Cedar Point 8/18-8/19 (BulletPoint Review)

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Because my last trip report was loooooong and boring, I did a search and found CPlaya's BulletPoint review. That, and I'm really lazy right now and I'd like to take a nap.

ARRIVED: Sunday, August 18, appx. 10am

LEFT: Tuesday, August 20, appx 8:30am

PARK APPEARANCE/ATMOSPHERE: Sunday: Sunny, warm, happy Monday: Wet, cold, cold, and cold.

RIDE QUEUE TIMES: Longest wait was Sunday Night, Millennium Force. 1.5 hours queue entry to unload station. About 40 minutes Monday morning for Resort ERT, including front seat (rain, ouch) Raptor both nights, virtual walkons, 15 minutes or less. Wicked Twister 45 minutes Sunday afternoon, 20 minutes Monday morning. Gemini on Monday 30 minutes, 4 train operation. Mean Streak broken down while on platform, 20-30 minute wait. All other rides walk-on.

BEST EXPERIENCE: Sunday night ride on Raptor, back seat. I actually could feel all the blood down in my feet, definitely best seat.

WORST EXPERIENCE: stubbing my toe in Soak City and limping around...

MOST PLEASANT SURPRISE: Magnum last row, absolut ejection!

BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT: Having Gemini closed for most of Sunday. Also, loong lines on Magnum.

COASTER RANKINGS: 1)(tie) MF Night/MF Rain 2) Raptor night, back seat 3) Wicked Twister, 2nd from back 4) Mantis front seat 5) Gemini hand-smackin'

WITHOUT FLAW: Back seat at night on Raptor. Absolutely intense.

REALLY QUITE GOOD: Paddleboat Excursions. The captain was pretty funny "We are now passing underneath Millennium Force. It's a mile and a half long and that's just the line." but I think he was going a bit too fast.

COLD FRIES BAD: Draggin Iron... erm... Iron Dragon. Over the river and thru the woods, and under Mantis we go. With the trees so close, you get a great sensation of speed, and 'the knot' near the end is pretty cool.

JUST PLAIN AWFUL: Mean Streak. Going up the lift in the green train, we could hear a loud metal BANG, then following up with the train tipping side to side, like a car with only 3 wheels.


BEST NON-COASTER RIDE: Tied between Power Tower: Turbo Drop, and the Demon Drop, where I lost 25 cents watching the quarter floating off my friends knee.

OTHER COMMENTS: Haha, Sunday Night, the rabid child in queue! This girl was babysitting (I think) a little girl, and the little girl kept running up thru the line, actually scaring people as she ran around. One time I could resist and yelled "LOOKOUT! RABID KID ON THE LOOSE!"

Also, dropping around $4-5 on skee-ball. Won some shot glasses from the Coliseum Arcade too

Now that wasn't that bad, was it?

Tommy Penner - Variable X
Cedar Point FanBoy since 2001.

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It was great seeing you there, glad you had a good time!

Good Times!! Good Times!!
CCI Lives On!!!!

That must hurt. Millennium Force in the rain.


Painful indeed, but if you have glasses (like meeh) its ok :)

Tommy Penner - Variable X
Cedar Point FanBoy since 2001.

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