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Saturday, July 7, 2001 11:03 AM
July 6, 2001

Yesterday, my family and I decided to head to Cedar Point. We would be staying longer than we did last year. I didn’t get a chance to ride Millennium Force last year, so I was really excited about riding it today. It was a pretty nice day, not as hot as it usually is. We stayed from 10am to 10pm. Now on to the rides…

Our first ride of the day was Raptor, which was about a 25min. wait. Raptor looks a lot better after it got re-painted this year. There was a bit of a loading problem, while one train was in the station another one was behind it on the brakes. Nevertheless, Raptor is one of my favorite rides in the park. The helix at the end is really intense.

After riding Raptor, we proceeded to Mantis. They were running two trains, and the wait was about 45min. I hear a lot of people say that the ride puts a lot of pressure on your legs. Sometimes I even hear people say it hurts, I on the other hand didn’t have any of these problems. I thought the ride was pretty good. I still don’t understand why they put the brakes on the first drop.

We checked out Millennium Forces line, it was a little long so we decided to come back later. We now proceeded to Magnum XL-200. I was surprised at how short the wait was. Only about a 15min. However, as we were going up the stairs the ride broke down. I wasn’t too happy about this, so we decided to come back later and check on it.

After exiting the Magnum line, we went directly to Gemini. I absolutely love this ride! The line is usually always short when they’re running both sides. Lots of air-time on them hills. They were racing the sides today, and we won.

We now went proceeded straight to Mean Streak. It was about a half-hour wait. Not much to really say about this ride. I didn’t hate it, but I really didn’t enjoy it that much. It just seemed boring, and the brakes at the top of the hill are embarrassing. However, I did enjoy some of the drops.

Time to eat! We walked back down toward Raptor to find something to eat. We eventually ate pizza. The pizza was great, but the price wasn’t. I ordered two slices, but they gave me three so I was kind of happy. After eating, I noticed that Magnum was up and running again. We decided to hit Disaster Transport first.

We only waited about 15min. for the ride. It seemed better than last year, I think most of the effects were working. This ride is pretty short, but I will always ride it. After we got off, we rode the space spiral.

We then went to the “Michael Jordan” show. It’s a pretty cool show. After that we went and rode Cedar Creek Mine Ride. I didn’t really enjoy as much as I had in the past.

It was finally time to head for Magnum. I was really excited about riding this. The wait was a little bit longer than the first time, somewhere around 30min. I love going up the first hill, it takes about a minute to reach the top. Unfortunately, the break was on right before you go into the turn-around. I still like the ride. I rode it in the afternoon and at night. I prefer night, while your going up the hill its fun to look back at Millennium Force and the Summer Spectacular.

As we started to head toward Millennium Force, we jumped on Iron Dragon. Almost no line at all, so we got in the front seat. The ride has some nice turns at the beginning, then comes the second lift hill. As we were going up, I noticed that the Millennium Force line was pretty short. The finale is the best part.

As we got to the Millennium Force line, the sign said it was approximately a one-hour wait. The DJ was cool, it makes waiting in line more enjoyable. As we finally reached the line, we got in the 3rd car. The ride Op cleared us, and we were off. About halfway up the hill, you start going faster. Your at the top of the hill in no time. Wow, that drop is unforgettable. After the turn, we went in the tunnel and up a another big hill. Its weird, that hill is bigger than every other rollercoaster in the park except Magnum. After the turns on the island, we headed back to the station. Wow! What a rush! We were back in the station in no time. I would have bought the on-ride photo, but I didn’t have enough cash with me.

We really weren’t sure what to do now, so we kind of just walked around for a bit. Then we decided to ride Power Tower for the first time. Ride Power Tower! I chose the drop side, which was a half-hour wait. It’s hard to describe being at the very top, then suddenly dropping. This ride is now a must-ride when I go to the park again.

We quickly jumped on corkscrew, with hardly any wait time. I don’t like this ride. The beginning is fun, but the corkscrews are not. I tired to lean my head to the right side, but still experienced headbanging.

Only one coaster left to ride. Blue Streak, which was practically a walk-on. I hate it when people say this ride is only for kiddies. Sure its not the tallest or fastest, but its got a lot of air-time on them hills. I always ride this every-time I go to the park, and I never get tired of it. It’s short, but sweet.

We then saw Summer Spectacular. It’s a pretty cool laser show. We decided to leave, for a long trip home. Overall, I enjoyed Cedar Point more than I ever had this year. I will definitely be coming back next year.

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