Cedar Point and LeBron James...

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This tweet from @cedarpoint a few minutes ago:

"Hey @KingJames - come back to the @cavs and we'll rename one of our coasters, "King James!" Ball in your court, sir! RT, #Ohio!"


By the way, can anyone confirm a rumor on the radio the other day that the higher ups at CP ordered the removal of Miami Heat "James" jerseys from the 3-point shooting game? It was reported on 92.3 The Fan in Cleveland on Saturday.

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I hope they don't rename MF, TTD or Maverick. Actually just renaming about any ride wouldn't make any sense. CP named their rides really good with a fitting name. The media is making way too big of a deal of this. Cleveland getting RNC was already big news. They just want to keep Cleveland in the news to get attention and hype up Northern Ohio. Hall of Fame week is coming up soon, so that's another thing to keep them in the news.

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King James the coaster.... I would MAYBE agree to this if he had taken the CAVS to the playoffs and won.. but he didn't.. instead of naming a coaster king james it should be named ...Super ego..or The Deserter ... Better yet make a brand new ride called The Decision it could be an hour long cue that ends to nothing ..that makes you feel empty and was a complete waste of your time..

for the 2015 season there will be Kardashian the Koaster...

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I'm pretty sure it would be a temporary thing. Regardless, he's a douche. I really hoped for a Jordan-esque figure who understood loyalty and patience in building a team. Instead we got a guy looking for shortcuts and more money. And an attention whore.

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How long should he have stayed? 7 years is plenty of time to build a team and Cleveland was unable to do it. Jordan didn't win his first title until his 7th season and he didn't do it without help.

"The Decision," which he has since acknowledged as a mistake, also raised $6 million for charity.

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Judas tried to give silver to the priests, too.

But in all seriousness, I don't care about Lebron nor how much the decision raised. It was still a huge douchy thing to do. And this is from someone who doesn't care at all for basketball.

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

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His last year at the Cavs the team was well positioned to get it done, and the issue was with him. He knew he was leaving and gave up. You could see it. That's my point, his character is sad, and the spectacle he enjoys continues to demonstrate that.

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I'm trying to comprehend this topic. It looks like this to me...

"Bbnjvkc fsbvkj sd. Tnjk fsnl jkgfsg ou jkjjgfh. Jkjfjn gldfi ob jklfjlk. Lkjkl jihj nnh."

I am unable to relate to or get excited about sports, for some reason. My brain filters it out. LOL

Sorry for interrupting.


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Now you know what I see when people complain about FOL...

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

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For a looong time, I was in the camp of "he's a self-aggrandizing douche" because of the hype surrounding *the Decision.*

I've since come around to "he was a kid, it was a really immature thing to do, and he's been a solid citizen who expressed regrets about the way it was handled."

Then again, I have no loyalty to Cleveland, or Ohio...

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That's just it... he was more mature in his first few years. He had a surprising humility and grace about him, which surprised me. He was the center of his team, but he never missed a chance to praise his teammates and own up to his own shortcomings. That faded by year 6, and disappeared when he made an event out of his move and then got on stage with the other two "stars."

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As a pretty serious basketball fan (I have been diagnosed with what my Dr. called a "basketball jones") - I'd say LBJ paired up with one true "star" in Dwyane Wade and an overrated tall guy in Bosh who was able to put up big numbers playing for a crappy team in Toronto. My former Gator David Lee was able to do the same thing in NY...when you're the only real player on a really sub-par team, you're going to put up numbers, which in turn makes you overrated.

Big Z did way more for LeBron than Bosh ever could have...

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I agree completely.

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Now I have 2 questions:

Again with the first- any truth that the 3-point game at CP has pulled Miami James jerseys?

And #2:

@Jeff- with the hot rumors on the Cavs/LeBron and Wildwater Kingdom being sold....who would you rather see return to Northeast Ohio- LeBron or Kieran Burke? :D

Myself, I hope both return......just smarter and better than before.....

The Hope Spring's eternal........

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The fact that Cleveland sports fans are begging him to return shows just how pathetic they are. We love him, we hate him, we love him again...

In the words of an unknown coaster enthusiast yelling out to Rob Alvey at a KBF Coaster Solace dinner, "Have some dignity, will you!"

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You're assuming the same people are flip flopping. There's many people who never stopped loving him. I am not one of those people.

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Sports fans have notoriously short memories.

I agree that The Decision was one of the most egregious displays of douchebaggery in sports history, which is saying an awful lot. And I don't care that it raised money for charty - there are other ways he could have accomplished that.

That said, the vitriol directed at him is beyond absurd. Despite his obvious character flaws, he doesn't owe Cleveland anything. The guy helped pack Quicken Loans Arena 41+ times a year for 7 years. And team management was able to put together a decent team arguably only once in that time.

The bitter anger directed toward him seems just as immature as James' actions, honestly.

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I agree 100% DJ. Being a non-ohioan who has lived in CLE for 15 years now, I never miss an opportunity make fun of Cleveland sports fans. That being said, everything I make fun of them about, I observe to be true. Indians and Cavs fans are some of the most fairweather fans I've ever seen. Yes, there are die-hards, and I respect the hell out of that, but most only care when their team is winning.

Browns fans are hard core. Hopeless dreamers, but hard core. I have nothing but respect for that.

LeBron gave CLE the first 7 years of his career. I believe he truly wanted to bring a chanpionship to CLE. He didn't chase the big money, he didn't fall prey to drugs and douchebaggery like so many other talented NBA players. He was a class act for a long time. And though I don't follow basketball, I had a lot of respect for him.

And then he left. In a douchey way, yes, but how many players stay with a team for 7 years anymore? Especially good, sought after players.

It's funny to me that I even took the time to comment on all of this, because I stopped caring about basketball 20 years ago. Couldn't name a single player on the Cavs right now, or on my original Home Team, the Chicago Bulls. (Does Jordan still play there? Pippen? anyone....)

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Come on guys, I care so little, it's more like Meh-bron James, am I right?

I don't care enough about basketball to even post about it.

But if I don't post about it, how will anyone know how much I don't care about basketball.


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