too painful and too boring. I kept thinking, man I hurt and I'm bored. I wish this thing would get over." Never again.
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Good TR. I'll be visiting your homepark next week. I hope I have as good a time at SFGAm as you had at CP.

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