Cedar Point 7/21/04 "The Wrath of Dragster"

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I woke up at 5:30 in the morning, packed my lunch and departed Akron by about 7 AM. There was hardly any traffic on the road which really pleased me. The turnpike wasn't covered in orange barrels this trip, so I was thrilled.

We parked and got in the season pass line by about 8:50 and were some of the first into the park. Promptly at 9 they opened the gates and we used our JCC to get on the first ride of the day on Raptor. I don't know what it is about this ride that always has me coming back for more. I could argue this my favorite ride in the park. I think it's paced really well and that cobra roll is so intense. We were in the front row and my friend and I were two of the four people on the ride. It's sad but this is the first time I've actually got into the park that early and been on rides with JCC. I was shocked just how short the lines were.

We went to Millennium Force and rode back seat - IMO the best seat on the ride - and got on in a little over 15 minutes. Without any food or anything to drink so far yesterday, and with the heat and humidity, I was near greying out on the first overbank. Is this happening to anyone else?

With an awesome ride on MF we decided to go check out the Dragster situation. They weren't distributing Freeways so we decided to get in line before the line was too long. After a few rollbacks and mechanics on the launch track working on something they allowed us to get in the 1/4 full queue and we waited altogether nothing more than an hour. Because of its sporadic operation, that was only my 7th Dragster lap - but it was one of the best. We creeped over the top and almost got a rollback, but just barely cleared the top. Usually when I'm on the train it's rocketing over the top and there isn't even a chance of the train getting a rollback. Needless to say, I didn't get a rollback all day.

Afraid the park was going to get busy we really did some crunching the first hour and half of regular operation. In this time we got our Freeways for MF and Mantis, both for the 3-4 slot which made it really convenient. We got on Maggie twice, riding both rides in 1:3 and getting stapled ridiculously. I know the ops have to secure the bar, but ramming it into your leg on the ejector seat of an airtime filled hypercoaster giving huge bruises. I guess they have to because of past happenings but I really hate the restraints on that Arrow. We headed back to big old Mean Streak and rode in the front seat. The trims were definitely on but it still was a great ride. I love the little hills that want to be airtime hills that give the hint of airtime, but definitely aren't. MS was running really well and the crew was top notch. The wait for the front was about 2 trains. We took the skyride to the front of the park and ate our sandwiches. So in the morning at CP, with the park only being "open" for 2 hours we basically got on all the big rides and even managed 2 on Maggie. We felt like we had beat the crowds, but - you can't beat something that isn't there.

Upon our return to the park it was almost 90ยบ and extremely homid (HOt and huMID). We needed some air conditioning or something so we went to to Disaster Transport. Expecting a 45 minute wait we were relieved to find out it was only 20 mins. While in line my friend and I had a big argument over a 3-D sign and I want some help. The sign right before the steps says Dispatch Disaster Transport - where the D is used for both patch and aster, correct? My friend was telling me the sign says Dispatch Master Transport because of a little squiggly under the Dis. We always argue about something on our trip - the first time it was where the tallest drop tower was, then whether or not the Edge killed anyone, and now this. Please can I have someone else's opinion if they know at all what I am talking about. I know it sounds childish, but it would be very helpful.

It was about 1:45 when we got off and since we were in the area we went for a swing on Wicked Twister. With a great ride, an even better crew, and an empty park this ride was no longer than 15 minutes for the backseat. We grabbed 3 awesome rides and went to Blue Streak, where there was a little bit of a wait. I know it was the middle of the day and I should expect that. It was down in one of the handrails in the queues out of the station and we waited about 10 minutes to ride 1:3.

Our Freeway time was up so we were on to Mantis. This is what I think the smartest choice is for the Freeway. The loading is very slow, the line is hot, and usually about an hour long. We used the Freeway and rode front seat, something I hadn't ever done before. I was impressed, but I still don't care too much for stand-ups. Give me an invert any day. We hussled over to MF and saw that it was down. Ugh... we had to remain in the area so that our Freeways would be usable when it opened back up in case it was past 4:00. We waited . . . and we waited some more . . . and some more . . . about 30 minutes or so later they reopened the line and we got on. Both the line for the front and back were rather long so I just hopped in the middle. Another awesome ride. Millennium Force is so much more intense than any other hyper I've been on, but the lack of airtime is the only thing that sets it aside from S:RoS IMO. I'm not saying it doesn't have any, it just doesn't have the disgusting amount it's little brother has over at SFNE. The drop is top notch and I would wait an hour for just that.

We were going to travel all of Arrow Alley (Iron Dragon back to CCMR) hitting all 5 but instead we just rode Maggie with a 10 min wait, Gemini which was a walkon and Corkscrew which was another walk-on. Gemini is so much better trimless. I saw they were running trimless at one part of the day so when I got there I asked if they would open the trims for us - which they usually do - but the guy got really mad at me and told me I shouldn't be telling them how to run a ride, etc. I've been told no before, but he got angry and it didn't make me happy. We were starving so we went back for more sandwiches.

When we came back it was about 5:45 and I got my first ride ever on Troika. It's a nice little flat, I'm surprised I have never rode it. There was no line and it's a rather relaxing Huss. From there we rode WT two more times in the backseat, got a few laps on BS, rode Raptor in the back right seat after a 15 minute wait, and headed to TTD.

TTD was broken down so we waited outside the queue for a little while. Once it started running, something really weird happened. I'm sure it's quite normal and I just haven't been there enough, but the ride definitely launched and huge clump of black exploded from the train. So many people said "OMG the cable broke again" but I quickly decided it was a bird which had exploded upon impact. Has anyone ever seen the clip of Randy Johnson pitching the ball and hitting the bird at 99 mph? This was much more powerful and I managed to catch a feather as it floated to the ground. To my amazement, the train cleared the tophat, there wasn't any blood, and it hit the train and no one on it. We rode backseat again after an hour wait and the night rides began.

Edit: If I didn't make it clear - TTD hit a bird and many sweepers swarmed the area sweeping up bird feathers and parts. I'm not sure if they had to clean the train off, but I would think at 120 mph it would be self cleaning.

We went back to Wicked Twister - guess where we rode? It was only a 10 minute wait but we had to move on . We rode Raptor both front and back seats, Maggie in 1:3 yet again, Gemini in the back and MS. All these rides were walkons. It was truly incredible for a nice mid-July day. I hope these crowds hold off so I can come back again. We ended the night on a MF ride. By 11:30 we were off the ride and we got in line right at 11. Truly amazing. Some nights I have waited an hour and a half. The ride was godly and the "drop into the dark abyss" was once again awesome. Our day had come to an end. 14 hours of coasters was a first for me. Usually, it's only 13 and a half ;) but now I have a friend with JCC. The 2 hour drive home was horrible and we had to stop numerous times, but the '95 Spirit and us made it. Sorry this was so long, thanks for reading! *** Edited 7/23/2004 3:06:48 AM UTC by coasterzak*** *** Edited 7/23/2004 4:12:15 AM UTC by coasterzak***

Good trip report. You were right about the Dt sign. I ride that thing like thirty times every one of my three day trips there (as I live in Chicago.) I love DT. I dont know why I just do even though it is not a popular opinion.

Cedar Point -How an amusement park should be run.

It sounds like you had a perfect day. My definition of a perfect day is ending it with a night ride on MF. I agree with you about using freeway for Mantis, and front car is the only way to go. I love the big purple bug! I'm not sure what happened with Dragster and the feather, but it made for some interesting reading. Nice Trip report.

Millennium Force Laps-169 **Vertigo Launches-21** Dragster Launches-53
On the DT Sign, I am pretty sure you are both right.

If I remember right, and i am sure one will correct me (please do) the original concept was that you were in Master Dispatch and and something goes wrong, hence Disaster.

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It says "Dispatch Master Transport" but is intentionally set up to look like "Disaster Transport." Personally my favorite sign is "We'll get you there in 5 minutes or we won't get you there at all!" or something to that effect...

But then again, what do I know?

I've also greyed out a few time on the in the first turn on MF, usually when it's hot out like this and I haven't eaten anything all day.
Ahhh the good old Disaster Transport

The correct story from what I remember in my wee younger years...The actual attraction was called (To the guest) Disaster Transport (of course) BUT the ride had a very good story line when it first opened. The very first room was filled with MANY posters stating exotic locations with Dispatch Master Transport on them In the first room (of a soon to be VERY long wait) you had a "Tour guide" come out and talk to you in the front of the room (close to the entrance into the third room.) She was more or less a crowd entertainer. You went into the second room...which was AWESOME for the time. It was much like Star Tours at Disney is now. You had this huge "C3POish" robot running things and talking to the crowd and jumbo screen. He was making sure all the pilots on the screen where landing right (traffic controler like.) The BIGGEST thing I remember was the robot made a mistake and with it's voice it sounded like he was saying, "Oh $HI.." When it reality he was saying, "Oh Chips" And CP had to make the first of MANY changes to the ride. I think this is the room where we also see the Space Pirates try to take over other ships (hence how the disaster part started.) The second room (which is still pretty much intact)was also pretty intertaining. When you walk in the room up and to your left you will see a "Pod" hanging from a rod. The pod actually moved around and pointed in different directions. Below that pod there is a fixed red circle. When the pod talked the red circle lit up to match the voice. The pod oredered the other robots (which actually just started moving again recently) arounds. He made jokes at them told them to meet quotas etc. And the above moving baskets moved around much faster than today.

Now we as tourists were told we were going to go to somewhere (which I think was Alaska...not to sure if it was suppose to be Alaska or we just end up in Alaska. Either way The ride malfuctions (the part going up the lift) In the brake run was the MayDay call etc etc. The name Dispatch Master Transport gets Blown up and the Dis falls onto the front of Master...hence the Disaster Transport name. :)

For a 1000 bonus points who can tell me where the Original Avalanche Run Character Sign is (the one all CP rides had at the front of their ques)? ;)

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Original Avalanche Run Character Sign

I assume you mean the sign at the Radisson Friday's? For another 1,000 points - which ride actually featured that St. Bernard ... and what was actually on the Avalanche Run sign?

Walt Schmidt - Co-Publisher, PointBuzz

Good question...was it the Himalay?

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It's from the Sky Ride. Here's a look at the Avalanche Run sign. And, since you mentioned it, Super Himalaya.

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Thank you RollerCoasterGod. That has to be the best resolution story to our argument that we could have asked for. That's really interesting - I didn't realize that there was quite that much involved with DT over the years.

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