Cedar Point 7/25: A Day Of Pure Fun (Long)

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As soon as we had pulled up to the Causeway, my little brother and sisters went crazy. My "bigger little sister" Margaret(12), had one, and only one, thing in mind, and that was Raptor. Adam(5), and Emily(3), just wanted out of the car. Dad and Mom wanted to feel like kids again. And I(15)... well, all I knew was that I was finally at my home away from home, and that was Cedar Point.

We handed the nice "Ticket Taker (acording to Adam)" our tickets, and bam! We were in the park. After visting the cleanest restrooms in the park, Mom and the smaller kids went off to kiddie land, while the bigger kids (that would be me) jumped in line for Raptor.

RAPTOR ( My total of 2 laps)
After only 20 minutes of waiting, we were on. I don't know if it was me, but there seemed to be alittle head banging through the cobra roll. Other then that, it was the same dizifying ride we all know and love. And the intense helix at the end of the ride, just blow's all other inverts away. Raptor still remains one of my most favorite coasters. I rate it 4.5 out of 5.

We desided to check in with mom and the kiddies. All was good with Adam and Emily, but Mom wanted a turn with a coaster. So, Dad stayed back with the kiddies, and Mom went coaster riding with me and the sis.

Whoa, that 3D paint looks kind'a... weird. It didn't seem to add much to the ride, but I guess it's the thought that counts. Besides, most of the ride you still didn't see anything. We only waited about 10 minutes. I rate it a 2 out of 5.

When the ride was over, we went back to kiddie kingdom to do a check up. The little kids were having a blast. They really seemed to enjoy the Whip. While we were in the area, I claimed it was time to ride Wicked Twister.

Margaret chickened out even though it was only going 3/4 of the way up the spike. So it was just me and my dad who did the 20 minute line, and then did the parent swap and got mom on it. Each ride I talked the parents into the last seat. WOW! Theres nothing like being blasted out of that station with the beach to your left. Talk about a joy ride. Lots of air time on each spike, and it just seemed to go faster and faster each time you went in and out of the station. At the end of the first ride, i couldn't believe how much fun it was as i undid the safty harness. Thats when I noticed a nice gash in my arm that was bleeding. The odd thing about it was it didn't hurt, and nothing hit me. Maybe it was the launch;) I'll give it a 5 for all that air up there. (yes, I did look behind DT, and yes something is back there. It looks like a giant hole in the ground, but could also be some type of brace.)

After both joy rides, me and my sister departed the family and headed for Blue Streak.

BLUE STEAK (1 lap)
"Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" What else is there to say? With that new paint job, the trains were flying down the first hill and produced major air. Great Job Cedar Point, you just add life to this old, yet great coaster. And with a 25 minute wait, it was well worth it. I'll give it a 5, easliy.

It was around 1, and the kiddies finally started to slow down...only because they got hungery. So we got some Pepsi in those cool looking Wicked Twister bottles and ate our PP&J under Raptor. But as soon as the food was gone, it was back to the rides. And the kiddies decided it was time to move to the back of the park for camp snoopy. Along the way, Corkscrew was calling my name.

I knew it was calling my name, because it was a walk-on...or so I thought. Man, was I just in the wrong train? The whole ride was nothing but shake, rattle, and roll. My Head just seemed like a pinball in a pinball machine as it bounced around the harness...ouchie. Even though it was a short ride, I was glad it was over. I'll give it 3, only for the second hill, which makes the best air time in the park.

So, with that out of the way...on to camp snoopy. As soon as we got there, the little kiddies wanted to ride Woodstockes Express. So I grabed Emily and got in line...which seem to last forever with a little girl who didn't want down, so she could watch the coaster.

Boy can Emily scream. And boy did this ride fly...for a family coaster. Nice and Smooth, a great way to start small kids with roller coasters. I'll rate it a 3 for the speed of this ride.

After Woodstocks Express, the kiddies wanted more. So, I got to ride Peanuts 500 (fun ride by the way) and the Balloon Race with Emily, Dad and Adam. But, by the end of the Balloon Race, I could tell Margaret wanted to ride something. So I handed Emily over to Mom. And Margaret and I escaped from camp, and sprinted to Gemini.

GEMINI (7 Laps)
The Familys favorite coaster in the park. Always a walk on. And the ride ops were awesome. They always had the people on the coaster, waiting to depart, doing chants at each other. It was just as fun, if not, funner then the ride itself. But, I just don't understand why people just don't like to slap hands anymore. Oh well, the helix at the end made up for it, only because the trims were off, making it the most intense helix in the park. I give Gemini a 5, do to the friendly ride ops and the intense helix. (And yes, I did look into area 51, and saw the 3 footers and the blue tarp. And the dirt is starting to grow weeds...which means no work has been done there for a while.)

It was around 3:30 when the kiddies started to get tired and hot, so we got in line for White Water Landing. We waited about 30 minutes, for a couple of splashes that cooled off everyone. Still one of my favorite log flumes around. After White Water Landing, we got on the Cedar Point and Lake Erie Rail Road and got off at the funway station. Thats where we saw the 2 hour line for Millienum Force and said, "Forget it." Thats where we walked down to Iron Dragon.

Anoter ride with a walk on. A nice ride with all the trees you fly through. But I also looked for the stakes with orange makings on them. Yes i did see two, and I also noticed a Crane under both lift hills on the ride. Maybe its a sign...or maybe just for maintenance? Who knows?...All i know was that the knot over the water flet good with the mist. I rate it a 3.

4:45...time to go see Snoopy Rocks On Ice. Geeze, that statium was packed, every seat was filled. The show its self was awesome...not one mistake from the skaters. And it was cool in there (even though the high for the day was only 83), and it also kept the kiddies happy.
After the show, we head over to Mantis, but saw the 1 1/2 hour wait and decided that it would be best to eat dinner now so the kiddies don't kill the rest of the day with crying. So, we walked down the the Pizza patio and got some very good pizza. After dinner, Mom and the kiddies left Dad, Margaret, and I to go ride more coasters until 8:30, where we would meet them in Camp Snoopy. It was then, when some how, and some way, Dad and I talked Margaret into riding Magnum.

MAGNUM XL-200 (5 laps)
We told her that it was no more then gemini. She said ok, and got in line. Piece of cake. Now we had to wait 30 minutes to ride. Finally we got into the station, where Margaret heard the stats. "WHAT!?! There is no way I'm riding a 200 foot coaster!!!" oh no... but Dad said "you've wait inline for 30 minutes, now just ride it and get it over with...and YOU WILL LIKE IT" So, she said she would do it, only if she could ride with dad. I said what ever, just let me on. So, we finally go on, when up to the top, and then it was all heaven. Every drop...loaded with air time (or was it becasue i was in 1-3 ;)) and when we got back to the station, I turn around and see a huge grin on my sisters face. Uh-oh, I think we just created another monster here. I, and so does my sister, rate Magnum a 5, if not then a 6.

After a few laps on Magnum, we took a few more on Gemini. Then we headed over to Mean Streak.

Where was everyone? Frontiertown was empty. So, with that said, it was a walk on and got in the GREEN train. Not a bad ride, Corkscrew had won my vote for being the roughest in the park. So we did Mean Streak again...come on, a walk on. So, got back up to the station and got in the GOLD train. Thats when it all changed. I don't know what it is with the gold train but it was like a suicide run. Every 2 feet bump, slam, squeekie-squeekie, ahhhh, I couldn't even keep my hands up. You know there is something up with the gold train when you see sparks shooting from the front wheels on the front car. Man, that was the longest, and most painful ride of the day. I then switched my vote to Mean Streak for being the roughest coaster. Green Train, i'll give it a 3. Gold Train, I'll give it a 1...Ouch.

Quickly, we had time to get on Mine Ride.

MINE RIDE (1 lap)
It was running 2 trains so we waited about 10 minutes, which would have been 5 if they had all the trains going. Still a fun ride. Not much has changed about it. And I still rate it a 3.

I look down at my watch and see that it was 8:15 clock, time to head back to Mom. The kiddies were still happy, so me and Margaret traded Dad in for Mom and took her on Magnum and Gemini. The next thing I know, its 9:15 and dark out. So, we got Dad again and took another ride on Magnum at night. Man is that thing a whole new ride at night...you can't see a thing! The next thing i knew its 10 o' clock and time to start heading down to the main midway. But on the way we took turns on the Witch's Wheel, Troika, and Chaos. All awesome rides. It was 10:30, only enough time for one last coaster. So me and my sis headed for Raptor while Mom, Dad, and the kiddies got on the Giant Wheel. Raptor was even better at night with the strobe lights, but magnum still had it beat by far. 11:00 p.m. The day was over, I couldn't believe it. Everyone got their snacks for the trip home, and I got a new Magnum T-shirt. And just like a good dream...it came to an end.

Here are my last votes...
Roughest: Mean Streak
Best in the day: Wicked Twister
Best at night: Magnum
and finally
Most valiable Coaster: Gemini.

All in all, a great day, and I can't wait to go back...next year.

-Matthew Couts
When it's good, it's very good.
When it's bad, it's wicked.

Good TR.

Steel: 1)MF, 2)Goliath, 3)Magnum
Wood: 1)Villain, 2)Beast, 3)Roar(SFMW)

Nice tr! Too bad no MF.

In 4 Days My 100th Coaster will be HyperSonic XLC

I've been on MF before, it would have been fun to do it again, but it's not a major let down.

-Matthew Couts
When it's good, it's very good.
When it's bad, it's wicked.

Great TR. Glad to hear your sister liked her first ride on the Magnum. Too bad no ride on the Millennium, maybe next trip.

The worst day at Cedar Point is better than the best day at work.

Good TR, Can't wait til my trip there in August.

Deja Vu Count = 21

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Damn. WT was closed BOTH days I was there (monday and tuesday). MF made up for though

you spent the time to ride Mine Ride, but didn't ride MF? I would have killed myself if I went to CP and didn't ride it. Oh well, got a lot of laps on Magnum.

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