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Saturday, July 26, 2003 9:47 PM
To start off my mother decided to come with us this week, she use to go there as a kid and with us when we were kids but hasn't been there sine the early 90's, so about 5 or six less coasters ago. My main goal was to get her on a coaster, but she pretty much stopped riding coasters back in 76 or so, when corkscrew opened she said she rode that and had a headache for 2 days so that was my goal.

A perfect day but I ruined it by drinking all day thursday and all night, so I had no sleep, and was actually still a bit drunk when we left, so after an hour in the car 6 burgers from mcdonalds and then the heat of the early afternoon I wasn't feeling so great. So right away I ruled out TTD mainly because my bladder couldn't handle a line that long along with the hourly break downs. TTD seems to be running better than the previous friday it appeared to have many breakdowns but did operate all day.

We decided to start off slow, we hit Cedar Downs Racing Derby first, the ride actually had a line and almost every horse was filled, I don't believe I have seen anything like that since I was a kid.

After Cedar Downs it was time for Power Tower (shot down) personally I could put that ride in a class with the Iron Dragon, boring. But when you feel like your about to vomit it makes the ride rather interesting, but mommy wouldn't ride it, short line about 10 minutes if that.

Next mommy wanted to check out Disater Trans, she rode it when they first put the building around it but that was when the line was hours long, imagine that, well the line was 40 min so I told them they could wait but I refuse to wait for that. So we checked out WT line was about 15 min so we rode that in the second to the front seat, I don't think its worth waiting for the front on that ride, but still a decent coaster.

After WT we headed for the train, my girlfriend loves Iron Dragon so I had to ride that, mommy didn't have her glasses and didn't realize Mantis was a diffrent ride so she refused. The line was about 10 min for the front so it wasn't to much of a burden to ride it.

We hit the train got off back in Frontier Town, and decided to ride Mean Streak, not my choice at all, but I was hoping maybe it would be fun this time. I was wrong the ride still sux. How can you build a wooden coaster of that size and not have any real drops along with a trim on the main hill? I dunno wood coasters are my fav but Cedar Points out in the category, Beastie at PKI is better and its only what 30 ft. The line was only about 10 min so I guess I can say it killed some time.

After MS it was time to sit in the shade for a while and try to rehydrate myself, it didn't work, but next was MF so we walked the Trail and rode the MF the line for the front was way to long so we decided the 2nd best seat so sat in the back. That ride is always good, Not sure how long the line was for that one, we used my gf special access book and waited in the shade until bording time.

Now I gave my mommy an ultimatum, you can't go to CP and not ride atleast one coaster and to be nice I gave her a choice either MF or I'll be nice and you can ride the monorail (Iron Dragon) She finally decided to ride it, she actually liked it so that makes 3 people that I know that actually like that ride, my mother, my gf, and my gf's mother.

Now it was time for Cedar Downs again, my mom likes that ride since she use to ride it a lot as a kid at Euclid Beach, and I don't mind it either I like the vintage rarer rides.

After that we noticed Raptor was up, it wasn't open when we got to the park, we got our boarding time and waited the hour or what ever it was and entered the freeway line. And just as the last 4 or 5 times we rode that ride the platform line attendent felt the need to pack people on the platform and then yell for them to fill the lines that were already over flowing. But I played deaf dumb and stupid and ignored her and proceeded to wait for the front, fo me theres no point in riding Raptor unless your up front. Then a few min later right as our train was entering the building the line lady is yelling foreveryone in teh front queue to move closer together, now I'm not claiming genious but if she would hold people at the turn styles for five more seconds then four of us would be through the line and there would be more room, also I'm not jamming myself up against stangers like we're sardines. They should send those line attendents over to WT, MF and Magnum for training.

After Raptor mommy was getting cold so we proceeded to the front of the park to wait for her to run to the car for a sweatshirt, then we rode the Carousel. No offense I have'nt rode that thing since the mid 80's but its not as great as they claim it being, the one at CLP is 100 X's nicer, not that a merry go round is a great ride.

After that my gf wanted to ride the Demon Drop, another ride I can do with out and obviously most people can do with out it either because I swear I have'nt seen a line for that ride in many many years.

Next we tried DT again, the line was about 10 min so we rode the piece of junk, is it me or do they loose more theming every week on the ride?

Then WT again the line wasn't more than 10 min so we rode that.

After that we went to watch TTD try to run empty trains, I think one failed 3 times in a row then finally it made it over, since we were over there was hopped on Magnum, the line was short, my mother went to ride the witches wheel and we rode front of magnum and just about beat her.

Next was Gemini, not my fav but its walk on and racers are kinda fun I guess. The ride actually seemed rather smooth compared to the last few times I rode it. Next it was time to sit and chill for a while.

After chilling on some benched it was time to hit the train again, we got off at the main station, Where mommy and my gf decided to was time for Iron Dragon again, I sat that one out. After they got off off that we wandered near The Giant Wheel and WT to get away from the laser show. So we rode the Giant Wheel, then a quick line for Troika and thats about the time the bugs decided to come out, they were pretty bad.

We jumped on WT one last time the line was about 5 min long but not to fun with tones of bugs getting stuck to you.

By that time it was about 10:30 so mommy wanted to ride Iron Dragon again so we rode it, I fugred oh well she doesn't come with us every week so I guess I can suffer one last time, while on the Iron Dragon I noticed Mantis had no line, I mean no line it was walk on for the front, I dunno if people finally realized this ride sux or they we're trying to get one last ride on a good coaster like MF, TTD, or Raptor.

So my gf and I headed to Mantis, mommy rode Iron Dragon, we got on we were I think the only two on the train, and the busg were bad. I generally don't care if I ever ride Mantis but due to the line and the fact my gf actually likes it we rode it.

After Mantis it was about 11, and my gf feet were getting bad, thus the special access book, I wanted to try to get on MF night rides are the best but she was in pain so I had to pretty much carry her to the car, I wish she'd get a wheel chair but I guess she'd be embarrassed, I dunno, if my feet were like hers I'd have no probelm with it. I really wanted to ride TTD again but thats what next week is for, the good thing about TTD is when its running all the other lines for the most part are rahter short.

All in all it was our best trip to the park this year, probably the only one of 7 or 8 that I can actually say I almost had fun. Personally I'd just ride MF, Raptor and WT, and Magnum just for the hell of it and TTD if its running smoothly with minimal break down times, and thats it, the rest of the rides and coasters I can do with out.

The only bad news all day was when we got to the car my girlfriend had a voice mail saying her sister is at the hospital going into labor. It was bad news because we usually go to Conneaut Lake Park on saturdays and this meant sitting at a hospital most of saturday. It was bad/ good news, good news because she was going to be induced next fri if she hadnt went into labor yet, so Now we are free for CP next fri., but honestly I have more fun riding the CLP Blue Streak all day then battling crowds at CP.

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Sunday, July 27, 2003 3:50 AM
Your girl friend didn't do too bad with her feet for as many times as you went back and forth on the midway.

Did her sister have the baby? Was it a boy or a girl?

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Sunday, July 27, 2003 7:37 AM
Good TR...that must be great to go every week to the Point. I cant believe Mantis was a walk on that late at night...I hate the ride as much as you do, but thats still interesting.

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Sunday, July 27, 2003 1:57 PM
Yeah I know Mantis along with Millenium is the one ride that always seems to have a decent steday line all day every day. As for her feet, its a pain we have to walk slow, and stop a lot and chill on benches, but thats her problem I guess now she really won't be able to walk to well until weds or thurs. Thus the fact on a short queue line day we should have been able to ride a lot more rides.

Her sis had a boy, you know what that means as soon as he's tall enough for coasters we have to warp him, just like we do with her other nephews and nieces.

As far as going every week, I've been getting SP for years but I didn't want to this year I wanted to do some traveling and hit some other parks and coasters but with buisness this year I can't look more than a few days ahead of time to see if I can get off work.

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