Cedar Point 8/17/02 - Another awesome trip

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Sunday, August 18, 2002 7:06 PM
I’m not a huge fan of going to Cedar Point on Saturdays, but I’ll take what I can get. Surprisingly, it really wasn’t as crowded as I expected. Of course, that could be because I was expecting it to be unbearably crowded. Anyway, my friend and I got to the park around 2:30 and went straight to Millennium Force to get a freeway stamp. Unfortunately, when we got there, they had already given out all of the stamps for the day. This is one of the biggest problems that I find with freeway, you have to get there pretty early in the day just to get a stamp.

After looking at the line for Millennium Force, we decided to move to the back of the park and ride Mean Streak, coming back for MF later. We waited about 40 minutes for MS, but it was worth it IMO, its still a great ride to me. After that we moved on to Gemini, happy to find no line at all, and rode that twice in a row. After that we were walking passed Camp Snoopy when I realized that I had never ridden Woodstock’s Express, and decided to ride it so I could add one more to the track record.

After a short walk down the midway we came to Magnum. The wait was about 45 and the q-line was the most filled that I’d ever seen it. Got a great ride in the ejector seat though. Nothing is as good as that seat IMO, and the best part was that it had the shortest line of all rows. :) After the Magnum ride, we went over and rode chaos. I’m not a huge fan of spin and pukes, but Chaos is just a really good ride. Next we made our way over to the corkscrew for a walk on ride, and as we were sitting on the break run noticed that the line for Power Tower wasn’t really all that long, so we headed over there.

By the time we stepped off Power Tower it was about 7:00 and me and my friend were both pretty hungry, so we headed over to the Space Spiral area for some cheese-on-a-stick, still the best park food IMO. After eating we were torn on whether to go on Raptor or not. The q-line was almost full, and we decided it would be better if we rode it in the dark anyway, so we headed over to the Blue Streak for a ride on that. I still can’t believe how great BS has been running this season, if only they could bring back those old trains it would be unbelievable. We headed over to Wicked Twister after that, and I was kind of disappointed that it wasn’t running at full power, but the back seat is still insane.

The line for WT took about 40 minutes, so when we got off, it was about 8:00, we were going to ride Disaster Transport, but decided to get in line for Raptor instead, so that by the time we got to ride it would hopefully be dark. After waiting about 45 minutes for Raptor, we got an awesome ride, it was dark but not pitch black. It was probably the best Raptor ride I’ve had this season. After that we decided to ride Mantis since we hadn’t ridden it yet, but after getting there and seeing how long the line was we decided it wasn’t worth it. We took a walk back to Mean Streak figuring that area of the park would probably be cleared out by then.

We got in line about 9:25 and had about a 5 minute wait. The ride was actually pretty good, it seemed like it was running pretty fast and the laterals were great. After that we went around and got another ride with a 5 minute wait. By now it was about 9:50 so we decided to head over to Millennium Force and get a night ride on that. We waited about an hour and a half, but it was definitely worth it to me. There really isn’t anything like a night ride on MF. I rode near the middle of the train and it was a great ride. The only bad thing was that I tried to get a little extra room on the lapbar. Well, actually a lot of extra room on the lapbar, and I guess the ride op noticed, because she came over and stapled me in.

We stepped off of MF about 11:30 and decided to run back to Mean Streak and get some more rides on that before it closed for the night, and then head to Magnum for the last ride. We got to MS and walked right into the train, after the ride was over there was nobody waiting for our car so we just stayed in there. Now, if I remember correctly, CP doesn’t allow re-rides, so either the ops didn’t know, or simply didn’t care. After another ride, there were a bunch of empty rows, so we moved to one of the empty ones and got another ride in. Then when we got back, we got yet another ride in. By this time there was hardly anybody riding the ride any more, and the train was pretty light. We kept asking the ops to turn off the brakes, but they didn’t of course.

On our fourth ride we saw a bunch of mechanics standing at the bottom of the lift hill and begged them to turn off the brakes, but obviously they didn’t. Finally we came into the station and they announced it would be that last ride of the night. This was our fifth ride in a row without getting off, and we had completely forgotten about Magnum, but that was alright, we were having enough fun at Mean Streak anyway.

I was actually really surprised that they let us get re-rides, especially since we got 5 in a row. After we finally got off MS we walked back to the Soak City parking lot and pulled out at about 12:20, concluding yet another awesome trip to the Point.

Just sit back, and enjoy your record breaking ride on Millennium Force!


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