Cedar Point and rider size

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A whole box of cookies, so you can put on some weight, obviously.

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265 here and no issues on anything but Wicked Twister

Jeff said:

I have to be a skeptic here...

Not to mention, when was the last time you heard of CP giving refunds to anybody for any reason?

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ApolloAndy said:
I'm 5'11" 155 lbs. What do I win?

A cheese on a stick! That's good for about 5lbs!

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I am 6' and 255, I rode everything on Sunday but with varying amounts of trouble with the belts. Some I could close by myself like on the red train 2nd row of TTD. Other rides on different trains varied from being an inch away from getting it to buckle myself to 2 inches. In every case the ride op was able to get it buckled without any issue.

I have had the same issue on Raptor including one seat where I had to get off the train because even the ride op couldn't get it to buckle. The next train I was able to get it buckled easily myself and even had a little slack. This tells me that there is something going on with the lengths of the belts. I don't think it has anything to do with intentionally shortening them. Maybe more of a cost savings measure in restitching the belts instead of replacing them.

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I've only ever done the WoS on a Vekoma Jr. SLC. I didn't feel like being pushed and prodded, but I probably could have fit (Being around 260 at the time). And really, was only riding with loriu and her family (and Kyle) to get them the credit. I rode it it's opening year.

I did have to get up and walk away from RoS @ SFA (Jeff has a story about the train breaking on his way up and falling back in the station and causing several deaths, I'm sure You've probably heard about that by now...), but it was because I had all of AVMatt & Rollergator's phones, wallets, hats, etc in my pocekts and the stupid restraint woudln't go down. As soon as I took all of our junk and put it in a locker, I fit fine.

And I love me some El Toro. Never had any major issues on that one either.

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Tekwardo said:

(Jeff has a story about the train breaking

The train? I think you heard that wrong. It wasn't the train that broke, it was the crane. It broke during construction, dropping a piece of track onto the partially constructed lift hill, on´╗┐ which Jeff was standing.

ApolloAndy said:

I'm 5'11" 155 lbs. What do I win?

A Chubby sticker from someone who is 6'2 and 160. :)

Jeff said:

I have to be a skeptic here... these claims of shrinking belts have been made every year for the last four, to the extent that if it were true, no one would be able to ride anymore.

While my weight has varied a little, my waist has been consistent. I've noticed about the same amount of belt slack every year. That might be anecdotal, but not any more than claims of shrinkage.

There was a significant change in Millennium Force's seat-belt length the year after the SROS accident in 2004. Closing weekend the season before, I had no problem getting 1-2" of slack in the belt, easy. The next season, I was at least 3" away from buckling anything. This went on all year, and after a few attempts I no longer tried. I remember reports of a TON of "walk-of-shames" going on that season. Because of this capacity dropped quite a bit and trains were stacking horribly.

The year after, the belt length was back to normal (or close to it). I believe at that time they were doing that 1" slack rule as well. So after the buckle you had to pull the 1" of visible slack so you could ride. So really, you were still dealing with a slightly shorter belt.

MF has been the only ride I noticed any real changes though, only around the time of the SROS stuff. For the past few years now though it has been just fine, IMO.

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Could only ride dragon and maverick that is it.

Big guys be ware. The notes about the short seat belts is real. I am 1 to 2 inches short on belts for 3 coasters and had to do walk of shame. I am thick at the hip and chest rugby player. So good luck.
Cedar point has a couple of new google searches notices tagged with "bigger guests."


CP Chris said:
265 here and no issues on anything but Wicked Twister

Jeff said:

I have to be a skeptic here...

Not to mention, when was the last time you heard of CP giving refunds to anybody for any reason?

They gave refunds to a friend of mine because three coasters were closed during his visit for wind. And yes, I gave him hell for that.

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