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Saturday, June 29, 2002 6:12 AM

My dad, my friend Bob, and I stayed at the Breakers Express, so we arrived at about 8:45 for the WT and MF ERT starting at 9:00. MF interested us more that WT did (and WT may not have been open) so we walked (no need to run) to Millennium Force. We were about in the middle of the yellow train, first row. Wow, what a ride! I didn't notice the "missing" 10 degrees on the first drop, there was great air on the drop and hills, and I even raised my hands near the end! I had to get the on-ride photo.

After MF, Bob and my dad wanted to ride Mantis. Still breathing a bit hard from MF, I didn't feel like riding a stand-up (despite my dad's comment, "After you've ridden Millennium Force, everything else is downhill"). Well, Dad (who didn't know until he got to the station that Mantis was a stand-up) said that I wouldn't have liked Mantis, mainly due to the headbanging. We headed toward the back of the park, and might have ridden Mean Streak had there been lockers near it. We put our stuff in the lockers near Magnum XL 200, and since we were there, we decided to ride Magnum. Dad and I sat in 5-2, with Bob behind us in 5-3. Again, great ride! I didn't notice any trim brakes (though I may have been having too much fun to notice), and I again raised my hands near the end, this time in time for the on-ride photo, which I again bought. I liked the tunnels on Magnum, too.

After Mangum, we decided to ride Gemini. They were only running the red side when we got in line.However, when we were one train away from boarding, just after I commented to Bob that when they are running one side, they could call it Geminus, singular, they opened the blue side! We stuck with the red side, and so ours was only the second race of the day. Dad and I were in 2-2. Again, great ride, and we beat the blue train by at least two train lengths!

After Gemini, we were hungry, so we ate at Coasters Drive-In. When I was still eating, my dad rode one of Power Tower's Turbo Drops. Bob stayed with me. Then, we headed for Raptor. I felt tired, so I sat that one out. My dad liked Raptor almost as much as he liked MF. I had wanted to ride Blue Streak, so we rode that one next. As Dad and I boarded 4-2, I said, "This should be fun," and it was!

After Blue Streak, Dad and Bob rode ID. When they got off, Dad said that it really was Draggin' Iron and I should have ridden, which I did later. While the others were on Raptor, I had seen a train run on WT, so we headed there. WT had only been testing, since it was closed, so Dad and Bob rode DT. Dad said that, though DT was a good ride, the wait in line killed it. Next, I wanted to ride Cedar Creek Mine Ride. Dad and I rode in 2-1. That was fun too, although a bit rough.

When we got off, Dad told be that CCMR had been exactly like ID, so we rode ID next, near the back of the train, first row. Not very thrilling, but still fun.

Then, Bob and Dad took another lap on MF, which I sat out. Dad said that I really should have come; that lap was more fun than the first one had been. After that, I wanted to ride Wildcat. Dad and I were in the front of our car, with Bob in the back. That was fun too; it's not called Wildcat for nothing.

After that, we got our stuff out of the lockers near Magnum. We bought T-shirts (Bob and I got MF shirts and Dad got a CP shirt), then rode the Space Spiral to get some pictures. After the SS, I bought a pen and pencil set, and we headed out, hitting the "last chance" souvenir kiosk to get a souvenir map. Overall, it was a great day, and though I don't think I'd call myself a coaster enthusiast, I now definitely know that I like them! To sum it all up, I rode Millennium Force, Magnum XL 200, Gemini, Blue Streak, Cedar Creek Mine Ride, Iron Dragon, and Wildcat, which brings my track record to 9 coasters from 2. I was wearing a Championship Off Road Racing (CORR) T-shirt.

"What am I doing?"

*** This post was edited by Glidein on 6/29/2002. ***

*** This post was edited by Glidein on 6/29/2002. ***

Saturday, June 29, 2002 7:58 AM
Wow you sat out a lot.

Track Record: 110 and counting.....

Saturday, June 29, 2002 10:02 AM
Nice trip report. Glad Cedar Point is doing good.

-Sean Newman
84 coasters in Track Record!! Hypersonic XLC # 100 in July. Waiting for the 305 foot drop tower in 2003. Thank you PKD.


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