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Wow! That pretty much describes my first trip to CP. I always thought that it was overhyped and how good could a theme park be. I'm from the Chi-town area so I have been used to SfGAM. For my first trip report I'll keep it short and sweet. First we got there and TTD was closed for the day! I was so pissed it was the whole reason I came this year but our group kept a good attitude and we went on all the major coasters and we were finished by 7 pm. Oh yeah freeway...so much better than fastlane and it's worth it. MF was a such a thrill and I was happy that I was able to try out the front and the back.

But anyways the whole day I kept an eye on TTD. They were testing it, and sometimes it would rollback but then around 7:30 we started seeing hands up on the ride so we raced over there and got in line. It only took an 1 1/2 hrs to the station. My brother and I got in the second row, but then after about 2 hours of uninterrupted operation the train in front of us rolled back so we had to get out. The station and everyone outside were going crazy. There was so much energy and adrenaline and everyone was cheering hoping the train would make it. I have never see such a large group of strangers enjoying the moment and people were just there to watch the ride. It is really hard to describe...I guess you just had to be there. Then we got back on .. ARMS DOWN.. HEAD BACK...120MPH!!!

This was the most amazing feeling I have ever had on a ride..we went so fast but suddenly we lost momentum and we didn't make it over the hill. It was kinda cool free falling back and they had to try again. While waiting for the train to reverse like 1 mph, people outside the ride came up to us and others on the train asking about the ride..the speed.. falling back. We were like celebrities and all of sudden we were off again and this time we made it and it was such a rush! TTD is the so worth the wait (and the drive)and CP has really outdone themselves. Tidbit: I don't know how many people watch or used to watch WWF but I remember a couple years ago when I used to watch there was a character named Tori, well anyways right after we got off TTD she and a group of friends got on through the exit. All in all a great first trip to CP and I hope to be back again next year.

Great to hear that you had a great time and were able to get onto the Dragster and ride it.

Keep your Head back, arms down and hold on!

Tori was there...somehow I find that hard to believe...and why should they get special treatment just because they're celebrities? Thats garbage, if you ask me. Glad you had a good time, that rollback must have been insane. Millenium Force is still the better ride tho, IMO.

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From what I keep reading here, just about everyone is hoping they experience a rollback. Maybe they ought to build something that does just that...say 150MPH at launch and 600 feet up!!

"How was your ride?"

people wanting rollbacks: SFMM is the place for you!

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