Cedar Point 6/2709, like a Sunday in May

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I finally made my first trip to CedarPoint on Sunday. Although I expected it to be less crowded with thedire rain predictions, I didn't expect it to be like a Sunday in May.The parking lot was barely half full.

I didn't set an alarm, nordid I rush to get out of the house to be at the park in time for thebeginning of ERT. I arrived at 9:15 am and was processed for myPlatinum Pass, literally, in less than 5 minutes. So I still had agood 40 minutes of ERT.

I opted for MF first and although I couldhave power-ridden it, decided to head to Maverick as I figured thatline would be longer. It was, but just barely. I got a first ride andhad made the station for my second when it began to rain, though theshower was brief and the ride re-opened in about 20 minutes. The skies cleared totally 20 minutes later.

MeanStreak was running fast and a bit smoother (no, it's never been smooth!), Iassume due to the rain soaking it got overnight and the brief showerprior to my ride. I did two circuits and went for my "gigglefest" rideon Skyhawk. I have yet to figure out why that ride makes me giggleuncontrollably. Raging Bull did the same thing to me.

I prettymuch worked my way casually down the Gemini midway (two rides onGemini) to the Dragster midway (two rides on Magnum, one on Corkscrew)and bypassed TTD because it had been down for a bit and the lineoutside the entrance was rather long from what I could see from PowerTower. I did Draggin' Iron and Wildcat before taking a break for lunchat Famous Dave's.

I sat at the bar with a Corona and BBQ wingsdinner while the girl behind the bar chatted me up (she grew up locallyto me and graduated from my old high school...although 30 yearslater!). She got a good tip. *grins*

Not wanting to be too hardon my stomach after stuffing myself, I went to see Snoopy's Big BowWow. I found it ironic that people were only clapping for the pairsteam and not for the singles skaters. People have no idea how difficultit is to do those jumps on such a small space of ice. *I* certainlyapplauded the jumps and got a definite thumbs up from one of theskaters for doing so.

After the show, I did Chaos which decidedto stop shortly after it began to raise, lowered back down and the opre-started the ride. Nope, I'm not surprised at all CP is trying tosell it. I rode Disaster Transport, Wicked Twister and MaXair.

Ispent a good 20 minutes watching the kids(and a couple of adults!) playin the new midway fountain. Excellent addition!! One of the bestnon-ride upgrades the park has made in a long time, IMO.

Igrabbed two rides on Blue Streak (which still impresses me with it'sspeed and airtime) and two walk on rides on Raptor before spending waytoo much money on an Icee. It was 4:30 pm and I'd ridden everything I'dwanted to. I debated about making another walk back to MF, but decidednot to overdo it as I generally do on my first trip to the park. So,Icee in hand, I headed back home.

That Icee, BTW, lasted the entire two hour drive home.

I'mglad I cut the trip a little shorter than normal. Instead of beingtotally wiped out and sore the next day, I had just a little aching inmy upper thighs. I suspect if I'd had someone with me, I would havestayed longer.

But there will be more trips, especially this fall.

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