Cedar Point 9/23-24

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Day 1:

We originally planned on going to CP July 27-28, but my mom became very ill and had to have emergency surgery, so we had to cancel our reservations. The Breakers Hotel agreed to not charge us for cancellation if we rescheduled, and we picked this week.

Right after I got home from school we left and headed north towards Anderson, Indiana to pick my sister up at college. We loaded her stuff into the van and began the 4.5 hour drive to Cedar Point.

After stopping to eat and losing an hour due to time change, we arrived in Cedar Point around 10:00. My dad checked us in and we headed up to our room on the fourth floor, which had a great view of Lake Erie. I hurried up my dad and we finally left our room around 10:30 (My sister and mom decided to stay). My dad and I left the hotel and walked along Lake Erie and went in the Beach Entrance, which was CarnEvil. We walked straight through, without anything jumping out at us. Our first ride was Raptor. We walked right on, which was awesome. We rode in the back, and got some nice air on the first drop. Raptor delivered a great ride as always.

Next we walked over to maXair, where we waited for 15 minutes. I really liked this ride, but it made my dad dizzy. Oh well. After maXair, we walked right on to Wicked Twister. We again rode in the back, which is great on the back spike.

It was around 11:15, and we decided to see how long the wait for Millennium Force was. The line started at the ramp, so of course we went in. The ride stopped for ten minutes, which pissed of some people. They ran a few empty trains. Who knows what the problem was. We finally got on and rode in the second to last row. MF delivered an amazing ride. It also was very very windy which made you feel like you were going even faster.

After MF we ran over to Magnum to get on before the park closed. They had the middle rows closed so we had to wait a few trains to get on the back seat. We got amazing airtime, and a great view of the whitecaps in Lake Erie. I might like this more than MF. We went back to the hotel and went to sleep.

Summary: 1.5 hours, 5 rides. Not bad!

Day 2:

We got up around 8:30 and ate breakfast downstairs at the buffet. The food was good but it took forever to get our drinks and the check. We finished around 9:30 and still had an hour and a half to blow before the park opened to resort guests. We walked around the shops and then went outside to watch the rides testing. When it came close to 11:00 we went over to the Magnum entrance and waiting for opening. The National Anthem was played (I didn’t know they did that) and we were let into the park. There was a mad dash for MF. MF, Raptor, and maXair were the rides open early. We walked at a leisurely pace to MF. Only my dad and I rode, we waited 15 minutes. It delivered once again.

After MF we discovered that Mantis was open. We got on the 2nd train. I really like this ride because it is very intense, but it hurts my legs a little. That’s OK, I would rather it be a little painful than boring.

My dad was a little dizzy after this one and needed a break. I told him to sit down with my mom (who couldn’t ride anything because of her recent surgery). My sister and I went over to ride Iron Dragon for her first ride of the day. We walked on, it was better than I remembered.

After Iron Dragon, the crowds hit. My sister wanted to go ride Raptor, so the whole family walked to the front of the park. The sign said 1.5 hours. I told my sister there was no way I was waiting that long for a ride that I had walked on the previous night. She threw a little fit so she and I got in line. The line wouldn’t have been too bad if it wasn’t for the people standing around us. First of all, there were rather large girls who had terrible b.o. The stench was horrible especially when we were standing downwind. I’m glad we didn’t run into them later in the day, because it was only 12:00 and they smelled like shi*. The people behind us smoked like chimneys, even though the rule is no smoking in line. It is so rude and inconsiderate to smoke when you are in such close proximity of other people. The ride itself was fun, but not worth a 1.5 hour wait.

Next we ate at the Gameday Grille next to Raptor. I had the chicken fingers, which tasted pretty good. It was nice to be able to watch a little college football and take a break. After eating we rode Blue Streak, which was airtime-filled and fun.

After Blue Streak we walked over to Wicked Twister. It wasn’t working, they were launching it and then breaking it before it got back to the station. I didn’t know what the hell was going on. (If someone knows what it was please let me know) We waited around for 15 minutes until they opened the line again. It was my sister’s first time riding, and she really liked it.

Next we walked towards the back of the park to Gemini. The wait was 30 minutes, which was the longest I’ve ever seen it. This ride is awesome. It gives great airtime, and the first drop seems a lot bigger than it really is.

My dad and sister were tired of riding coasters ( and my mom was tired of sitting on a bench) so they went to a show. (I don’t know what it was) I continued my way towards the back of the park to Mean Streak. The wait was 45 minutes and I reluctantly got in line. The line moved fast because I had some entertaining African-Americans rapping.:) MS wasn’t worth the wait and was rough. I wish I could ride it without the trims.

As it wasn’t time for me to meet the rest of my family, I walked over to Magnum. The wait was 30 minutes. I rode in the back, another great ride. I don’t think Magnum ever gives a disappointing ride.

I met my family at the Magnum gate. It was starting to get dark and everybody was hungry. We walked through the Ocean gate so we could go straight in to T.G.I. Friday’s. What we didn’t know is that CarnEvil had just started. The thing is, my sister is so jumpy and easy to startle. She latched on to my arm as we entered. I told her not to act scared or the monsters would get her. She didn’t listen and I was right! I’m not kidding, we walked straight through CarnEvil (maybe 30 seconds) and no less than 4 monsters scared her. Of course I was laughing hysterically the whole time. When we got out she was a little shaken up. I told her she needed to face her fears. If any of you are scareactors, good job, we got our money’s worth. :)

After we ate my sister and mom decided to call it a night and my dad and I reentered the park. We rode Magnum, waiting 30 minutes. Next I decided to walk on Corkscrew just to say that I had ridden it. For the last ride of the trip, got in line for MF. We ended up waiting two damn hours, but hey, it was worth it. We decided to wait for the front seat since we had already waited so long. The front seat was incredible. It was hard to describe. A great way to end the trip.


I really like the park during Halloweekends. It has a great atmosphere and it is not hot at all. It’s too bad I didn’t get to try any haunted houses. The only negative of the trip was all the damn smokers. I’m pretty sure a majority of Ohioans smoke. I have no problem with it as long as you’re not blowing smoke into my personal space. My mom is going to write a letter to the park, maybe we’ll get something free. J Thanks for reading if you got this far.

Ride count-

Raptor-2 maXair-1 Wicked Twister-2 MF-3 Magnum-3 Mantis-1I ron Dragon-1 Blue Streak-1 Mean Streak-1 Gemini-1 Corkscrew-1 *** Edited 9/26/2005 1:23:51 AM UTC by baller24*** *** Edited 9/26/2005 1:25:15 AM UTC by baller24***

Great to see you had so much fun at the Point. I like how you said that words cannot describe the front train of Millienium. I think these words describe it :OH....MY.....GOSH....or OH SHI*. Glad to see you liked the scareactors. Maybe next Halloween or maybe even this year you and your family could head to Geauga Lake for "THE HAUNT". There is a lot of great halloween themeing there and there are several haunted houses/attractions. Geauga Lake is like Cedar Point, except with out the long lines, and more family friendly.

~~~~Coaster Lover~~~~~~~~~~

Yeah, my family is not much in to the Halloween thing. I really wanted to spend more time in Carnevil and the Fright Zones. Oh well.

Glad to hear you had a good time. No last rides on the Demon Drop???

Sounds like pretty long waits for this late in the season. we went last weekend and it was dead city, longest wait we had was 30 mins for MF. I also wanted to say that I really.. really .. apologize for the 45 minute wait for Mean Streak. That is rough fella. And as far as getting free stuff from CP, all I got to say is good luck man.

Saturday was quite a bit busier than I expected it to be, especially considering that the CP-owned hotels all seemed to have plenty of space right up until Saturday morning.

TopThrill10 said:
Glad to hear you had a good time. No last rides on the Demon Drop???

Sounds like pretty long waits for this late in the season. we went last weekend and it was dead city, longest wait we had was 30 mins for MF. I also wanted to say that I really.. really .. apologize for the 45 minute wait for Mean Streak. That is rough fella. And as far as getting free stuff from CP, all I got to say is good luck man.

Dammit! I knew I forgot something. We never went to that section of the park. Hopefully CP doesn't get anybody to buy it.

Yep, I hesitated on waiting that long for Mean Streak but I decided it would never go down so I might as well get it over with.

My mom expects something free from everybody when she writes letters of complaint. We'll have to see.

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