Cedar Point and Kennywood reduce operating days

Posted Saturday, July 25, 2020 7:33 PM | Contributed by Jeff

From various sources:

Cedar Point will open Friday to Sunday in mid-August. WKYC/Cleveland

Kennywood will remain closed Mondays and Tuesdays. PennLive

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Saturday, July 25, 2020 9:04 PM
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Dis. Like.


Saturday, July 25, 2020 9:33 PM
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It's an interesting gauge of the apparent prevailing attitude though. More people seem to be willing to wait out the pandemic until we make genuine progress on it. I thought there was a bigger disconnect between making progress on understanding it and reducing the spread. We're getting much better at the former, not so much on the latter.

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Saturday, July 25, 2020 11:38 PM

Definitely a sign that attendance isn't there to support the current hours. Waiting out the pandemic is part of that. Also an economy that is in recession. A lot of people have lost jobs. Many of those who haven't have had hours and/or pay reduced. A lot of economic uncertainty which has lead to reduced spending on a host of things. Its also not clear how long waiting the pandemic out will take. Lots of hope its 6-9 months. Could be a lot longer than that. Vaccine may take years to develop. Or we may never find one thats effective and safe.

Parks are also dealing with a lot of people who have no interest in wearing masks at an amusement park (particularly in summer heat). And its not necessarily "anti-mask" people. A lot of people who support wearing them don't want to (or don't think they can) wear a mask for long stretches of time during a day (again particularly in the heat and humidity of summer).

From the perspective of the parks, they are learning a lot. Many experts expect there will be additional pandemics going forward. Learning what works and what doesn't is helpful if/when there is another one. And if it takes longer to wait the current one out, the parks will be better prepared next season.

Saturday, July 25, 2020 11:59 PM
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Which experts are those?

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Sunday, July 26, 2020 12:53 AM
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Top. Men.

Sunday, July 26, 2020 2:46 AM

Part of it is public relations: people are being scared witless every single night about the extent of this pandemic. I am shocked at the number of people who are truly afraid to leave their homes right now. But people sucking at risk management is nothing new.

The mask thing, I think, is also significant. We can probably discount Camden Park as they already operate on a minimal schedule. But is it a coincidence that Cedar Point, Kings Island, Kennywood, Idlewild, and Worlds of Fun have all dramatically cut hours while Holiday World, Indiana Beach and Kentucky Kingdom have not, and Zoombezi Bay actually sold out last weekend? Is it telling that even with the State mandated changes at three of those parks I am still willing to give them a shot, while still avoiding Cedar Fair, Palace, Hershend, Six Flags, Disney and Universal? I can’t believe I am the only one. And yeah, it’s not an “anti-mask” thing, it’s more of a “you’ve got to be kidding” thing.

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Sunday, July 26, 2020 9:58 AM

Am I the only one that has spent an entire day in a hot, humid park with a mask on all day and not even been mildly inconvenienced by it?

I wouldn't even consider going to a park right now where masks aren't mandatory.

Sunday, July 26, 2020 10:41 AM

Part of the analysis for parks also includes mix of pass users and pay at gate customers. More people who are using passes and meal/drink plans (and from what I have seen, parks have made them good for this season and next) the less revenue you are generating and the more it makes sense to have reduced hours/operating days and fewer rides/entertainment options. Not sure how much of an impact that is having on the various parks.

I was at Cedar Point a week ago yesterday during ride operating hours. I didn't find wearing a mask to be a big deal at all. There were times when I forgot I was wearing one. I would go back this season if I have time. And if next season is similar, I would go back again. I get that not everyone feels the same.

Which experts are those?

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Sunday, July 26, 2020 11:18 AM

GoBucks89 said:

Parks are also dealing with a lot of people who have no interest in wearing masks at an amusement park (particularly in summer heat). And its not necessarily "anti-mask" people. A lot of people who support wearing them don't want to (or don't think they can) wear a mask for long stretches of time during a day (again particularly in the heat and humidity of summer).

I am 100% pro mask but wearing one all day in 90 plus weather is a big reason I’m not too interested in the parks. Especially Cedar Fair parks like Cedar Point and Kings Island that lack shaded midways and even shaded queues on numerous rides.

Sunday, July 26, 2020 11:39 AM
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I'm also of the mindset that masks are the main reason why people aren't visiting the parks.

That's not to say they shouldn't be necessary, but rather that given the circumstances, the parks aren't worth it.

Sunday, July 26, 2020 11:59 AM

If a park dropped the silly things like loading every other row, exiting one row at a time like a school assembly, spraying down the ride seats every 20 minutes, and cleaning queue rails that haven't even been touched - but kept a mask requirement, capped capacity, and had the distance markers in ride and food queues I would still feel just as safe visiting.

But if they dropped the masks and kept everything else I wouldn't.

We literally have to all wear masks OR stay home for a month or two and, in theory, we make this insanely better. That's all it takes. Pick one! A piece of cloth, and you can basically go out and do a majority of the things you want to do. And if you can't do the piece of cloth thing for myriad self-chosen reasons, stay home.

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Sunday, July 26, 2020 12:20 PM
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Especially given what Brian posted (in another thread) about the biggest risk of transmission being in close quarters with someone for what was it...15 minutes?

I'm with Brett, but also not disagreeing with others that having to wear a mask is part of the reason people are not showing up. For myself (and my wife and kids), wearing a mask...while not "ideal"...wasn't that big of a deal at all. And we did it for 5 days in near 90-degree heat.

The loading of every other row seems completely arbitrary, as does the cleaning procedures. I get that the former is to maintain social distancing, but we're all in masks, which is supposed to mitigate that concern, especially for the brief time we are a mere 2-3 feet away from one another on a roller coaster.

And who chose every 20-30 minutes to give every ride the Mr. Clean treatment?

Like Brett said, I also wouldn't step foot in any park with no mask ordinance, and at Cedar Point we felt completely safe (we've all said it by now...safer than your local supermarket, etc.)...and I almost feel bad saying that any health/safety protocol is "over the top" during a pandemic, but I would have felt just as safe with 1) the social distancing around the park being enforced (which it was), and the masks being enforced (which it was).

By the way, I know why they eliminated smoking at Cedar Point. Anyone smoking within 300 yards of the hand sanitizer they are using is likely to spontaneously combust.

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Sunday, July 26, 2020 12:21 PM

I need some clarification - is dry humping while wearing a mask OK?

Sunday, July 26, 2020 12:24 PM
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As long as you wipe each other down in 20-30 minute intervals, yes.

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Sunday, July 26, 2020 12:53 PM

But not in a bar.

Sunday, July 26, 2020 1:37 PM

I know why they eliminated smoking at Cedar Point. Anyone smoking within 300 yards of the hand sanitizer they are using is likely to spontaneously combust.

A distillery in West Michigan repurposed some of its capacity to make sanitizer. It's 80% ABV. It's been a minute since I was struck by a craving for a drink, but opening that for the first time...yikes.

Sunday, July 26, 2020 1:56 PM

Another thing that makes the "spray and wipe down all the coaster seats and harnesses" take so long is when they put in just as much effort to clean the rows that are blocked off and haven't been loaded with passengers since either October 2019 or mid-March 2020 - depending on if it's a seasonal or year round park.

And don't some of those cleaners that get sprayed and immediately wiped need "x" number of minutes to be effective?

Sunday, July 26, 2020 2:14 PM

Staffing has to play a part in this decision as well. Mid-August was a problem when it came to getting kids to work already. Covid just makes it that much more complicated.

Sunday, July 26, 2020 5:44 PM

I think one thing Cedar Point learned was that even with unemployment as high as it is, there still weren't that many locals willing to come work long hours doing physically demanding jobs in the hot sun for low pay in the midst of a pandemic. I still don't know how they get the place staffed to open in a regular season for May, and then again from late August through Halloween.

I'm optimistic they'll have a modified fall season. But I could see the ride lineup being similar to what is usually offered on Friday nights being all that is offered.


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