Cedar Point 7/31 - 8/1

[url][url]I am not going to recount a full play by play of the two days I went to CP But I will offer up my observations, ride reviews etc etc. Here we go..

6 years have passed since I last made a visit to Cedar Point, and with this year marking my full return to theme parks and coasters, It was pretty much a give in that id make the trek to Sandusky. While I had planned to visit CP in September, My girlfriend Alexis surprised me with a CP weekend 2 months early!

And let me tell you "surprised" doesn't tell half the story.

We got to the park on Saturday shortly before opening, knowing full well that the day was going to be busy (and it was) I decided that Id hit the two coasters id never been on (Maverick and Wicked Twisted) early in the day, and then hit the rest of the park.

In 2004 when I last visited CP, Wicked Twister was closed so, after realizing that Maverick is WAY in the back of the park, I hit WT First. I rode it in the very back row, and I found the back spike really cool, but I must say that compared to V2, V2 has a slight edge, but never the less, it was a really fun ride, and I really enjoyed the hanging in the rear spike.

Alexis, is not in anyway shape or form a coaster enthusiast, she really enjoys flats a lot more then coasters, and if she deems that a coaster or any ride for that matter will be one that will make her sick, she wont ride. Being a fan of Demon, We moved on to Corkscrew after I rode WT, and this was the first of many "surprises" at CP this weekend. While in the queue, I noticed Dragster sending 1/2 empty trains repeatedly, found that rather odd to myself since the line was on the midway all the was past the station. Even Alexis commented to me saying, "That line is so long, and they only have it 1/2 full." I thought that was really kind of odd until I noticed that Millennium Force was doing the same thing. 1/2 full trains on all the cycles, I didn't care as I wasn't queuing for those rides anyway.

While queuing, two adult men decided that it be a great idea to start smoking in queue, because of course there's nothing better then breathing in smoke when your with in 6 inches of a person, especially when there's a lot of people around. heading up the stairs prior to the station, I smiled and said hello to the host who was checking height's for the ride, and she basically could have cared less that I was there, in fact the look on her face pretty much told me, that she'd rather be anywhere else on Earth at that point then sitting there working.

We head into the station and the female ride op who was checking restraints, and using the headset PA system was probably one of the rudest people I have ever encountered at any amusement park I have ever been too. " Put your belongings into the correct marked bins, Hurry Up! sit down, pull down on your harness and fasten your seat belts, hurry up! hurry up! hurry up!" Lets go! Hurry Up" A group of three who where in the row immediately to our right, mistakenly went 3 people to the train instead of 2, and the ride up, over the PA system mind you said "This ride has 2 across seating, NOT 3! We are already secured and locked you wont be able to ride this train, (empty seat immediately in front of her group, OTSR was down) You are going to have to get back at the end of the line in order to ride this ride.

So the mistake of a group of 3 people going through the air gates instead of 2, cost 1 person there chance to ride a ride she waited 30 minutes for.

We rode then headed too Iron Dragon, where again another person was smoking a cigarette in the queue, and once again I attempted small talk with the host at the station, and again got the same treatment as I did at Corkscrew. Alexis was looking forward to this ride, as she put it "I like how this ride swings back and forth" she wasn't all that thrilled after we rode it however. "That ride was slow as hell, the 2nd half of the ride was okay I guess."

With Millennium Force now with a full queue, and me not sure If ill be able to fit on the damn thing, We continued towards Maverick. Walking past the BRAND NEW!!! (but closed) Shoot the Rapids!!! I said Alexis look "Its the new ride for 2010"!, and shes like "but its closed", and then proceeded to give her a small lesson in coaster dorkness, by explaining that Intamin makes some really awesome rides that look amazing, but they don't really work all that well all the time.

Maverick had a posted queue length of 2 hours, but I noticed the line was continually moving and we waited. after about an hour 15 minutes we rode 2nd to back row. Maverick is an awesome coaster, the 1st drop is really good, it has a lot of speed, and the launch through the 2nd half of the ride is amazing. Alexis wasnt all too happy with the 2nd bunny hit and the airtime she got (I was though ) but other then that she said she'd ride the ride again, (More on that later)

Throughout the day, Alexis rode several flats, (Mostly the spin and pukes, which I cannot ride) And I took to the coasters, Alexis did however really enjoy Cedar Creek Mine Train, while I rode it once and decided never to ride that ride ever again. She also liked Disaster Transport, which the "theming" makes pretty much zero sense but I liked it back in 04 and its still a neat little ride.

Rode Magnum 2nd row, and liked it better this time the when I rode it in 04, but will continue to say that this ride, is EXTREMELY over rated. Raging Bull is for what its worth a lot better then Magnum.

The park on Saturday was open until 11pm, and with it getting late, and the two of us getting VERY tired, I got off of an amazing front row ride on Raptor and then had a decision to make as to how id end day 1 at CP, Millennium or TTD. Since there was a light/fire works show going on around MF, I decided to go for TTD.

Now, I have heard reports from various websites about the difficulties people are having on MF and TTD regarding the seatbelts, some people saying that they've had not problems others saying they've shortened the seatbelts at least another 4 inches.

Whatever, earlier in the day, I went on the test seat to see this for myself, and missed the seat belt buckle by at least 4 inches, Knowing that even in 04 the teat seats could not be trusted, I attempted to see if I could go up the exit row, and try and test the seat on the train itself rather then use the test seat, as it says is permitted on CP's website, http://www.cedarpoint.com/public/park/rides/ride_policy.cfm
Too which I was greeted with a flat out "No you cant" after I mentioned that CP's website says its allowed, the ride op told me something that basically confirmed the test seat was BS. "The test seat out in front has our new seatbelt lengths that are on some select rows of the trains, so if you can belt the test seat, you can get on any row" (My thoughts on this later)

Anyway my last ride of the night was infact TTD, Despite all the garbage about the test seats, and belt lengths etc. I rode it backrow Purple train.

Day Two:

I started my day out heading straight for Millennium Force, again knowing that the seatbelt issues are worse here then on TTD, I asked the ride host which was the best row and train to go too. She directed me to the row. And sure enough I had some issues with the belt, the ride op was just about to tell me that i needed to get off the ride, (With the seat belt, less then an 1 inch away from being clicked) The op told me I was 5 to 6 inches away from it being clicked, then another op came over, and easily clicked the belt for me. So much for being 6 inches away.

Millennium Force is all about speed, (which is fine, I love the speed) but for anyone to say that MF is an airtime machine, no not at all. I have said this before, Back in 2004 when I rode it the first time. Raging Bull has more airtime the first drop then MF, in 2010 ill amend that to say. ANY B&M hyper has more air the MF, Especially Diamondback and Raging Bull.

Alexis wanted to ride Iron Dragon so we walked around to that area and queued for ID, where we were greeted with a teenager smoking weed directly behind us.

Following ID, I decided to ride Mantis, which the posted 30 minute wait sign would have been true had I not gotten line jumped several times while queuing in line. Rode Mantis 2nd row which was a lot better then when I rode it in 2004.

Day 2 was a lot less crowded then the Saturday before, and I got a lot more rides in Sunday, then I did Saturday of course, I choose also to ride more of the bigger flats Sunday too, since the lines where a lot more manageable then the previous day.

at one point we walked back around past the closed Shoot the Rapids(never opened once the whole two days we were there), and the broken down Maverick (was down for lengthy periods through out day 2.)

My Observations:

Cedar Point has some amazing rides and attractions, and I enjoyed them, very much in fact, but the operation of the park and the security in the park has fallen to a level that was SFMM circa 2002. Dirty park, rude employees, punk teenagers smoking in line and line jumping. All the stuff you've heard about SFMM during that time you got at CP and then some.

The arrogance and rudeness level at Cedar Point is astonishing. I didnt mention it above, but several employees: Ride ops and Gift shop workers where just flat out rude and pissed off that I was in their presence. One ride op at Mean Streak let out a loud "OH MY GOD! and was visibly upset that a guests lapbar was closed after the train came back into the station.

Upon leaving, I wanted to know when 2011 CF Platinum passes where going on sale. or at least just get an idea since I want to try to make it out to CP or KI again this year, and get a CF pass for 2011 as Im planning a big trip. Anyway I went into guest relations and asked about when the 2011 passes go on sale, and then I shared my story about the park employees.

The lady at Guest Relations, said im sorry. But really could careless. I explained that it was my first trip in 6 years, and I passed 2 Six Flags parks that where closer to me then CP was, and I choose CP because of its great reputation etc etc, They handed me a survey form which I fully intend on filling out as well as Alexis, but it seemed pretty much to me, that they didnt care at all anyway.

Final Thoughts:

Cedar Point has become SFMM circa 2002, awesome rides, terrible operations, dirty, and horrific employees. I counted on one hand the two days I was at CP the times A. I saw a security guard and B. The number of times a CP employee said hello or even acknowledged I was there.

Aside from the terrible park ops, the rides where too me anyway, as advertised.

SkyHawk and Maxair where amazing flats
TTD at night is amazing.
NEVER trust the test seat
Intamin failed again with another multi-million dollar attraction

But the biggest thing to sum up the whole trip was the final thoughts of a non-coaster enthusiast hell, non theme park enthusiast Alexis said.

"Personally, I would have rather spent the weekend at Six Flags Great America, yes Cedar Point has some amazing rides, but with how terrible the employees where here at Cedar Point, and how bad the line jumping, the smoking throughout the park, how dirty the place was. I cannot see at all how this park gets all the accolades it does. At Great America, I felt welcomed, appreciated and above all else, I felt that there where not as many gang bangers running around causing trouble as there where at Cedar Point, yes the rides where good, but for someone like myself who isnt all into theme parks, I can honestly say I like Great America a lot better."

It should be noted that Alexis has been to Great America a grand total of 3 times prior to her visit to CP, and again she is NOT in anyway a coaster enthusiast or park enthusiast, she took me to CP as a belated birthday surprise.

Thanks for reading.

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I'm sorry to hear about your negative experiences... I guess it all depends on the day. When I visited SF Great America last summer, it was one of my least favorite parks I have ever visited. I found the ride collection mediocre at best, and while the park was clean, the overt advertising everywhere was incredibly annoying to me. The ride hosts were completely uninterested in interacting with the guests...

At Cedar Point I regularly see ride hosts getting people excited for rides, etc... Sure there are some negative ones, but it's no worse than other parks. In addition, I don't know how you can compare CP's ride lineup to Great America. That just blows my mind...

Again, I'm not criticizing you, just shocked that you had such a negative experience.

Josh M.

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I was actually at CP this weekend as well. I went all day Saturday and a few hours on Sunday. The park was crazy busy... the front lot was completely full on Saturday. But personally, I didn't have a bad experience on any rides, and I didn't see a single ride (other than Shoot The Rapids) go down all day long. And that's the first time I can remember that happening.

I call Cedar Point my home park even though I live in the Chicago Suburbs.

Josh: He compared a couple rides to eachother. I don't see anywhere that he compared the whole ride lineup of both parks.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

That's too bad about the employee rudeness. When stuff like that happens, don't you wish you could just go up to them and shake them? "You know, maybe you think you should have a job that pays 60K, but obviously no place paying that much agrees, so don't take it out on everybody here."

They knew dealing with people was part of the job when they signed on. If they don't want to deal with the public, they should seek employment elsewhere. Preferably somewhere with cubicles or in a basement.

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I agree 100 percent with this review... its not all about the rides people... I work at six flags GA, and will always support my company over Cedar Fair any day :)... im not gonna attack cedar points rides, but the park is just attrocious

I think this is more late season Saturday syndrome than anything. Also, how is Magnum to Raging Bull an apt comparison? I think your experience on a Wednesday this week would've been a little better, and just a general reminder why I'd never go to CP from about June 18th through Aug 21st or so, and do long trips before and after.

How is the park at all "attrocious"? Both times I have went this season, it has been very clean, the landscaping is beautiful, and the views are great.

Parker123 I never called CP "attrocious" [sic] and the reaction that I get on this site is pretty much typical, CP is a place that can do no wrong, its the best at everything and everything else is second rate.

But when I have an account of a person who is the epitome of a general public visitor say "I would have much rather spent my weekend (and money) at SFGAm." Something is obviously wrong with that scenario.

Also, Raging Bull and Magnum is certainly an apt comparison. Just, because some CP Fan boys dont like the fact I think the ride sucks doesnt mean that i should not think that Magnum is the most over rated roller coaster on earth. ANY B&M Hyper blows this ride away.(Hence the RB comparison) I dont understand some people's uncomfortable love affair with this over-sized mine train.

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^ I assume he was responding to Jimmy Boy, who said "the park is just attrocious." [sic]

For what it's worth, I was at Cedar Point on Thursday and didn't think the park was dirty. So who knows, maybe there was a big party Friday and it wasn't cleaned up in time for your visit Saturday. ;) [/end assery] I'm not saying you're wrong; it may just be that we have different ideas of what constitutes dirty.

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Good, honest, straightforward TR. It's always nice to see a TR that looks at things from both the enthusiast and GP points of view.

I actually agree with your assessment of Magnum. I can see where people who really like the ride are coming from but it's just not my cup of tea. A lot of people grew up with Magnum and so they have a sentimental attachment to it and its history, and it seems as though that colors some people's perception of the ride (same can be said for rides like the Beast). It is what it is. I'd also agree that I'd rather ride any B&M hyper (seven ridden thus far) over Magnum.

A modern-ish B&M hyper compared to an old-school Arrow just seems a little apples to oranges to me, that's all.

You consider Magnum old school when it comes to Arrows?

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

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We absolutely loved our rides on Magnum on our last visit to CP in May. I still peg it as one of the best out there.

However, I think the idea that CF parks are feeling more and more like SF did in the early 00's is dead on.

Even more crazy is that SF parks are feeling like CF parks did during that same time frame. Like some bizzaro world where everything is flipped.

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Lord Gonchar said:
Even more crazy is that SF parks are feeling like CF parks did during that same time frame. Like some bizzaro world where everything is flipped.

In this bizarro world, is everything painted purple and have loud music and water effects?

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I don't want to live in a world where everything isn't painted purple and has loud music and water effects.

I havn't been to CP since 2003, and by the looks of it it seems like more bad than good has happened there since. I don't live in the Midwest so i'm really only speculating here, but I wonder if the economy has anything to do with this. From what I understand the Detroit area has been hit hard, and I know that that is one of CP biggest targets.

I couldn't agree with you anymore on the Magnum. I've only been on 65 different roller coasters but Magnum( Thunderbolt at Kennywood could be a close 2nd here) would win the award of the most overrated roller coaster I have ever been on. I'm not saying its a bad ride. I totally enjoyed it. It's just not a top five ride or anything in my book.

1.SV 2.El Toro 3.MF 4.I-305 5.Kumba
6.STR@SFNE 7.Voyage 8.X2 9.Storm Chaser 10. Wicked Cyclone

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