Cedar Point, 7/7. VERY HOT!

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Had a good day at CP yesterday even though it was like 100 degrees!

Get to the park around 10 o'clock and got our fast lane passes. Since it was the Saturday after the 4th we wanted fast lane, but to our surprise it wasn't too crowded. The heat kept everyone away I am assuming. Fast pass still came in handy though because waiting in any type of line in the upper 90 degree temps would have been miserable!

So, we enter the park and head to Wicked Twister. No fast lane on this ride so we maybe waited just one cycle and got on. This was my first time on this ride in a long time and kind of forgot how intense it was! Next we went over to Windseeker and just waited one cycle for this one too. After Windseeker we headed over to Iron Dragon. Once again we waited maybe a cycle or two. After this we headed to MF, it was about an hour wait for the regular riders. Fast lane had like a 15 min wait which turned to like a half hour with a short break down. After MF, we grabbed some lunch at Chick-Fil-A, no heat in there so it was HOT eating...

After lunch we did some water rides, which had some of the longest waits of the day. Snake River Falls was closed the whole day, so not sure what was up with that. Walked over to Shoot the Rapids and it had just closed for mechanical problems. Went to Thunder Canyon and maybe waited a half hour, next we went to Shoot the Rapids which thankfully had fast lane and was thankfully just opening. Waited maybe 10 minutes in fast lane. After our ride we went on another lap and fast lane was maybe a 5 min wait. Got stuck on the second lift on this ride TWICE. At the bottom we were stuck and actually had another boat come around and bump us, then we got stuck at the top for a little while. CP really needs to fix the kinks on this ride because it is always breaking. Not sure how a water ride is so hard to run.
After the water rides we headed over to Mine Ride, no fast lane on this one but waited maybe 2 cycles. After this we headed to Maverick. Regular wait was around 1 hour and fast lane was maybe 10 minutes. Good ride as usual. After this we rode Antique cars which had fast lane, but it was a walk on. Next we headed over to Gemini which was a walk on with fast lane. After Gemini we headed over to TTD. Regular wait was around 45 and fast lane was like 15.

After TTD, we walked over to Disaster Transport which had a line outside and was not moving, so we walked away from that. My friends rode MaXair and I sat out. They probably waited 45 minutes because people kept puking. After this we headed out to eat at TGI Friday's and had a good meal.

After Friday's we came back into the park and headed to the back of the park again and rode Mean Streak, which was a complete walk on for fast lane and regular line people. Front row had like a two cycle wait so we waited for front. It did seem much smoother this year and had a pretty good ride on MS! After MS, we took the train to the front of the park. Rode MF again and had maybe a 10 minute wait with fast lane. Next we walked by the Carly Rae performance which was delayed because of the heat, the pre-show DJ thing was pretty fun tho. The stage and such on the midway looks weird during the day but once the performing starts, I think it's a great addition!

Next we walked over to Magnum and waited a cycle or two in fast lane. Then we started to head out and on our way out we stopped at Disaster Transport again and waited maybe 10 minutes for this, then after we stopped at Raptor and waited maybe 10 with fast lane.

Overall a great day at the park besides the HEAT! Noticed lots of new music around the park which I actually kind of like. It was newer music people actually knew. Kind of will miss the 80's music though.

Thanks for reading!

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Sounds like you got a lot done with still a lot of breaks in between. I liked Cedar Point very much when I went there the whole two times, but I remember thinking that some of the rides really REALLY needed shaded queue lines. Ahem, Millennium Force. Glad your pass made that a little better.

"Look at us spinning out in the madness of a roller coaster" - Dave Matthews Band

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