Cedar Point 7/3

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Thursday, July 3, 2003 10:09 PM
To start off my girlfriend got stuck by a train on the way to my house holding up the day about 45 min, then I got all the way to the rye beach exit of rt 2 and was walking into mc donalds to eat real quick and reach in my pocket and realize I got my bros car keys in my pocket from when I pulled his car out of the drive(his only set) after about an hours drive, i realized this, luckily my mother let him use her car so I didnt have to drive all the way home then all the way back.

The park wasn't to packed at all, it was hot just chilled most of the day, just rode the millennium force twice, then the gemini, raptor, mean streak (ride seems worse everytime I ride the piece of junk, to bad the structure is awsome looking) and blue streak, racing derby, sky ride, disaster transport(does that ride shrink, everytime i ride it, it seems shorter) the funny part is they had a car with the dummy weights in it on the TTD track and everyone is was standing around,, all excited like something was gonna happen. But for a thurday, it was dead,,,compared to the last time i was there on a monday and it was packed


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