Cedar Point 9/2/09

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My family decided to go on one final vacation before the summer ended with my uncle and aunt to Ohio. We were mainly going to visit my grandparents but decided to also spend a day at Cedar Point because we were going to be there for four days. So we went on the third day we were there and went to the park nice in early before it opened. I wasen't to familiar with Cedar Point but my dad and two uncles used to go a lot when they were kids. When we got into the parking lot, I noticed that the park wasen't really that crowded. The coasters looked huge from the end of the parking lot and I was able to see about 10 of them just towering over everything. I was already at Six Flags Great Adventure and Hershey Park this year but this park looking much better then both of them. When we got into the park we split up into two groups. One group in being the people who wanted to go on the coasters and the other in being the people that were going to go on the little rides with the little kids. Because my two siblings and all my cousins were all young, it was only me, my dad, and my two uncles going on the coasters.

Blue Streak 6/10

I really didn't want to go on this coaster but my uncles and dad used to go on this ride when they were younger and the line wasen't to long so we decided to go on. We waited about 10 minutes for rows 2,3. The first drop wasen't that bad and the rest of the ride was just small drops.

Corkscrew 7.5/10

This was another older coaster that my dad and uncles use to ride when they were younger but this one was a little better then Blue Streak. The first flip is good and the best part is the corkscrews over the pathway. But a little short of a ride. Only waited around 15 minutes for this ride.

Gemini 8.5/10

This was a really good wood coaster. We only waited around 5 minutes for the first two rows. I like racing coasters a lot and the first drop on this coaster is really good. The ride has a lot of speed for a wood ride and we were able to get another ride with no wait.

Iron Dragon 8/10

It dosen't look like anything special but it is really a good coaster. We waited about 15 minutes for the two middle rows. It has two main drops and it just swings you over the water which is pretty cool. I really didn't think it was going to be that good but acually wasen't to bad.

Magnum XL200 9/10

Reminded me a lot like Dorney Park's Steelforce but maybe a little better. My dad told me that this ride was once the biggest coaster in the world. We waited about 45 minutes for the first two rows. The first drop is really good, like I expected, and the second drop is also. The ride is pretty fast with some tunnels and has good airtime. I wanted to go on again but the line was getting bigger and bigger as the day went on.

Mantis 9/10

I didn't even no it was a stand up coaster till it was are turn for a ride. It was my first stand up coaster and I was a little nervous. We ended up waiting around 30 minutes for the first row. I like the first drop a lot on this ride because the vehicle has momentum going down the first drop which makes it faster. The first flip on this ride is really big. Almost as big as the drop and the drop was probley around 140 feet. I wish they would make a coaster like this at SFGA because I really liked this kind of ride a lot.

Maverick 10/10

The longest line we hit on the day but I think it was worth it. We ended up waiting an hour and a half for the two middle rows. I wasen't really expecting that much from this ride considering its not as big as the other coasters in the park but was I wrong. Everything about this ride is amazing. From the fast lift hill to the steep drop to the sharp quick turns and to the launch half way through the ride. One of my favorite rides in the park.

Mean Streak 9.5/10

Defiantly the best wood coaster in the park. We waited about 30 minutes for the back two rows. The first drop is really good and has great speed for a wood ride. It also has a lot of airtime.

Millennium Force 10/10

This was really the only coaster that I was familiar with before I went to the park. Just looking at this ride you feel the intensity. We waited around an hour for the first two rows. I had to make sure that I got the first row on this ride. The lift is pretty fast which I was happy about or else it would of took us a while to get up. The first drop is simply amazing and extremly fast. The rest of the ride has tons of airtime and has a lot of good drops. On some of the turns you basically feel like your upside down. This was defiantly my favorite ride in the park and my dad and uncles felt the same too.

Raptor 10/10

I'm a big fan of inverted coasters and this one was defiantly my favorite. We waited around 45 minutes for the second row. The first drop is really big and smooth. There are a lot of flips on this coaster and not short like other inverted coasters. This was probley my favorite flipping coaster in the park.

Top Thrill Dragster 10/10

Wow what a rush. My hometown park is SFGA and I acually never had the chance to try out King Da Ka so I really nervous about this ride. We waited around 45 minutes for the two middle rows. When it was our turn, I was even more nervous when all I say protecting me was a lap bar. The launch is just something else and then the drop is also nothing like I've ever experienced. Next I would like to go on Ka to see which one is better.

The only coaster we didn't get to go on was Wicked Twister but we still had an amazing day. I really liked this park a lot and thought it was much better then both SF and HP. This park is great because it has every single kind of coaster. Inverted, stand up, corkscrew. Wood coasters with a 120 foot drop and a 160 foot drop. A steel coaster with a 200 foot drop, 300 foot drop, and 400 foot drop. And one with one of the steepist drops in the world.

Glad you had fun! I definitely need to get out there again soon. I havn't been there since 2003.

Not trying to be annoying or anything, but technically Gemini is a steel roller coaster not a wooden one.

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Naturally he just loved Raptor! ;)
Great taste!! :)

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Good TR: Geminis not a wooden coaster... thats why it has so much speed for its height

Jo, I think you're a bit biased towards Raptor. ;)

It's still amazing that Magnum is still a GREAT ride after 20 years.

About the only thing CP doesn't have is a flyer.

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coasterman9 said:

Corkscrew 7.5/10

This was another older coaster that my dad and uncles use to ride when they were younger

It's reading lines like that that make me feel ancient. hehe.

I will agree that Millenium Force was my favorite ride in the park, though not as defiantly as you. That's cool that you got to hit just about every coaster in the park. Nice TR.

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Mean Streak 9.5/10

Defiantly the best wood coaster in the park. We waited about 30 minutes for the back two rows. The first drop is really good and has great speed for a wood ride. It also has a lot of airtime.

And this is why Mean Streak may survive despite all the enthusiasts dislike of the ride. Their is segment of people who really like it. I'm not one of them, but I have been with friends that actually enjoy Mean Streak.

On the other hand, I can't believe you gave Blue Streak a 6! The ride is has a classic design and runs great.

But glad you and your family had a good time.

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This past Sunday was my last ride on Mean Streak. Between being trimmed on the first drop to being beaten up by it, I shall never ride it again.

I would take SOB any day over the ride I had on MS.

Before you can be older and wiser you first have to be young and stupid.

Yes I would consider Blue streak to be a great ride and and much better than Mean streak. It is so smooth and has good amounts of airtime more so than Mean Streak I think. For being as old as it is, it is quite an impressive ride in my opinion.

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