Cedar Point 9/19

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While we did not make if for BooBuzz, a friend that was going contacted me to see if we could hook up. I told him that we were going to the GOCC event since it was a Sunday instead of BooBuzz's Saturday.

As the week went on we decided to head up Saturday night after work to meet up with him. My daughter invited one of her girl friends and we were all set for some scares & meet-ups.

Of course my friend decided that Virgina Tech football was more important than riding coasters, so he changed his plans & bailed on the point. We still went.

OMFG was it crowded. We got to the park just before 7:00 pm and headed to Happy Jacks Toy Factory. The line was about 30 minutes but was always moving. This was my first amusement park haunt. While I never got surprised by any of the scaractors, it was well done. I loved the beginning & the end dodging the streams.

Next up was Erie Estates. We got in the queue and stood & stood some more. We waited nearly an hour in a slow moving line. Erie estates was a bit creepier compared to HJTF and I did get surprised once by a scaractor.

We then headed back to an outdoor maze. We all wanted to do CornStalkers. The line for this was monstrously long. When we went through all of us were like "is this it". Nothing more then a path surrounded by cornstalks with scaractors that were not well hidden jumping at you with no surprises at all.

At this point we decided it was time for some rides. We went over to the Wave Swinger with a 1 cycle wait. 2 teen in front of us twisted their chains all the way to the top after the ride-op got to the other side of the ride. The entire ride he was yelling at them to stop twisting the chains, but it was too late at this point. After the circle swing we rode SkyHawk for some airtime swinging.

It was now 11:15 so we headed back to Millennium Force for a midnight ride. As we were walking back along the Frontier Trail the roaming monsters tried their best to get us. They were quite successful at getting my girls but not so much me. That was till we got close to the Millennium tunnel walk way where one rather large scaractor got me good. He was proud of himself too. As he walked away, we could hear him say "I got dad" and then chuckle in a ghoulish manner.

We got in line for MF and were surprised that only the last queue was open. After 20 minutes we were in the station. Had another great ride but it was not a midnight ride. When we got back to the station we still had 5 minutes before the park closed. This was not enough time to get to another coaster except for Mantis, so we opted for a reride on MF. This time we waited for the last row. What a great coaster and even better in deep darkness of Lake Erie. As we pulled into the station we saw that they were loading the last train of the night but unfortunately they would not let us go & fill the empty rows.

All & all we had a fun night at the park and got about what we expected to get done. 3 haunts, 3 flats and 2 laps on MF.

Before you can be older and wiser you first have to be young and stupid.

Cedar Point calls their employees "screamsters."

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I hate friends who take football games over coasters..

BTW.. We did win in the last 1:20 of the game ;)

Though reading this I am sort of wishing I went again.

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