Cedar Point 6/23

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hot hot hot, but luckily lines were for the most part short except for millenium. TTD broke again, im batting 0 for 4 with that ride. And for the first time encountered a very very mean and rude employee at park operations, she actually made me and my girlfriend regret getting season passes, it only takes one bad apple to ruin the pie. But all in all not a bad trip, but I do think parks such as this should instate a new rule for children under 16 or 14 or so, it shoudl be one adult per 3 kids, these kids keep bumping into you in line stepping on your heels and slamming into you, like thats gonna make the line move faster, where are parents theses days?

well as a representative of the youth of america i just have to say that some kids are just complete idiots. But most of us just wanna have fun. I'm going to the Point this friday the 27th and i wont be back until their next coaster so i hope that TTD is gonna be up. Does anyone know why it is down now?
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According to Fox 8 News in Cleveland, a park rep who was interviewed said that its was actual mechanical problems since this is the first coaster that uses the technology to keep it running. They said that due to the bad Ohio winter this year, they didn't get to do testing a month before opening, and since they didn't get to do that they are now experiencing the trouble as their peak season gets started this week due to kids being out of school and families going on vacation. But who really knows the ressons (except for the park officials them selves...lol)
Well Ill be honest I have problems with people of all ages, people just lack all respect for others space, but bumping or stepping on my heels onces is an accident but repeatedly doing that pisses me off, and monday there was one line where this kid kept doing it and doing it there was a lady with about 6 kids ranging in ages from like 8 or 9 to 12 or 14, and this one kid stepped on my heels twice and bumped into me I looked at him and said please back off, so about 10 min later after about 10 more times I looked and said I dont care how young or old you are if you dont cut it out there are gonna be problems and im gonna drop you on the ground, if you had a parent maybe theyd keep you in line, then his parent started yelling at me and im like then tell them to cut it out, so about 5 min later once more so I dropped my elbow right into his gut, well lets just say after that they stayed about 5 + feet behind me in line, and you know im not a violent person but I can only take so much, my main probelm with this is my girl friend has a genetic blood or sin disorder which heat and friction causes her feet to blister pretty bad, and when your getting stepped on this on complicates the problem. I use to run into this problem with snowboarding and skiing, kids running over my board and skiis in line gouging and chipping them, its like when I get a new board or skiis Im gonna sell these ones so if people are gonna damage my stuff why cant i damage them, i told this kid in NY the same thing i dont care how old or young you are do it again im gonna ruin your day and at that time i was 16 this kid put a nice gouge in a new snow board so i slammed him in the gut and his mom calle dthe cops on me, the cops took a report and basically told the kids mom to keep a better eye on the kid, and they didnt so anything to me,,,
Well i was there just last saturday and I do not have problems w/ younger ones (i am only 14) but who i had a problem with was the employees on the Raptor. I kindly asked a lady if me and my friend could take these 2 open seats on the ride since noone else was taking them, and she just completely ignored me, and then i asked her again and she turned around and stared at me and gave me a dirty look and shook her head no, I am not sayin all the employees are like this because majority are really friendly but this was one of the only times ive had a problem with them, and then when i got on the ride i asked if there was somewhere where i could put my locker key and she gave me a dirty look and shook her head no again (this was another employee on the same ride) but they couldnt sya no they just shok their head no so unfriendly and rude in my opinion. Tehn some of the french employees i can not understand once in a while but i have no problem with that
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And then the two open seats went through the ride empty.
I was there on Monday, and had a great day even though TTD was down.There were short lines for all most every coaster except for The Force, and Mantis.On other things the dive show was great, a must see!Oh and if you are going to buy pop there get the TTD bottle you will get free refills all day a great value.
you can get refills all year..as long as u bring it everytrip..but its $9.95..but its a huge bottle..

The dive show was good!.it is truly a must see.

And what is up with Mantis's line..we waited 45min for it on monday....i thought that was long for it.

Ill be honest unless your in the very front seat the mantis is a waist,, the rest of the train is boring. Another thing that pisses me off is the millenium they pretty much tell you where to sit, i ask can i get front or back, they say sorry, then the sob behind me asks the same question and they get what they ask for, but the last few times i told em i want front or back , if they say sorry i told em you better get security up her cuz im not sitting anywhere else and , i got what i wanted, cuz honestly on millenium the middle of the train is a waist, back car or front is where its at.

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