Cedar Point 6/25-6/26

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Getting to the park was an easy 2 hour 30 min drive from Erie, but coming home was a mess due to heavy rain. The area around CP is slightly difficult to get around. For example, my hotel was only four miles from the park, but getting there was hell. The streets were not labeled and it just felt like I was driving in Pittsburgh. On top of that driving from the hotel to CP was a totally different route due to road set ups.

On Sunday the park was fairly busy. It was warm and sunny outside. Major rides ranged from 3/4 to 2 hrs wait, but I managed to get a lot done. Monday was a whole different story. CP was not nearly as crowded, the weather was overcast and slightly humid. Lines were less than 1 hr all around, except TTD. Also Soak City was dead.

Bluestreak (6/10) was somewhat of a surprize. It was no where near as rough as others described. The ride was short and not a thrilling as some of the other newer coasters, but I liked it. However, the ride ops worked rather slow while another train just sat on the brakes before the station, ready to be unloaded, making the line a little slow.

Cedar Creek Mine Ride (4/10) is a small family coaster. It not as fast as other mine rides and has no major drops or other elements. I wasn't expecting much of this coaster, I just rided out of curiousity.

Corkscrew (5/10) is old and rough, not headbanging rough but jerky rough. It comes up really short and there's not much to it. CP runs three trains making the compacity dramatically increaese.

Disaster Transport (7/10) was a huge surprize. I did not expect the speed and intensity it produced. I loved the bobsled effect when the train was in the dark and going fast twisting and turning. Before I knew it, though, it was over. I really wish it was a longer ride.

Gemini (9/10) is a huge fast wooden with steel track coaster. The first drop is awesome with a great headchopper(almost as good as the Beast). It was fast except on the turn where you can taunt the other train if the race was not one sided.

Iron Dragon (3/10) was what I call a granny coaster. It was slow, short and boring. It was not the least bit exciting. I can have more fun on the Ravine Flyer 3 kiddie coaster at Waldameer.

Magnum (10/10) was fast and full of airtime. Even though all it had was hills, all of them had great airtime. One of my favorite parts was the pop of airtime in the tunnel. It was just plain fun.

Mantis (10/10) was very smooth and wierd. The stand up effect is always going to be different no matter how many times I ride a standup. The layout was cool with great inversions and many fast twists and turns.

Mean Streak (3/10) was painful. I didn't stop shaking throughout the entire ride. It jerked my head so bad it took me 1/2 hour to get rid of my headache. The whole ride is slowed down majorly by brakes on the first drop. I wonder how this coast would be different if it was built by GCI and had millenium flyer trains?

Millenium Force (10/10) was a perfect coaster. It had speed, intensity and airtime. The line is fast moving too. My second ride was the one not to remember. I was forced to sit with some dude I didn't know. So going up the first hill he takes his shirt off and I couldn't help to say, "Wht the F#$% are you doing?" He waved it the entire ride I wanted to grab it and toss it. You just don't do that when sitting next to people you don't know.

Raptor (10/10) was just like any B&M inverted smooth and just plain fun. The line moved fast due to so many people getting out because the train stopped on the lift hill. The helix at the end was intense due to the positive G's.

Top Thrill Dragster (9/10) was fast and short. The launch was amazing and the track leading to the hill felt non-existent because of how fast it was. The most intense part for most people was what I thought just watching it. If your're nervous don't even watch it, just get in line and ride it because it is not as intense as it looks. Overall the coaser was great but not blow you away amazing. You can even say its slightly overrated.

Wicked Twister (8/10) was pretty cool. You have to sit either closer to the front or back for the best effect. The launch was fast, and overall it was really exciting.

Wildcat (7/10) was yet another surprizing coaster. It was smooth and fun. Not much to say about it other than it was better than expected.

I also rode other thrill rides too which were great, but what I came to conclude was that CP is a coaster park. Don't go there and expect the widest variety of rides or the best scenery in the world. It is a coaster park plain and simple.

Great report!

It's tough for me to go to the point too much. I was there when Millie opened in 2000. Big reason is b/c of what they did with 'my beloved' Blue Streak. It's horrible.

I worked on that ride 92-93, and we got those trains out fast! We had to... If one train wasn't out of the station before the other was on the brake run, the ride would shut down. So it was always important to get those trains out fast. Sometimes we even pushed them out (Mr. Falfas didn't like this of course).

Beautiful big blue seats - no dividers, headrests or orange lap bars. Just one big buzz bar and an optional seat belt.

The que has been CP'ized too, all that concrete and silver. It's very... I dunno, get tired of seeing the CFair parks like that. All that silver and concrete. A little inspiration would be nice.. it's all about control I guess.

Another thing.. the 'old' Blue Streak used to run like a beaut! It was fast and smooth... one of the best taken care of woodies out there. And that first bump after the drop was one of the best moments of true airtime out there.

Oh yeah! And capacity was 1,200 and hour, 1,300 or more if we were on top of things, pairing singles up, etc. Wonder what it is now... *** Edited 6/28/2006 6:14:44 AM UTC by J7G3***

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