Cedar Point 7/20

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Hi all! I'm new here so this will be my very first trip report.

Cedar Point, 7/20:

Weather: Great weather! The temperature was in the lower 70's, low winds, and lots of sunshine!

Our Day: So my sister, my friend, and me decide to take a trip out to Cedar Point (this is my second trip this season) and we were sure glad we did it. So we get into the park and go straight to MF, it was about a 30 minute wait, and we of course had a great ride as always. Next up, was Mean Streak, pretty much a walk on, like a two train wait I think it was, but remember it was like 11 AM so of course there will be no line then at Mean Streak. It was an ok ride, pretty rough though, oh yeah and that gum post is gross, they need to clean that off, I saw Raptor's was gone so why not clean off MS's? Oh, well only one gum post in the park. So after Mean Streak we were hungry so we have a pretty early lunch, we ate at The Roundup, it was actually really good, I had fries and Chicken Fingers, so after that we get in line for Maverick, it was about 1 hour and 30 minutes, and of course it was a great ride, second time riding it and no mist or firehose, but had the waterbombs, oh yeah and that little fountain looks nice under the horseshoe rolls. So after Maverick we hit up Thunder Canyon, no wait, pretty much a walk on, it was fun and I got pretty drenched. After that my friend wanted to ride Skyhawk so he goes on that, while my sister and I ride Mine Ride, it was perfect we walked out of the exits at the same time, Mine Ride was about a ten minute wait, it was an ok ride as always. Next up, we go to Gemini, about a 2 train wait, and it was fun and a little rough, we rode the blue train and lost at the very end. Next was Magnum, about a 30 minute wait with a 3 train operation, fun ride as always. Next up was the SkyRide and we took that up to Disaster Transport, it was about a 40 minute wait, now I haven't ridden this in years and after hearing all the bad reviews I was pleasently surprised. People say the theming is bad? I thought it was pretty good throughout the whole line and throughout the ride, and I liked how they were selling 3D glasses when getting in line. The ride was more fun than expected that's for sure. Next up was Chaos which of course I did not ride, I sat out and man I couldn't even watch that thing, it made me sick just looking at it! But while I was sitting there, I started watching WT and I noticed this thing shakes a ton at the top! Kind of scary. So then we walked over to Iron Dragon, it was about a 10 minute wait and it was fun as always. Then we went to Macoroni Grille after that for dinner and it was great! I got a pizza and it was yummy! So after dinner, we get in line for Raptor and it was an hour wait, good ride. Next we went to Dragster to see how the wait was, it was an hour and 1/4 and I wanted to ride but no one else wanted to wait, so we never ended up riding. So then we decide to ride Magnum again, pretty much same wait and I forgot to mention before, the station was not a mess!! Good ride again. Next we went on PaddleWheel and it was fun and relaxing, it actually had a pretty long line, so then we went to the SkyRide and took it to the front and left. Overall we had a great day! I love how the park is always so clean and well kept, I liked the Maverick flowers. The bathrooms were clean too, which a lot of people like to complain about. Well, this was my last trip until next year. Thanks for reading!!

Sorry if there are any kind of typos.

Sounds like a good loop. Wicked Twister's track is suppose to give a little at the top. If it didn't, the rotating energy from the twisting train couldn't transfer well, which may cause a break in the track. The shaking is safer. In addition, I was told that Dragster's tower moves a foot each way. I really want to see that.

Did you go towards Dragster after the Joe Cool Club ERT on it?

-Why is Wicked Twister closed?
~Biting Flies.
-Biting Flies...

I'm glad you had fun and welcome to coasterbuzz. I do have some advice. Next time if you ever write that much put some spacing in it's much easier to read!

-Eric: Major Parks: SFNE(homepark), SFA,SFGADV,CP,BGE,BGA,Kennywood,and Sea World: Track record 65 different coasters ridden #1 is Millennium Force #2 is El Toro and than there are all the others

BANDandDCI said: Did you go towards Dragster after the Joe Cool Club ERT on it?

No, we went around 7:30.

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