Cedar Point 7/18 ??

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Not a bad crowd day most lines were rather short, especially for a friday maybe the rain the night before kept most people away.

Went on the power tower first since the line was less than 15 min, not my favorite ride actually really boring, fall down is better than the shot up though,

Then finally on my 6th trip this year TTD was actually running, we got a boarding time since I'm dating a gimp, actually went to get in line around 2, it was down, but by 2:15 it was back up so we got in line, got to enter where the line splits for the stations so figured it would be a 15min wait, about 2 min later it was down again, this time I figued screw it I'm gonna wait it out, so after about 2 hours, give or take a few they starting launching empty trains, the first to test launched both failed to clear and came back down and launched again, so finally around 4:30 or so we finally got our first ride, we were going to wait for the front but decided to just get in the shortest line just incase it broke again we just wanted to get on it, the ride was sweet but its speed prevents you from realizing how high you go, so it wasn't great as I expected but still a good ride, not worth a 2 hour wait but then again what ride is. Later in the day I believe it was finally shut down for the day.

After that was Magnum , waited for front seat the total wait was less than 15- 20 min. Then we decided to go on gemini just for the heck of it, then we caught the train and got our time for MF , we decided to ride in the back since the last 4 times were front seat, two trains away from riding the red trains restraints got stuck closed, so we had to wait and extra 15-20 min for them to open them then put the red trina on the transfer track, after than had to ride Iron Dragon, I hate that ride but atleast the line was basically walk on. Next was Raptor and guess what right as we went ot enter the line it was closed for about 10- 15 min, don't know what was wrong with it, when they reopened the line it was short was infront of the freeway entrance, so wait for the front was about 10 min total, shortest I've ever seen that line, the lat coaster that night was WT line was really short also, we got back seat total wait was less than 20 min if not shorter. After that we rode the demon drop, it was my 1st time and I know why the ride sux, I hate those types of rides including power tower, theres not thrill or no fun for those types of rides just boredom.

Over all the day was short but got the important rides in, but I swear there was an innercity convention there. And I'm getting sick of those damn basketballs, the kids with them don't bother me their kids you know, its the older people who insist on playing keep away in the middle of the midways and don't care how many people they run into, especially when you have handicapes, elderly and little kids walking around that can be trampled rather easily, they should give the basketballs out flat. Infact one group playing ran right into me and I didn't say anything but just looked the one dude got in may face, all i said was watch were your playing that crap (mean while thinking this moron wants to fight, then again he has nothing to lose but all to gain, he probably could lose his stolen car, is habitat for humanitity house and his welfare check, meanwhile I got a house, a buisness and cars to lose, not worth my time.) As for the ride ops they were really cracking down on the line jumpers today, finally! nothing can piss you off more than when some one is a mile ahead of you in line then their whole clan has to sneak up with them.

I'm just wondering if TTD runs like this everyday, up for 30min down for 2 hrs up for 30min then down for the day?

Conneaut Lake Sat. 7/19

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Nice TR, but try to use more of you grammar skills next time. It makes it so much easier to read. When I was at CP on July 7th, Dragster was more like the exact oppisite of what it was for you...Down for 20 minutes, up for 2 hours was the pattern that day...then the next day it was closed all day...it's a strange ride, it is.

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